There Are Three Types of Metabolisms

Do you want to lose some weight?
Do you want to get fitter or healthier?
Do you want to get immune to health hazards?

If you ever visit any nutritionist, physicist, or doctor with the above questions, they’d surely suggest looking over your Metabolism and the other treatments. But what is this Metabolism that everyone talks about? Let’s dig deeper and understand the science behind the Metabolism.

What is Metabolism?

It’s a basic concept that the food we eat converts into energy that helps the body function and achieve any small and substantial physical actions, eventually helping the mind and other organs do its job. But how does this food convert into energy? If you think it’ll just happen by chewing, lol, you’re wrong. The body cells undergo a chemical reaction to release the energy from food, and this very process is called Metabolism.

As a result of this process, cells release enzymes that release amino acids, fatty acids, and sugar that require the body to function faster and efficiently.

Types of Metabolism:

One thing to realize is we all have physical stature with different lifestyles, eating habits, and genetics, which leads to varying types of Metabolism, and there are three types. So, if you’re planning to hit a gym, get fit or healthy, understanding your Metabolism can take you a long way to achieve your goal. So without any further due, let’s get started to know them:

  • Ectomorph
  • Mesomorph
  • Endomorph

The above three are the definitive metabolism types defined based on body types and several other factors.


We all have a friend of this kind in our group. Who doesn’t gain a single pound even after eating more than everyone else? Who stays skinner without any hint of workouts in their schedule. They’re the exact type of Ectomorph. Usually, in this kind, people tend to eat a lot but do not gain any strength or body mass, which means they’ve faster Metabolism.

Key Points:

  • If your friends fall under this category, they’ll have to look after the protein in-take and take in smaller porting regularly to improve their muscle and body mass.
  • Though they look thin, their body strength is way weaker than the natural body, so it’s suggested to add strength training in their workout schedules.


If you cry over your body type that you can’t see any results, you’ll hate Mesomorphs. These are people who can change their bodies with comparatively less effort. If they want to gain weight, they can simply overheat, and if going to lose that extra fat, reduce their meal plan and get the results, they’re looking for. The only problem is when they want to maintain the same kind of athletic body, for which they need to take care of their diet and cardio. On a final note, their entire body is well responsive to any effort to change the shape.

Key points:

  • Reduce the carbs and increase the protein to maintain the athletic stature.
  • A perfect combination of cardio and strength training can develop the masculine body or deduct extra fat.


A round body with fat content everywhere is a typical Endomorph. These are the kind of people who get under the clutches of obesity, and their regular eats mostly turn to fat, which adds layers of fat under the skin. It’s tough for them to get rid of the fat that enters their body, but nothing is impossible with the dedicated diet and exercise.

Key points:

  • High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT with a combination of cardio works better for these kinds of people.
  • Low carb diet with protein intake is a must as even if they look healthy, they have slow Metabolism and sensitive strength.
  • Consistency is the key to their health and body structure. So, adding a regular exercise to their weekly plan healthy diet to their meal can save the day.

Here we go! Now that we’ve gone through all the existing types of metabolisms, you can choose the category that you fall under and plan your food and training accordingly. The right cure needs the right medicine, and if you want to achieve the proper results, you need to understand your body, and this is your first step to do that.

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