Yoga Burn Review – Does it really meet all the expectations?

Zoe Bray-Cotton, a fitness instructor, has created a stand-alone yoga program for women. Here in this article, You are going to find out whether this Yoga burn program is for you or not.  Yoga is usually done in conjunction with typical gym exercises. Especially when weight loss is concerned, the role of Yoga is only complimentary. 

The yoga burn challenge aims at shaping and lengthening the core along with psychological benefits. In this Yoga burn review, I am going to share my experience with you. 

What is the Yoga burn challenge?

Fitness is associated with pushing oneself to the extreme. However, a woman’s body and mind are pushed to unhealthy limits every day. Our lives revolve around deadlines, opportunities, and chores. The typical day in a woman’s life leaves no time for physical exercise. 

The hustle and bustle of daily life make us feel depressed, anxious, and stressed out. We develop bad eating habits for the sake of convenience. They all combine to make us feel less beautiful. Health problems find their way into our lives earlier than they should. 

Such a dysfunctional lifestyle does not have to be a norm, at least not for you. Yoga can make you pretty and healthy! You might be in a time crunch already, but removing 15 minutes three times a week is possible. Good health is just a few weeks away with the right yoga routine. One such beneficial routine is the yoga trim challenge. 

The yoga burn routine by Zoe bray cotton is all-inclusive and research-based. Yoga Burn is a 12-week fitness program for women who want to lose weight, reshape, tone, and lengthen their core area. It helps tighten certain areas of the body, which are difficult to exercise using the usual methods. 

Personal trainer Zoe bray cotton, has designed a straightforward routine. This “challenge” is the simplest you can expect.

Women worldwide from ages 18 to 65 can avail of this easy to follow 2-week program.

What is included in the program? 

The Yoga burn program consists of step by step instructional videos on achieving different yoga poses and techniques. The breathing exercises in the DVD’s and digital download copies are explained in detail. They are designed to engage the abdominal area to an intense workout. 

The videos provide an in-depth understanding of how each yoga pose affects your physical and mental health. Each video is of 45 minutes long. Your learning phase module will have three 45 minute videos every week. This workout, combined with the bonus video tutorials, will get you mind-blowing beyond optimal results. 

Bonus 1: Total Core Recovery

The first bonus is named total core recovery. It is a meditative routine focused on stretching. It has a set of exercises targeting stress reduction. These regimes help alleviate anxiety (9), ease tension, control cortisol levels to maintain an optimal metabolic rate, and heal your core.

It will heal your muscles, increase circulation, and ensure that oxygen is provided throughout your body. Doing these exercises offers support to your immunity, strengthens your focus, and helps you think clearly. You can use this workout as an energy booster, which leaves you feeling fresh and also helps you rest better with a night of good quality sleep.

Bonus 2: Yoga Burn Monthly

The second bonus is called Yoga burn monthly. It is based on yoga styles and their healing effects on your body. Yoga is a vast area, and it can be overwhelming to learn everything. “Yoga burn monthly” is designed to bring you the variety of benefits different yoga workouts offer. It teaches you how to make the most out of each style of Yoga. These styles include Restorative, Hatha, Kundalini (8), Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Iyengar Yoga. This curation reveals the best of each yoga form.

Bonus 3: Psychological Benefits

Everything is easier when done together. The third bonus is a psychological benefit. You get to be a part of a large community of amazing women. Helping each other progress and build confidence leaves you with a relatable friend circle. It gives us an encouraging and secure feeling knowing that we aren’t alone in our journey.


yoga burn benefits

Maximize results: 12 weeks is a short duration. Achieving results in this short period using the usual methods would require at least an hour of workout every day. Yoga burn is a relatively low-stress and low- intensity workout promising accurate results.

Suitable for beginners: It doesn’t matter if you have never done Yoga poses before; this workout is ideal as the first stepping stone. You can use these videos to get into a habit of Yoga.

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Designed for women: Workout has always centered on a man’s body. This workout is designed exclusively for women considering how their body works. 

More than just core shaper: This yoga burn program offers many more benefits than shaping and toning your core. The increased concentration, along with reduced stress, contributes to the overall higher quality of life. This workout helps you feel happier and more relaxed. 

It is progressive: Start with baby steps. In no time, you’ll realize you have accomplished a great deal using the video guide. Your body is likely to be inflexible due to your working hours or habits, but the Yoga burn challenge is still suitable for you. 

Spiritual benefits: The yoga burn program helps you develop a sharp focus and a resilient mindset. This spiritual empowerment removes the trauma out of daily life. It helps you feel relaxed during adversity. 

How does Yoga burn work?

Let us begin with what does not work for core enhancement. When it comes to achieving a lean and strengthened core, many of us become obsessed with cardio exercises (1). People practice cardio because it is useful in many areas, but the core area is an entirely different ballpark. The muscles in the central section of our body are difficult to get in motion. Cardio exercises sometimes trigger fat storage in the core area. It happens because it encourages releasing our stress hormone known as Cortisol, responsible for stress-induced weight gain destruction of lean muscles. 

Cortisol (2) has an especially pronounced response for females. With an increased level of Cortisol, women can’t achieve a shapely core. Short and low-stress exercises are better for women when it comes to tone the problem areas. Cardio exercises are useful for men. Assuming that it would function in the same manner for women does the opposite of what women expect. 

We know crunches as an exercise. Crunches set the Rectus Abdominis (3) in motion, one of the many muscles in the abdominal area. Unfortunately, a single muscle cannot be responsible for the whole area. Crunches leave you with lower back pain in a hunch like posture. 

Women have traditionally endorsed the corset-like figure, which has a tall, long core. The yoga burn program helps women achieve just that. Fitness instructor Zoe bray cotton came up with a core strengthening approach with three phases. 

Hormones are responsible for unnecessary fluctuations in weight. Extreme amounts of the wrong hormone can have opposing effects, and this is exactly what happens when people ignore the gender differences related to exercises. The right type of fitness routine, along with a healthy diet, can help women reach their body goals. It also helps them feel more content.

The foundational Flow 

This phase focuses on introducing Yoga and creating a linking the mind and body. The yoga poses learned in this are the building blocks of the entire program.

The transitional Flow

This phase is concerned with combining different yoga poses. These combinations ultimately result in sets of smooth, continuous motions. 

The mastery Flow

This phase has more advanced, complicated Yoga poses. It pools all the knowledge from previous stages and effectively increases the metabolic rate. 

The yoga burn challenge is concluded, with the fourth phase called the tranquility flow. As the name suggests, this phase is focused on relaxation techniques. It is crucial to bring your body back to a calm state after exercising. You can find information for this one in the bonus DVD provided free of cost as a limited time offer. 

Every routine is followed in three parts. 

  1. The first part is called the compression phase and requires a few initial minutes of your new workout. This phase gets the innermost muscles of your core in action. It has breathing patterns that set the Transverse Abdominis and the diaphragm in motion. The contractions in this phase are highly focused. The key to a corset-like figure is making sure that you are working all inner muscles of your core. It doesn’t happen in most workout videos. It is a jump start to the full routine because it will activate your core muscles.
  2. The second part is where the core sculpting kicks in. This part encompasses all the muscles in your core instead of just the 6-pack muscles called Rectus Abdominis. It engages the front, side, and back muscles of your core area. These muscles are called Transverse Abdominis (4), Pelvic Floor (5),  Rectus Abdominis, Internal and External Obliques, Lumbar Multifidus (6) and Erector Spinae (7).
  3. The last part of the routine is focused on fat mobilization. It focuses on speeding up our metabolism. It characterizes highly intense abdominal training. 

You only have to focus on this part for the last four minutes of your workout. This phase includes full-body movements that keep our metabolism fast for 48 hours. 

Following the 20:10 seconds ratio of work and rest is a must. Exercising over 20 seconds at once will spike the levels of Cortisol. Resting for too long will end in losing the higher heart rate. These last few minutes are responsible for triggering hormones, which result in you feeling happy and content for the rest of the day. 

This yoga burn program uses dynamic sequencing yoga as a means to burn fat rapidly. Dynamic sequencing helps your body to adapt to a slightly difficult yoga pose in gradual steps. You have to do the correct Yoga poses for the accurate duration. All the new exercises are built upon the previous Yoga poses so that you can master them at your own pace. Dynamic sequencing yoga is a structured way to achieve a big end goal using small steps. 

Many women across the world have benefitted from these yoga burn DVD sets. The positive worldwide yoga burn reviews are a testament to its validity. Let us take a look at a detailed list of its positive and negative aspects. 


  • Credibility: Yoga instructor Zoe bray cotton takes her job seriously. Her yoga poses are well researched and have good yoga burn reviews. The workout videos are useful for people who never thought they could get into Yoga. It is because Zoe thoroughly explains everything and makes the process enjoyable.
  • Almost anyone can do it: The yoga burn challenge is open for people from ages 18 to 65 to try. It is an extensive age group, including complete beginners. This Yoga burn program also claims to reduce the lower back’s stress, making it ideal for people who are exempt from doing the usual exercise routines. 
  • It understands the mechanism behind weight loss and gains: This fitness program focuses not only on helping you lose weight but also on educating you. Zoe explains the exact mechanism taking place while you are doing certain yoga poses. This knowledge makes you feel secure about your yoga burn program. Zoe makes sure that you don’t get put in a position where you blindly trust the yoga instructor. 
  • The 60-day money-back guarantee: This guarantee helps you try the program without risking your money. It lets you try the program for a significant amount of time and promises a full refund if the results are not satisfactory. There are hardly any other brands which offer to pay your money back this long post-purchase. 
  • The extra bonuses: Although it is a limited time offer, it is hard to overlook considering the cost. As we have mentioned above, it costs you much less than hiring a fitness instructor. The bonuses provide you with additional, useful knowledge free of cost.
  • Non-judgmental space to practice: You get to participate in the program from the comfort of your home. Burn calories without any equipment or gym membership. You can repeat the tutorials as many times as you wish.


  • Does not replace a good diet: If you have an unhealthy diet consisting of large amounts of junk food, then no program is going to work for you. No matter how good and effective, Yoga, cardio, weight lifting, or any other fitness routine depends on a good diet. Design a healthy diet and get used to it before trying out the yoga burn challenge for quicker and more satisfactory results. 
  • Requires consistency: Although Zoe mentions that you can do this routine at your own time, it does not excuse the fact that you need to do it three times a week without fail. Besides, dedicating 15 minutes three days a week is not difficult. You are less likely to see results if you are lazy with this program. 
  • Less satisfactory for advanced trainers: People with advanced level training in Yoga and fitness may not find it challenging enough. The yoga burn program can work as a kick start for people who have never worked out but offers little for people used to it.

Where to buy and cost 

The most legitimate place to buy the yoga burn DVD’s is the official website of yoga burn challenge. Zoe explains everything about the Yoga burn challenge in the video on this website and provides heavily discounted prices. The cheapest offer is a $37 pack containing a digital download of the trim core challenge and its physical collection. The $57 pack includes 2 of the complete physical collection. They also consist of two additional digital packages that will complement the yoga burn challenge.

Both of these packs come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, meaning you will receive a full refund with no questions asked in case of dissatisfaction. You only have to dial their toll-free number, and you will get your refund within 48 hours. The same applies if you purchase the physical version of the yoga burn challenge. 

It is recommended to take advantage of the new offer while it is available and buy the product now. The current period guarantees the lowest rate for the product, along with special bonus collections.

You have to invest close to 3 hours weekly during the learning phase. Once you have mastered all the poses, it only takes 15 minutes, three days a week. In 8 weeks, you will get the best follow along routine to a lean core. The two bonuses received have a combined cost of 97$, but you will receive them for free within the limited time offer. 

These prices are much less compared to what you would pay monthly to a fitness trainer: the Yoga burn trim core challenge, total core recovery, yoga burn monthly at just 37$. The digital version of this pack is compatible with any computer, smartphone, and tablet. 

Final verdict and FAQs

Yoga burn challenge is an easy set of exercises tailored for females. These products are a big step in fitness where most workouts cater to the male body. The products provide you with essential knowledge using different yoga pose tutorials. This insight could help you maximize the benefits of your yoga routine. 

As a final word, it is advisable to consult your healthcare professional before starting with the new yoga burn program. The yoga burn program protects you from lower back problems but still has a few minutes of high-intensity exercise. Getting a green signal from a certified health provider will also help to experience more security during the burn program. Support the program with a disciplined timetable, and you will see results rapidly. Below are a few questions people have about the yoga burn program.

What is the best time to do the yoga burn challenge?

Ans: Do it before eating, or at least 2 hours after having any meal. Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the yoga burn program. 

2. Is soreness normal after this program?

Ans: Yes! Although this yoga routine is relatively low-stress, it targets muscles that are not utilized in usual fitness routines. Hence, expect some soreness.

3. How to get rid of dizziness during the yoga burn program?

Ans: Feeling dizzy is normal if you are working out for the first time. Ensure that you are hydrated throughout the yoga burn process and take your time adjusting to new yoga poses and transitioning through the three phases. 

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