PhenQ Review: Does this product help in weight loss?

If you want to find out whether PhenQ works or not, you are in the right place. Here in this article, I am going to review every things in details regarding to PhenQ.

Nowadays, people do not find the time to focus on their health amidst the regular busy schedule. Therefore, people often end up with excessive weight gain and suffer from obesity.

PhenQ comes to your rescue and helps you to lose weight with the least effort and no workout. These weight reduction pills have minimum side effects and are made with useful components.

Excessive body weight gives a bad appearance to your body and creates many severe health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and cardiac diseases. Losing weight can quickly help you to solve so many harsh health conditions.


Phenq bottlereview before and after

What stands out is the ability of the natural ingredients to achieve a state of holistic well-being. This means, PhenQ doesn’t only help you achieve the dream body but also assists with mood upfliting, detox plans, and muscle mass maintenance.

In this PhenQ review, all the necessary aspects of PhenQ fat burner pills will be described. This detailed article removes all your doubts about this product to use these pills without any hesitation.

What is PhenQ?


PhenQ functions as a supplement in your diet and solve your issue of obesity. The weight loss supplement is made with a mixture of potent ingredients; these ingredients enable the pills to reduce your body fat differently, giving you a magical result quickly.

The correct formula of PhenQ helps you to achieve your weight loss goals quickly. The ingredients used in this product are organic. The product has gone through a strict examination process to ensure the promised outcome.

Does this really work?

It is a common question in everyone’s mind. The website suggests that the weight loss product is usually safe for most people. Despite being harmless, pregnant women, people with underlying medical conditions, children, and breastfeeding mothers should avoid these pills’ consumption.

In case you plan to use PhenQ, the ingredients speed up your weight loss journey by helping you reap the diverse weight loss benefits of the natural belly fat cutter. Therefore, even if you aren’t working out frantically, PhenQ works towards increasing your body temperature. This process kicks-off a static thermogenesis along with a dynamic one. As the body temperature increases, the PhenQ pills become all the more potent and help you lose weight even when you are sleeping.

Ingredients of the product

The organic ingredients present in this product make it reliable for your use. Being an organic product it makes an excellent dietary supplement. One PhenQ pill contains the following natural ingredients:

  1. Caffeine Anhydrous
  2. Nopal
  3. Calcium Carbonate
  4. α – LACYS RESET
  5. Chromium Picolinate
  6. Capsicum Extract
  7. Niacin Powder
  8. Piperine Extract
  9. L-Carnitine Fumarate

Caffeine Anhydrous 

A myth often roams around that you should not consume too much coffee if you want to lose weight. There is no truth in this statement. Caffeine is one of the main elements to make weight loss supplements (1). Besides, if you are worried about the cortisol spikes, you can take PhenQ as mentioned in the product label to minimize the threats associated with caffeine usage.

The addition of this natural element in PhenQ increases the ability of the product to lose weight. Thirty cups of coffee are equivalent to one teaspoon of Caffeine Anhydrous (11) (12). Besides reducing fat, caffeine helps to increase the level of energy.

The element also suppresses your appetite level. While you are trying to lose some extra pounds, it is essential to take care of your food consumption. The presence of caffeine in your diet decreases your desire to eat. Therefore, you can lose weight quickly.

Another good thing about the regulated caffeine content is that it allows you to take PhenQ as a potent pre-workout supplement. Moreover, this is one of the few ingredients in PhenQ fat burner that has mood-uplifting capabilities as it allows you to keep blood sugar levels within the permissible standards, theory eliminating instances related to lethargy or weight gain.


Nopal is a natural ingredient that can be found in cactus. The component is filled with fibre. Fibre-rich elements help to keep your stomach satisfied for a long time (2). It also does not create any digestive issues. Nopal keeps your energy levels high all the time.

Apparently, every review available online talks highly on this ingredient. To explain the benefits of the same, you need to understand that a majority of weight your body holds is plain water and adequate fiber intake is necessary to flush out the same. PhenQ diet pills speed up the weight loss process by helping you get rid of the water weight, in almost no time.

In addition to amplifying the fat burning process, Nopal is also a rich amino acid reserve, allowing you to achieve muscle-centric weight gain, provided your workout regime is on point. Amino acids also slow down the fat production as they are better termed as the building blocks of protein.

Then again, the fiber content in Nopal makes PhenQ as one of the best fat burning products as it scales beyond other fiber-rich options when appetite suppression and eventually blood sugar regulation are concerned.

Nopal, as described in a majority of PhenQ reviews, is less of a fat burning ingredient and more of a muscle builder. However, as you could infer from this piece of content, this is one of the few PhenQ ingredients to offer the best of both worlds.  As your tummy feels filled up most of the time, you will not consume food in short intervals. This ingredient also decreases the amount of water retention in your body. It is a significant function in burning fat because excessive fluids in your body increase your weight.

Calcium Carbonate

Medical studies have proven that Calcium Carbonate helps in burning body fat (3) (4). It works as an essential element in this weight loss supplement. As a basic weight loss entity, calcium carbonate is one of the few ingredients that works best with α – LACYS RESET and the perfect dosage of alpha lipoic acid and chromium picolinate, discussed in the subsequent segments.

Calcium Carbonate sends signals to the brain about the excessive amount of fat in your body. You do not feel hungry now and then because of this element.

Therefore, your body will produce energy using the stored fat. In this way, your fat burning procedure will be stimulated. Then again, the brain stimulations are sped up miraculously owing to the presence of caffeine as one of the primary ingredients.


Two strong weight loss elements, LYS and CYS, are combined to create α – LACYSRESET. The production and oxidation of free radicals are balanced well by these two compounds. α – LACYS RESET is the most functioning ingredient in the PhenQsupplement. The presence of α – LACYS RESET in these pills increases the metabolism rate and the body muscle’s mass (5). This element’s significant effect include an increased energy level, speedy recovery of injuries, and better mood.

Besides, this compound, along with caffeine, improves the static thermogenesis of the body, as mentioned previously. This approach not only hinders fat production and weight gain but also adds to the resting state potency of this innovative fat burner.

Furthermore, you can check any client-centric testimonial in the relevant page of the official website to learn more about the efficacy of this pill and weight loss process associated with the α – LACYS compound.

Chromium Picolinate

It contains a mineral called Chromium Picolinate which can also be found in meats, vegetables, and whole grains. Several research types have shown that the element curbs the craving for food and helps in gradual weight loss. Chromium Picolinate also controls the desire for food intake by controlling the blood sugar levels. It also produces energy from stored fat and sugars.

Besides, chromium picolinate is one of the more potent PhenQ ingredients, provided you are planning to keep the blood sugar levels intact. Most importantly, there are individuals who consume this fat burner only to get access to ingredients like Chromium and a higher caffeine content to keep them alert, throughout the day.

Lastly, this is also an appetite suppressant and one of the natural ingredients in play.

Capsicum Extract

Chilli peppers become hot due to the Capsicum. It contains Capsicum, which helps to reduce weight through a procedure called thermogenesis. The Capsicum extract in PhenQ consists of piperine, caffeine, and Vitamin B6. The elements together elevate the heat of the body and speed up the process of metabolism. The entire procedure leads to rapid fat burning.

Besides, Some reviews reveal that capsimax powder, clubbed with caffeine, has a significant effect on the overall PhenQ work module. Moreover, capsicum extract, added with Niacin and Piperine- mentioned in subsequent sections make the base of the capsimax powder, which is one of the few ingredients to look for when it comes to purchasing fat burners.

Niacin Powder

Niacin Powder is full of Vitamin B. Niacin’s ability to transform food into energy does not let your body store excess fat. An excessive amount of Niacin in your body can increase your hunger, but the substance is easily removed through the body sweat during physical activities.

Piperine Extract 

Similar to Capsicum, Piperine (13) (14) also stimulates the process of thermogenesis. Piperine is a potent fat combusting element present in pepper. It stops the body from generating new fat cells and contributes to aggressive fat burning. Black pepper is used to extract piperine.

L-Carnitine Fumarate

Phencontains L-Carnitine Fumarate (17), which is a form of amino acid that plays a significant role in keeping your energy levels up. You can find this amino acid in green vegetables, ripe avocados, and dairy products. The amino acid is also responsible for converting body fat into vital energies. L-carnitine, as an amino acid, also helps with muscle mass maintenance and development (15). Therefore, if you are looking to tone your physique and increase the self esteem, L-carnitine is one of the best natural ingredients to invest in (16).

How does the product work?

It works better as a thermogenic fat burner than other supplements due to the mixture of many natural ingredients. Each ingredient is active and efficient and provides equal benefits. They together provide faster weight loss results.

The function of PhenQ is performed through five primary pathways, namely:

Controls The Production Of Fat

The production of fat cells in your body are reduced by using PhenQ. So, your body is not able to store excessive fat. It halts all the fat generation and accumulation pathways of your body. Your weight automatically goes down due to the decreased amount of fat cells in your body.

Makes The Metabolism Rate Higher

Being a reliable fat burner, this product enhances your body’s ability to burn fat. Besides preventing fat creation in your body, it discharges the fat in your body by transforming them into useful energies. By making the metabolism higher, it increases the daily amount of burnt calories.

Helps To Decrease The Level Of Appetite

Appetite suppression is one of the hardest and most crucial processes of fat loss. Once you habitually consume food in large quantities, you will suffer from hunger if you attempt to decrease your food intake. PhenQ is quite effective in appetite suppression in most people. The regular consumption of the pill will keep your stomach full for a long time. Also, you will not feel the urge to eat any other food. As the calorie intake in your body decreases, you start to lose weight gradually.

Keeps You Energetic

One of the biggest challenges in anyone’s fat reduction journey is to keep the energy levels high. The reduction of energy in your body often leads to laziness and low mood. This product is backed up with ingredients like L-carnitine, which keeps you energetic and jolly while you achieve your weight loss goals. It is mainly made up of several other beneficial natural ingredients that increase your body’s energy levels and keeps you active.

Lighting up Your Mood

It also works as a mood enhancer because it contains certain elements that help light up the user’s mood. The pills protect users from mental issues such as depression, anxiety, and rapid changes in mood. With minimal side-effects and a number of pros, this product definitely qualifies as one of the finest weight loss supplements.

Benefits of the product 

PhenQ is one of the leading weightless products because of its specific beneficial effects that include-

  • These pills give the assured results within a specified period. You will be able to see the gradual changes in your body.
  • It is a globally popular weight loss supplement that has gained a worldwide reputation. The product has achieved positive feedback from most of its users.
  • Natural ingredients are used to make this product. Therefore, PhenQ  does not have harmful side effects like other weight loss pills. Instead, it provides users with a lot of physical and mental benefits.
  • Taking one PhenQ pill every day takes the metabolism rate of your body to a higher level.
  • It gives you a considerable amount of energy and helps you to stay productive.
  • It keeps you away from mood disorders like stress, depression, and anxiety.
  • The product is often available at an affordable discounted price to buy and use it.
  • This product is manufactured by the reputed company Wolfson Berg Limited. Thus, the product is legally approved and safe for application.
  • It  provides a 60-day complete refund policy if the user is unsatisfied with the product.
  • The intake of these pills is simple. You need to eat only one pill per day.

Are there any side effects of using these pills?

The PhenQ weight loss supplement is considered to be a safe product with almost no harmful side effects. It has been only possible due to the presence of absolutely natural ingredients. People who are already suffering from medical issues are advised to consult a physician before taking the pills.

Then again, our experts would give a thumbs-up to this product considering the perfect balance between the pros and cons. While we didn’t experience anything untoward upon using the same, the appetite suppressant aspect was a bit too pronounced at times.

A few disadvantages of these pills are:

  1. The pills are not applicable for children’s use.
  2. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding their children should not consume these for unexpected side effects.

Price of this product – Where to buy

PhenQ is available at an affordable price in various online stores worldwide and also in medical shops. Sometimes, offers are going on this product to make it more attractive for users. You can make your payment for these pills through your credit card, debit card, or digital wallet.

The discount offers for PhenQ include-

  1. The price of 1 bottle is 69 USD (savings of 10 USD)
  2. The cost of 2 bottles is 139.90 USD and one free (savings of 100 USD)
  3. The cost of 3 bottles is 189.95 USD and get two free + free Advance Cleanse (savings of 210 USD)

PhenQ provides a refund policy for up to 60 days for the convenience and satisfaction of its users. In case you are facing any issue with the product or are not completely satisfied with it, you can return the unused pills on the container within the 67 days of your delivery. It will give all your money back exclusively of the shipping charges. PhenQ always promises to return your entire money after the triumphant return of the product.

It is the potency and lack of PhenQ side effects that allow the company to offer the 60 day money back guarantee on this fat burner. However, every review across the online channels is filled with optimism and even we feel that you wouldn’t have to invoke the money back guarantee.

If you face any doubt regarding the product, you can also contact PhenQ through their email at [email protected]

PhenQ Customer Reviews 

phenq customer reviews

PhenQ reviews have always been positive from its users. Below are some reviews from people who have used this pill over and over again and now swear by it!

“I had been overweight for a few years since the birth of my first child. I started taking PhenQ pills at my friend’s suggestion two years ago. These pills have thoroughly helped me in my journey to reduce weight. Now, I recommend this product to every person struggling to reduce weight. It has been really useful for me to come across these pills with miraculous results.”

Emma Castle

“PhenQ came into my life like a blessing. I was suffering from obesity for ten years and lost all the hopes of reducing body fat. I learned about these pills through a fitness website during this time, and I used it for one year. I reduced a significant amount of weight during that time and came into shape. I liked this product, and I recommend it for everyone hoping to shed those extra pounds.”

Lily Smith

Verdict: Does PhenQ Work?

PhenQ is a product by the renowned organization Wolfson Berg Limited. One pill of PhenQ possesses equal power to 5 weight loss fills. The fat burner is procured from natural materials and applies a beneficial formula to decrease your body’s extra fat in a brief period. Being a product of a world-class organization like Wolfson Berg Limited, this dietary supplement is thoroughly tested in standard medical examinations.

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Wolfson Berg Limited is located in the United Kingdom, and they have made several useful products like nutritional and sports supplements. The product consists of a powerful appetite suppressant, thus reducing the chances of fat accumulation significantly. PhenQ achieves your fat loss goals through five scientifically approved methods. Therefore, there should be any doubt regarding the legitimacy of the product.

This product does not cause long term side effects on your body because of its natural ingredients and effective formula. This product is popular worldwide because of its promised outcome. Notably, residents of the United Kingdom and the USA have earned many benefits from this product.

It is suggested to take one PhenQ tablet every day to lose weight safely. If you are healthy and do not have any underlying illness, there is no need to get anxious while using these pills. Anyone with good health can consume the pills. Also, the pills are not ideal for children’s consumption. In case you are going through physical conditions like pregnancy, breastfeeding, or have a critical health problem, you should consult an experienced doctor before taking this supplement.


How can these pills be used to burn fat efficiently?

It is suggested to take this piece twice a day. You can choose one piece in the morning and the other at noon. The afternoon is not ideal to consume these pills because it contains caffeine, disturbing your sleeping habits. A user should not have too much caffeine intake while using it.

Who should use PhenQ fat burner?

Both women and men are eligible for using these pills to shed weight. Twice a day will be the ideal dose for both of them. People who follow veganism can also use these pills because it applies all the naturally extracted products.

Who is not eligible for using PhenQ?

Children should not consume these pills. Pregnant or breastfeeding women are not permitted to use these pills as well. If you are going through other medications or suffering from serious health issues, it is better to avoid consuming these pills.

Where can the users buy PhenQ weight loss pills?

It can be bought from the official website of the company. It is available in some of the other online stores as well, but the official store is the most reliable source to purchase this product. Each pack consists of 60 pills for a dose for one month. If you buy two bottles at once, then one bottle is provided for free. When you purchase three bottles together, you achieve two bottles for free. The price of this product is truly affordable and worth the price.

Can a woman take birth control pills and PhenQ tablets simultaneously?

There is no problem taking these two pills simultaneously because one’s function is not hindered by the other.

Can I purchase PhenQ from a pharmacy store?

PhenQ pills are not sold in pharmacies or medical stores. A customer can only purchase these pills from the official website.

Is there any refund policy provided by PhenQ?

They provide a 60-day money-back guarantee. Using this money-back guarantee, you can get a complete refund by returning the product within 67 days of receiving the order.


This detailed PhenQ review is aimed at providing all the answers to their questions. Through all these years, It has been a product, but it is also a trustworthy place that provides users with the perfect solution to obesity.

PhenQ helps you lose weight, and it has helped thousands of obese men and women who could not find the time to workout or failed to shed those extra pounds. They have all been supported and offered effective results by PhenQ. The happy customers have bestowed upon good reviews upon achieving desired results from PhenQ and losing the weight.

The pills follow all the safety measures and can be used by mass people without a few exceptions. While concluding the review, the statement can surely be made that PhenQ is a natural product with little to no side effects. It helps you lose extra fat by investing the least amount of time and minimizing the hard work.

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