What is Dynamic Sequencing Yoga?

“Yoga brings one into the present moment, the solitary position where life truly exists.”

This is a very appropriate and undoubtedly a true quote. While today’s generation lives a fast-paced life with no time to relax and relieve the stress, the need to pursue exercises that help regulate the body’s blood flow and relax you is a must. The most trustworthy way to accomplish this is by adopting the practice of Yoga.

The year-old method of gaining spirituality and peace of mind and soul, Yoga is the best method to relax and rejuvenate the body. While Yoga is a practice that has been in trend for entirely, the recent development of Dynamic Yoga is quite a noticeable one. The effectiveness by which the Dynamic Yoga helps women achieve weight loss is incredible

So let us explore and know more about dynamic Yoga and its related benefits.

Dynamic Sequencing Yoga 

Dynamic Sequencing Yoga is related to the human body’s natural movements and the use of physical sensations for the increased responsiveness. It was introduced by first used by Zoe Bray Cotton, in her Yoga burn program. The perfect blend of vigorous and tension, releasing breathing methods and meditation, the Dynamic Sequencing Yoga follows three stages in a sequence. The stages are:

  • Foundational Flow: This stage focuses on building a strong foundation of strength and fitness.
  • Transitional Flow: With the poses learned at the previous step, here the exercises designed to increase the heart rate and burn calories are adopted
  • Mastery Flow: The final step is to heat the process and burn some more considerable amount of calories and achieve weight management is what the person aims for.

Yoga benefits

Benefits of Dynamic Sequencing Yoga 

While Yoga offers a lot of benefits, the benefits provided by Dynamic Sequencing Yoga are even more. The prime benefits are as follows:

  • With continuously challenging the body to aim higher and achieve better, dynamic yoga sequencing is one of the best methods to adopt. 
  • It focuses on the concept of progressive variation, which aims to move ahead to challenging poses for better results.
  • It helps the women to earn a fitter and better feminine shaped body, a dream of many women.
  • Another crucial benefit of this Yoga practice is that it is beneficial for a person of any grade. It means even if you are new to Yoga and exercise or have been doing it for long, you can still pursue this Yoga and get benefited.
  • By following the technique of continuously challenging the body, this aims to avoid all the roadblocks.
  • With the main aim to help in weight loss, this Yoga has proven to be successful in reducing the excess fat from the body in a stress-free mode.
  • Additionally, this Yoga also helps to gain flexibility and core strength.
  • Mainly associated with weight loss, the health benefits are also multiple. 

Undoubtedly, Yoga is an ancient practice, but the benefits that It offers to its practitioners are unmatched to any other exercise. With the better circulation of blood and an increase in the flow of oxygen in the body, Yoga helps eliminate the body’s toxicity. At the same, the natural method to reduce weight will ensure no side effects in the process.

Some Challenging Poses

So if you are projecting to go for a sequential dynamic yoga routine, some of them possess that will help you to tighten to thighs, abs, upper body, and butts are listed down here:

  • Quarter Dog
  • Balancing Star
  • Keep-Up Plank
  • Burning Low Lunge
  • Side Fierce
  • Extended Standing Straddle
  • Goddess
  • Warrior 3
  • Crow
  • Reverse Warrior
  • Wheel
  • Intense East

To Warp Up

The practice of Yoga is not new. Meditation and Yoga is practiced for decades in the ancient culture of India. With the main intention to link the human soul to nature and help the person heal and beautify themselves naturally, Yoga offers a bundle of benefits.

While Sequential Dynamic Yoga is a new concept applied to Yoga, the benefits have remained constant in some areas, whereas they have increased in some areas. With the gradual improvement in the body and reduction of stress, weight management and the perfect body can be achieved. But a consistent practice is essential when it comes to Yoga.

So if you are looking forward to burning the fat and get that beautiful perfect body of dreams, then Dynamic Yoga is the fantastic option to go for!

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