Yoga Equipment Guide For Beginners

Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy. No matter how balanced your diet is, you still have to do some physical activity to be in shape. There are a few yoga poses that help you to burn the extra fat accumulated in different parts of the body.

A few of the asanas will also help you cope with stress and anxiety issues.

It is the best activity that you can carry out at home with minimal expert assistance. Doing these activities will make you feel light and stay active throughout the day. There are a few portable accessories you must have to start off with this physical activity, be it you want to carry out mild poses or intense exercises.

You also need a mat and comfortable attire, to begin with. There will be a lot of stretching exercises that you may find uncomfortable to do on the flooring, therefore equipment is essential to enjoy the whole exercising process.

Here is the list of equipment that is required for beginners and professionals to have with them when practicing yoga.

1. Clothing

Without comfortable clothing, you cannot perform all types of poses. There are studios that want the students to wear proper clothing to start doing these activities. The attire you wear must be comfortable, lightweight, and durable.

More importantly, it should be loose and breathable so that it can circulate proper air and keep you fresh always without getting tired sooner. You can get yoga pants that are available in different colors.

These are must be added to the wardrobe if at all you are serious about pursuing yoga or making it part of your daily exercise routine.

You can mix and wear these pants with different shorts without giving up your style quotient. You can choose jogger pants or harem style pants which have a lot of elasticity around the ankles. These are stretchable and give enough room for you to practice exercises.

  • When you are doing the forward bends, the tops should not make you feel discomfort by flying onto your head.
  • It can be embarrassing or stop you from performing the asanas further. The material with which the tops are made must wick the moisture.
  • The sports bra is required to keep your bust in place without moving while doing high-intensity poses. It also allows you to practice the exercises comfortably.

The hair bands are necessary to tie the hair which may cause distraction while you are seriously following the instructors of your yoga master. It is essential to be used by both men and women with long hair to tie their hair and keep it at one place without falling on the face and eyes.

The yoga socks are not required; especially if your foot is dry. However, if you keep on sweating or feel cold by keeping your feet on the floor, you can wear these socks. It also offers excellent traction on the floor without letting you slip and fall while doing the stretches.

2. Yoga mat

It is a must to carry the yoga mat when you are going to practice yoga without which it is tough for you to hone the yoga asanas perfectly. These are also known as sticky mats. The mat will create personal space for you within which you can do whatever you want.

It gives enough traction for hands and legs so that you do not slip and fall and hurt yourself, especially when you are perspiring.

When the floor is hard, it also gives you the cushioning required to practice comfortably. There are a few gym or yoga classes who offer you with the mats. However, having one for yourself can let you practice the exercises right at your home. 

Even when the floor is unclean, mats will keep your skin away from getting in contact with the dust. These are made of quality material that lasts longer. These are available in different colors, lengths, thicknesses and made of different materials.

It is made of rubber or PVC material to offer support to joints. There are travel mats, which you can carry wherever you go, as it is lightweight. If you sweat a lot, you can choose a mat that can absorb sweat and maintain good traction.

3. Yoga blocks

Be it you are a beginner or a professional, having the blocks will let you modify the poses, support you to have proper alignment while doing the poses, and offer you enough balance. You can also use this to practice more advanced poses where the risk of falling is high when you are overstretching and doing the wrong alignment.

Pigeon Hip Pose

When you are practicing pigeon hip pose, having the blocks will help the beginner to do the pose easily without hurting the hip or back. By keeping these blocks under the shoulders, you can practice the chaturanga pose. It is made of wood, cork, and foam material.

The foam will offer enough cushioning and good to do the poses where you have to put a lot of body weight on the block without feeling any discomfort. . The wooden blocks are firm and heavy whereas cork would offer enough support to do all types of complicated poses.

4. Yoga strap

The yoga strap is lightweight and portable but helps you to excel at each level of yoga. People who have tight muscles can use a strap to try out the pose without having to stretch the muscles overly.

When you are performing a seated forward fold, you can wrap the strap around the foot to reach forward without having to lift the shoulders and back.

There are many arm balances where you have to keep the elbow in sync with the shoulders. You can create a loop using the strap to avoid splaying of elbows. It is available in 6 to 8 meters long. It comes with a buckle or loop closure. It is made using cotton material that remains durable despite extreme wear and tear.

5. Cushions and pillows

The pillow would offer enough support to carry out seated practices. You have to hold the pose for a long time while doing pranayama. However, the legs start to feel numbness. You can avoid pinning or needling to legs by sitting on the pillow or bolster or a cushion. You can elevate the hip and get a better alignment. 

These are a few accessories that are necessary for you to carry out yoga every day comfortably at home or in the studio.

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