Which is better? Spirulina or Moringa!

Having a healthy lifestyle is important. Staying healthy and fit does not mean that you start to crash dieting or stop eating food. It is about consuming nutritious food and also including dietary supplements. People today are getting familiarised with Spirulina and Moringa. This article gives you a complete insight on Spirulina versus Moringa.

What is Spirulina?

There are many dieticians and nutritionists who have started recommending Spirulina as it is considered a superfood. Although it is an alga, the nutritional value found in this algae is pretty high. Spirulina is known to be filled with Vitamins and essential minerals that help in boosting the immune system. There have been a lot of debates amongst the health experts on Spirulina versus Moringa.  Both of these are plant extracts and are found extremely beneficial for health. Now that we have understood what Spirulina is let us quickly dive into the details of Moringa.

What Is Moringa?

Moringa is quite famous in almost all the South-Asian countries. It is known as Drumstick, and there are a lot of benefits of using this as part of our diet. Since time immemorial the vegetables, and leaves obtained from this tree have been used for cooking purposes. The Western parts of Asia have always made concoctions, powders, pills, and other medicines by using the juice extracted from the Moringa tree leaves. A lot of alternative therapy practitioners have been using this for centuries.

Moringa plants cannot be destroyed easily, and they can survive in harsh climates too. They grow rapidly and densely in almost all regions. The powdered form of Moringa looks greenish-brown, and a lot of doctors recommend it to be consumed in the form of powder as it is more effective. Some people also consume it in the form of juice by mixing the powder with water.  Moringa is high on vitamins A, B2, B6, and C proteins. They also have magnesium and iron in abundance.

Spirulina usages

Uses of Spirulina

  1. Supports weight loss

Spirulina is loaded with nutrients, but it is a low-calorie food. Since all the essential minerals and vitamins are found in abundance, even a small quantity of Spirulina powder would make you feel full. It reduces the intake of unwanted food, thus, helps in weight loss. People that are obese must consume Spirulina for three months, and they would notice a major difference in their BMI.

  1. Improves the health of the digestive system

Eating food that gets easily digested is the key to stay healthy. Eating food that is filled with excess fat can be dangerous to the digestive system. The process of digestion would take a lot of time when you eat junk food. Spirulina is made using the cells that aren’t fibrous or tough; hence, it can get easily digested when consumed. Also, there are a lot of studies that have revealed how Spirulina helps in restoring the friendly bacteria in the gut.

  1. It helps in lowering cholesterol.

There is a lot of evidence to show how Spirulina has been impactful in reducing Cholesterol levels. With high levels of unwanted cholesterol, human-beings would be at risk of developing heart-related disorders. Keeping this unwanted fat at bay might require a healthy and systematic lifestyle, which is quite inevitable in today’s world. Consuming Spirulina can be one of the best ways to keep cholesterol at bay without any efforts.

  1. Metabolism process improves

Only when the body’s metabolism is appropriate, everything else would be fine. A person would feel more energetic and burns a lot of calories only when the metabolism process is good. Most of the people who want to shed those extra calories would be focusing on improving their metabolism.  Consuming Spirulina on a regular basis is known to have shown a lot of improvements in terms of improved metabolism.

Well, we have seen some of the benefits of Spirulina. It is now important to understand some of Moringa’s key benefits, which would help us if Spirulina versus Moringa should still continue to exist.

  1. Rich in Antioxidants

Moringa or Drumstick is loaded with antioxidants, and it also has Vitamin A and C in abundance.  Therefore, Moringa is largely recommended for patients that suffer from high blood pressure. Using the pills, powder, or concoction regularly can regulate the Blood sugar levels too.

  1. Reduces inflammation

Moringa possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming Moringa can keep these inflammations away. Bodily inflammations can cause heart diseases as well hence;, consuming food or supplements that can reduce this inflammation is important. The bodily inflammation can lead to heat-related disorders; hence, consuming Moringa can keep you safe from all these unwanted disorders.

  1. Arsenic protection

Arsenic poisoning can occur in the body several times, and this can lead to vomiting and other digestive system disorders. Consuming Moringa is known to prevent the excess formation of this poison in the body. This is one of the major benefits that one can get with the use of Moringa.

  1. Cholesterol would be under control.

The bad cholesterol in the body would be controlled with the usage of Moringa. As it is totally natural and plant-based, it is similar to the other food items like Almonds, flax seeds, and others that can regulate and monitor the levels of cholesterols. When the bad cholesterol content in the body increases, you become prone to heart diseases and stroke as well.

Well, after reading through all these points, it becomes quite evident that both Spirulina and Moringa are plant-based products. While Spirulina is obtained from the sea in the form of Algae, Moringa is obtained from the tree that grows almost everywhere. Using both these plant-based supplements can be quite beneficial as both Spirulina and Moringa are known to be rich in essential nutrients.

If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, it becomes important to consume these supplements regularly. Both of these are regarded as general supplements; however, you could always seek advice from a medical practitioner and start taking them as per the recommendations.

So try adding Moringa in your diet. Here is one of moringa recipe.

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