Top 10 Myths of fat Loss

Suppose you have a room and you got 20 friends there. If you ask a question ‘how to lose weight? Everyone will answer differently. There will be 20 different answers. Even the same person will not be sure about his answer.

So, weight loss advice is everywhere. Everyone will share what worked for him. It is not easy to lose weight because you have to consider so many things to get the desired shape of the body. A person undergoes many steps to shed off some pounds. Weight loss advice always makes it even more difficult.

Here’s are top 10 Myths of Weight Loss

Whenever you are searching for the internet, you always find something different. There are numerous weight-loss strategies, but they change person to person and largely depend on weight loss goals. There are top 10 myths of weight loss that you must know to avoid any inconvenience. Let’s have a look.

  • Fat Makes You Fat 

Everyone has a stored fat in the body, so most of the people are afraid of eating fat. People think fat makes fat. When you see your body fat, you will definitely limit the fat intake to avoid unnecessary weight gain. It looks logical, but it is not!

One gram of carbs provides four calories while you get nine calories from the same amount of fat. Although fat is the major component in your junk food, but if you consider the calorie intake, then there will be no issue.

According to Jessica Cording M.S., R.D., eating healthy fats can actually help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite. Another health specialist Carolyn Newberry M.D, says, “fat is important to build cells, maintain warmth and provide energy to the body.” However, moderation is the key, so take all the calories into account.

  • I Can’t Lose Weight Because I am Older  

Many people say that they can’t lose weight because they are older. This is not 100% true. You can still lose weight irrespective of your age. For this purpose, you just have to change the strategies and weight loss process.

You have a strong metabolism when you are younger. The destructive processes in the body always help in weight loss. When you get older, you lose your muscle mass, and ultimately the metabolism of the body slows down.

In order to boost your metabolism to shed off some pounds, you just have to build the muscle mass. For this purpose, add daily exercise or physical activity to boost your metabolism, as suggested by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. This practice will help you lose weight even when you are older. Here are some lame excuses about diet and exercises. 

  • Carbs Are Evil 

Many people think carbs as the dangerous food ingredient for weight loss, but in reality, carbs are not that bad. Eating healthy carbs in moderation offers weight loss to a large extent, according to some studies.

Carbs are not bad for your weight if you consume them precisely. Also, avoid sugary items and rely on foods such as brown rice and whole grain. The human body gets most of the energy needs from carbs, so we can’t deprive the body of the basic needs. 

  • It’s Possible for Everyone 

Suppose you and your friend start a weight loss journey together. After one month, you successfully lose 5 pounds, but your friend is still struggling with weight loss, although both of you have taken the same meal and exercise. So, it doesn’t work for everyone because every person has a different metabolism, muscle mass, daily routine, and hormones. 

  • Supplement Help You Lose Weight 

There are many pills sellers out there, and you always become curious after seeing the attractive ads. Although some of the weight loss supplement does work but not all. This is because of the placebo effect when you become mindful about your meal, so ultimately you lose weight.

You are not certain about the ingredients and how your body would accept those ingredients. It’s better to rely on the foods and consult your doctor if you really want to take pills. Keep in mind, pills are not suitable for everyone, and you should stay away if you have heart or diabetes issues.

  • Drinking-Water Makes You Lose Weight

People think drinking water makes them lose weight, but it doesn’t happen in real life. Water is essential for life, and without water, there will be no life on earth. So, if you don’t drink water, you will have to snack more. To avoid eating more, you have to drink more water.

Furthermore, water keeps you stay hydrated. There is a marked difference between thirst and hunger. Sometimes people think they are hungry when they feel thirst. This is the reason that National health services considers ‘drinking more water’ a big myth when it comes to weight loss.

  • Losing Weight is Constant 

 Weight loss is not always constant even if you follow the same meal plan for the next month. At the start, everyone loses more because of a high metabolism body mass. However, the weight loss process slows down with the passage of time. This is due to the low metabolic state. It’s normal for the body to fluctuate up and down. So, in the first month, you could lose more, but you will not see that progress in the coming days.

  • You Will See Results Immediately 

Weight loss is a slow process. It takes time for the body to shift its status. There are many weight loss meal plans and weight loss pills that claim to offer the desired results in no time, BUT those meal plans and pills don’t work for all. Everybody is different. If you are on a weight-loss mission, you must show some patience. For this purpose, you should give you 100% and wait for the incredible results. 

  • Going to the Gym on an Empty Stomach Burns More Fat 

“you will lose more if you do a workout on an empty stomach” this doesn’t make any sense. There are two main reasons that how you can simply ignore this myth. The human body needs muscle mass to shed off some pounds.

On the other hand, how will do workout when you are on an empty stomach. Simply speaking, you can’t do your workout with an empty stomach. Always eat something such as protein shakes to boost your energy level before the workout. 

  • Never Skip Your Breakfast 

It is undoubtedly the most prevailing myth in society. Breakfast has nothing to do with your weight. A 2011 scientific study showed that people who skip their breakfast tend to gain more than those who don’t. This research showed results that are entirely opposite to the common myth. 

Another research conducted on 309 adults showed similar results. Breakfast didn’t affect the weight loss among 309 adults,  according to the American Journal of Clinical  Nutrition. Therefore, it is always better to skip breakfast.

Final Words 

Weight loss is a difficult process, and there are many parameters that play an important role in defining weight loss. There is no universal trick to lose weight, so don’t listen to anybody. I have mentioned the top 10 myths of weight loss, and I hope these myths will be very helpful in your weight loss journey. 

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