Prolessa Duo – A Revolutionary Diet That Works?

People having weight issues have debated for a long time about the product they should be eating to meet their goals. While there are many herbal products available in the market claiming weight loss, do they really work or is it all just a bluff?

One such popular weight loss diet is Prolessa Duo that claims to be one of the best in the market. Further here we will know more about how true Prolessa Duo stands to its claims. Does it really help in weight loss, or is it just doing its business?

Let’s find out…

An introduction to Prolessa duo

While looking for the best weight loss products, you might have come across the name the Prolessa duo. Comprising clinically verified ingredients and a blend of oil extracts and conjugated linoleic acid, it claims to have a dual-action formula for weight loss effect.

On the contrary, Prolessa Duo has palm and oat oils, sodium caseinate, sodium and potassium phosphate, silicon dioxide, glucose syrup, etc. It helps control the appetite giving a long term weight management. It helps in decreasing excess body fat. The supplement doesn’t have any artificial sweetener, flavour or stimulant.

Sponsored by Herbalife, this CLA drink is famous for helping in your weight loss. This health and wellness company based in the US specialised in this category. The company initiated in 1979 with more than 400 employees. You can buy a 7-day pack of the same for just $28.95 or 30-day program for $110.30. It is available for purchase on the official website of Herbalife and on other online shopping platforms like amazon too.

What claims does Prolessa duo have?

As we know, Prolessa Duo works for reducing weight, but that’s not sufficient to have an outstanding position in the market. Only products having multiple claims with their fulfilment are valued today. Also, the products having surreal claims are easily ignored by the public. By looking at the ingredients, origin and background, claims should fit the product profoundly so that it is believable.

Apparently what Prolessa duo claims are-

  • Reduction in body fat
  • Clinically verified ingredients in the dual formula 1 shake
  • Control the appetite by giving a feeling of fullness
  • Helps in maintaining calorie intake
  • Free from external flavours, stimulants or sweeteners

While claims look strong, there is actually no evidence to prove how true they are. Also, the prolessa duo reviews are not very nice. Unless a prolessa duo testimonials study is performed on the ingredients with complete analysis, we cannot say for sure that it will stand up to the mark.

When it comes to Prolessa Duo powder, it claims to work if taken one time per day with any drink. There are no insights available in the clinical trials about these claims. This powder makes claims to control the cravings and decreases excess body fat. But the significant claim is to help you feel full for a longer time, so you don’t have any unnecessary urges to eat.

The most important claim that that customer can return the product within 30 days of purchase if he or she is not satisfied. The money will be refunded by contacting the distributor of Herbalife.

The golden question- Does it really work?

Some say Prolessa Duo can help in reducing body fat for a certain category of people if it is used along with a calorie-restricted diet. Still, it is not out in research yet.

To be honest, prolessa duo before and after results haven’t shown any challenging effects relating to being a fat burner. The ingredients list itself tells there is nothing in it that has been directly used for fat burn. There is no evidence to fulfil their claims if the ingredients are taken as separate sources or in a group. Furthermore, the components don’t help for normal goodwill of your health like boosting metabolism or energy. Also, the ingredients don’t contain anything to control the appetite as well.

It would have been better if Prolessa Duo claimed about being a support formula for losing weight rather than a magical weight loss solution. It would have been more trustworthy and believable for people.

As you read above, this CLA drink is made with oil extracts. However, CLA has shown some results in shrinking fat body cells if three grams of it is consumed daily following a low-calorie diet for at least 12 weeks. Still, we couldn’t search for any result supporting the contribution of oil extractor for weight loss

Even if the product has CLA, it doesn’t really match with the top-notch ingredients present in other leading weight loss drinks standing in the market. In short, it is elementary compared to other similar products running in the same category.

To have positive results from Prolessa Duo, you will have to continue a low-calorie diet for a time of 12 weeks and use the product according to the daily calorie maintenance number; something between 500 to 1000 calories. If someone has willpower like this, then they can test it per day and try if it really works up to its claims.

Pros and cons

Prolessa Duo is a product that has attracted the attention of many fat loss enthusiasts. According to the manufacturers, this product has the potential to reduce your weight. However, clear effectiveness still remains unknown. The pros and cons mentioned below can shed light on the subject matter.


  • The product is made out of natural ingredients
  • A primary content, called linoleic acid, has the potential to shrink the fat cells in your body


  • Among all the contents of the product, there isn’t a single aspect that can burn your fat independently
  • Your energy levels will not be boosted to a satisfactory point
  • The ingredient that can reduce your appetite is also not present
  • It is too expensive for a common man
  • The clinical evidence is also not available that can prove its usefulness for the people wanting to reduce weight
  • Even if it has the promise of the money-back guarantee, you have to go through many restrictions
  • Even though the pill contents are natural, and it helps in reducing body weight, it still proves to be the wrong choice for many people.  These pills cannot raise your energy level to an adequate point. It is because of its high cost and lack of evidence that many professionals do not recommend this medicine for reducing weight

Is it safe to use Prolessa Duo every day?

Even though the consumers say that it has worked on a few people wanting to reduce weight, there are zero clinical trials regarding the subject matter. Added to the issue of high price, it is very unreliable to purchase this product if you are unsure of its result. Moreover, such a situation leads one to the potential fear of getting contaminated by the contents within the product. Even though the ingredients are not banned entirely, the health risk is still higher, considering the fact of clinical trials.

Due to the high cost, mini householders find it challenging to purchase Prolessa Duo. You would have to spend about $101.70 to get a month’s supply. Even for this, you will have to become a member of the company. Many also claim that the company had been involved in fraudulent activities in the past. Lead contamination is also one of the topics that are created turbulence among people concerning Prolessa Duo. Even though they give information about ingredients, the list of additives is not mentioned on the website.

Possible side effects of Prolessa duo

The product contains several ingredients including palm oil, glucose syrup, silicon dioxide, ascorbyl palmitate, natural mixed tocopherols, soy lecithin, potassium and sodium phosphates, and sodium caseinate. However, along with that, you would also discover aspects such as thickening agents, primary sugar forms, and simple sugars.

The company website doesn’t provide any information about clinical trials and customer support help. Even the reviews of the company are wrong, saying they have observed many prolessa duo side effects after consuming the product.

One of the main ingredients of this supplement is that it includes soy protein that is a rich form of protein. However, many side effects have been observed, including allergic reactions, nausea, and bloating. Some medical experts say that such adverse effects are observed because of hormonal changes in the body after having soy.

While Protein concentration is another ingredient that is sure to support benefits such as digestibility. However, noticeable side effects after having the medicine are also observed, including fatigue, nausea, stomach discomfort, bloating, dehydration, and diarrhoea. Since it is not clinically proven, the side effects may vary from one person to another.

Warning for current Prolessa duo users

  •  Regular consumers should be aware of the prolessa duo results. While a category of people believes in its benefits, it also comes with lots of disadvantages that can harm your body. Some potential symptoms that people should know about before consuming Prolessa Duo are:
  • The first and foremost advice for all the upcoming users is to contact their healthcare professional for help  before choosing any diet supplement like Prolessa
  • If you have any kind of food allergies, you should carefully read the ingredients label so that you don’t experience any side effect from its components
  • Prolessa powder may cause discomfort during digestion if it is too strong for some stomachs
  • If you are already following a fat-shed regime, then it is not advisable to start one more over the top of it. Consult through a professional and then decide if you want to include this supplement into your diet

Our recommendation: Phenq – Best for weight loss goals

Prolessa duo has made many claims; still, we can not recommend it doesn’t have the clinically tested ingredients. It has many risk factors that can cause potential adverse hazards to your health, including your digestive system. And when we talk about the pricing, then it’s quite expensive than it is worth. No clinical trials can support how beneficial it is for different age groups of people, another dilemma is about how much quantity should be used by different individuals.

Therefore we bring you a product that outshines all the others in the market by being scientifically proven with its quality. The ingredients are clinically confirmed and causes no health risk. On the contrary, it fits your budget as well. The product effectively boosts the metabolism and triggers fat loss helping you reach your weight loss goals. This All-in-1 solution has amazing fat-burning abilities. Other than that, it has additional benefits like- better cholesterol level, healthy stomach, maintaining blood sugar level, etc.

The product offers three discount packages globally with free shipping. The manufacturer gives 2 months money-back guarantee so the clients can return their product if they are not satisfied with no questions asked!

 Why go for Phenq?

  • Free of side effects
  • Tried and proven ingredients
  • Money return guarantee
  • Available globally
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Free shipping
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Budget-friendly

Among the list, prolessa supplement just provides a money-back guarantee and worldwide availability. Other than that it doesn’t make to any third item in the list. It’s pretty clear when Phenq is above Prolessa in all aspects a user would possibly want in a weight loss diet regime.


 Our final word on Prolessa duo would be to look for a product that is healthy for you. And Prolessa duo doesn’t really fit in this. As you can see, it is not the best choice and serves a very less chance of actually helping you in weight loss. But it won’t be advisable to expect a magical transformation as Prolessa doesn’t have that kind of genius formula in it. Go for the products clinical trial and proven to give positive effects with no harms.

Our final recommendation would be to use Phenq as it has a solid 2-month (week) money-back guarantee and great formula that will totally help you achieve your fat-burning goals. It will make you healthy inside out and pose no potential side effects, and that’s the reason why you should try it right now for your weight loss!

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