Phengold Review – Is it really a Potent Weight Loss Product?

While people should happily accept their physical shortcomings, striving to assume a better physical appearance is a powerful choice to make.

This is where Phengold, as the next-gen health supplement, comes into the mix, allowing you to address your weight-loss goals in a natural, safe, and holistic manner.  


One-Line Phengold Review

Potent, fat burning product that naturally speeds up your metabolism and facilitates selective thermogenesis, without shooting your cortisol through the roof!

What is Phengold?

Formulated by the famed, Swiss Research Labs Limited, Phengold is one of the newest weight loss supplements in the market that works differently than some of the other supplements in the market

While this choice of product has already garnered many positive reviews in just a few days after the much-anticipated launch, it is still creating several inroads in the existing wellness industry, owing to the minimal side-effects and an all-natural claim by the company.

Although we will dissect each and every component present in a solitary Phengold pill, its many metabolism amplifying capabilities are being hailed across the online and offline domain.

Most importantly, Phengold also takes pride in amalgamating some of the more elusive fat burning components, albeit in the right proportions, to help you lose weight.

Moreover, people that have used an appetite suppressant like Phentermine can relate better to Phengold, as the latter comes fortified with several innovative and potent ingredients that guarantee quick and lasting results.

Phengold Ingredients: Detailed Fat-Burning Properties

phengold ingredients

1. Vitamin B Complex

Phengold comes equipped with a well-researched portion of essential Vitamin B fractions, including B3 or Niacin (15mg), B6 or Pyridoxine (1.3mg), and B12 or MethylCobalamin (24mcg).

Needless to say, both B6 and B12, often in cohesion have a major role to play in kick starting the metabolism. Moreover, improved metabolism also results in boosted energy levels followed by a more motivated stance towards life. Vitamin B3 or Niacin, on the other hand, helps improve cognitive health, allowing you to use Phengold as a wellness or pre-workout supplement.

2. Green Tea Extract

In case you want your fat burner to emulsify lipids faster and help you lose weight than usual, check for the inclusion of Green Tea extract, preferably incorporated in the raw, leafy variant. 

Then again, green tea isn’t a potent stimulant and targets the toxic lipids of the body to burn. Therefore, once the body cleanses out the toxins courtesy of the antioxidant properties in play, it starts entering the state of positive thermogenesis, thereby amplifying the chances of steady-state calorie burning. 

Phengold is fortified with 500mg of the green tea extract, which helps produce catechins and minimize free radical build-up.

3. Rhodiola

Unlike other fat burning agents in the market that target subcutaneous and visceral fat, Phengold comprises Rhodiola root extract for a more mediating lipid and oxidative stress management. This feature showcases extreme weight emulsifying capabilities upon targeting the white and deposit-prone, adipose tissues.

Moreover, Rhodiola is also known to have anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory qualities, which make Phengold the perfect pre-workout agent. Phengold features 250mg of Rhodiola Rosea extract that has the capability of improving workout sessions, almost miraculously. (10)

4. L-Theanine

A single serving of Phengold houses 250mg of L-Theanine, an element that works best in cohesion with caffeine. While this is more of a workout enhancer with abilities focused on increasing mental alertness and focus, it is also known for the fat-burning capabilities, especially from the inaccessible and stubborn areas.

Needless to say, the nootropic characteristics of L-Theanine also help with lipid and protein metabolism whilst playing a major role in minimizing the stress levels.

5. Caffeine Anhydrous

In case you prefer some variant of caffeine in your fat burner, 225mg of caffeine anhydrous in Phengold is expected to do the trick. Besides qualifying as one of the more potent stimulants for improving athletic performance, caffeine anhydrous works better than the brewed versions of the same.

6. Green Coffee Extract

Phengold leaves no stone unturned when your weight loss goals are concerned. This is where the concerned extract comes to the fore as it offers a stimulating, fat-burning effect (9), sans crashes. With 100mg of green coffee extract to rely on, Phengold also comes forth as an effective supplement for amplifying your power improvement and weight emulsifying goals. Not just that, coffee extract, both in the supplemental anhydrous and green extract forms, is expected to improve the benefits by up to 13 percent.

7. Cayenne Pepper

Fat burners are effective only if certain components are capable of driving thermogenesis. This is where Cayenne Pepper extract (8) comes into the mix as it works in cohesion with green tea, and caffeine extract whilst speeding up the lipid burning process. 

Phengold comes fortified with 200mg of cayenne pepper that is more than sufficient for starting a thermogenic reaction, which in turn helps convert the excess weight into energy by tapping into the adipose tissue. Besides, this approach also helps control the hunger pangs by working as an appetite suppressant and helps users lose weight.

8. Dimethylaminoethanol or DMAE Bi-Tartrate

Phengold keeps the ball rolling when innovative lipid emulsifying supplements are concerned. This is why the company adds the power of DMAE Bi-Tartrate into the mix, courtesy of the nootropic elements, and the improved role in improving cognitive coordination.

As mentioned, Phengold readily doubles down as a powerful pre-workout formula which justifies the role of this memory and moon improving agent.

Besides, 150mg of DMAE Bi-Tartrate also keeps stress levels and cortisol production to a minimum, which in turn mitigates weight accumulation within the body.

9. L-Tyrosine

Apparently, Phengold is way more than just a regular weight loss pill as it exhibits alerting and cognitive agents in abundance. One of the multiple ingredients, therefore, include, L-Tyrosine, which pairs perfectly with the likes of lipid burning agents like Rhodiola, Caffeine Anhydrous, Green Coffee extract, and more for a highly sustained effect.

Not just that, L-Tyrosine, as a standalone ingredient, is also a mood enhancer and keeps hunger cravings to a minimum. Moreover, with 300mg of L-Tyrosine at the helm, you need not worry about sleep interference, mostly encountered while using stimulant-centric burners.


The role of Bioperine is mostly ignored and underrated when it can play a major role in helping you metabolize the associated ingredients. With 5mg of Bioperine into the mix, even the first time users can use Phengold sans issues or stomach irritations.

How Phengold Works?

Now that we are well-aware of the Phengold ingredients and their standalone benefits, it would be easier to understand the unified effect which the supplement has on your lipid emulsifying goals. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that the effective combination of powerful ingredients has a stimulating, metabolism-enhancing on the body.

Once you consume the substance in the requisite quantity and as per prescribed dosage, the likes of Coffee and Green Tea extract help minimize the appetite (7), thereby impacting your snacking tendencies.

Therefore, you stop adding empty calories to your diet regimen, which mitigates fat build-up. What works best though is the thermogenic element in Cayenne pepper (6), performing synergistically with Caffeine Anhydrous. These components burn the existing weight by converting the same into energy.

Next in line is the workout enhancing natural ingredients like Rhodiola that allow you to channelize the thermogenic energy into weight-lifting or cardiovascular sessions. The mental focus during workouts is offered by the likes of L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine (4) (5). Lastly, Bioperine ensures that every nutrient gets absorbed and utilized by the body in its entirety.

Phengold Dosage and other Things to Consider

Each of the many ingredients of Phengold is powerful enough on its own. However, for the concoction to work well, the serving size, dosage, and timing need to be taken care of. Like any other weight loss product, even the detailed Phengold review looks incomplete if the experts haven’t tested the right set of dosage at the prescribed hour.

As a rule of thumb, you must take three pills of the Phengold supplement before hitting the gym. Consuming the same right before the workout allows your body to acclimatize with the potent ingredients and ensures a sustained release of energy. Then again, it is advisable not to use the same a few hours before going to bed.

In case you work out late in the evening or at night, the Phengold dosage can be segregated throughout the day. Consuming the same early in the morning, right before breakfast is also a safe option. That said, you must avoid consuming the Phengold if you are already nursing pre-existing health issues, including high blood pressure, hypertension, and more. Regardless of the usage, doctor consultation is still a must and in case you are pregnant, Phengold should not be administered, unless considered safe by the physician.

Phengold in Detail: Pros and Cons

While we discussed the supplement in detail, it is necessary to summarize the same into positives or negatives to assess the functionality better. Besides, as this is a remarkable yet new weight loss supplement in the market, every aspect needs to be analyzed thoroughly, before you can even consider using the same as your go-to, weight-loss supplement


  1. Comprises natural ingredients that hardly interfere with each other but facilitating holistic functioning.
  2. All-encompassing use of elusive ingredients like Rhodiola SP which aren’t usually found in regular fat burners. (1)
  3. Improved metabolizing effects that target the settled fat tissue via speedier thermogenesis
  4. Can help with retention and building if supplemented with adequate quantities of protein.
  5. Comes with an anabolic effect as Phengold features several stress-relieving components which kill off the cortisol production.
  6. Swiss research labs limited offers a 2-month guarantee on each of its Phengold tubs where people can redeem their investment if they do not get the desired results.
  7. Contains high-end green coffee extract which is a Chlorogenic acid (2) precursor, helping the body use up glucose and weight stores, based on activities.
  8. People use it as a perfect pre-workout supplement owing to the strengthening effects and support for amplifying mental focus and alertness.
  9. Organically suppresses the appetite by lowering sudden hunger pangs and snacking indulgences.
  10. The company offers free shipping perks at no extra cost.


  1. Should have included Chromium Picolinate which can help improve the insulin sensitivity of the body and enhance the weight loss effects even more by lowering instances of binge eating.
  2. Exclusive list of ingredients increases the cost and you need to shell out extra money to purchase the Phengold.
  3. The three capsule serving is slightly higher as the company could have persisted with a one pill daily approach to make consumption easier.  

Best Set of Benefits associated with Phengold


Now that we have analyzed the Phengold supplement in detail, it is necessary to ascertain the diverse benefits of the associated components to further global adoption.

Then again, before moving any further, it is necessary to note that the Phengold pros far outweigh the cons, especially when side-effects to the body are considered.

Here are the most pronounced benefits of using the Phengold supplement in the recommended dosage:

  • Steadies the dwindling insulin levels which comes forth as an asset for the diabetics
  • Promotes healthy and sustained metabolism
  • Helps achieve a crash-free pre-workout performance
  • Improves post-workout recovery courtesy of L-Theanine and other relevant components
  • Niacin or Vitamin B3 helps regulate the higher cholesterol levels by lowering bad lipids
  • Comes forth as a potent cognitive tools courtesy if the DMAE Bi-Tartrate, Rhodiola, and other nootropic agents
  • Improves sleep patterns by keeping stress levels to a minimum
  • Helps regulate dopamine and serotonin levels courtesy of Vitamin B6 (3) and its ability to target hormonal issues
  • Doesn’t only kill fat but avoids deposition by countering obesity and inducing sustained weight loss
  • The elusive Rhodiola Root extract also enhance athletic performance
  • Regular consumption comes with several health benefits courtesy of the mood-enhancing capabilities

Phengold Side-Effects: Are there any?

Every ingredient associated with Phengold is natural and vetted for excellent and side-effect-free performances. However, despite having zero side-effects, we would still advise you to consult a physician before kickstarting the weight loss regime. 

Last but not least, as it is a thermogenic weight loss agent, you need to drink loads of water to counter the mild dehydrating effects, associated with the same. The best-case usage scenario also involves using the supplement during the early part of the day so it doesn’t interfere with the existing sleep cycles.

Phengold reviews: User’s Unbiased Claims


Mary: “One of our independently selected subjects lost close to 40 pounds after using Phengold for at least 9 months. Unlike some of the other fat burners that reveal curated reviews signifying massive weight loss in almost no time, Phengold usage resulted in sustained fat loss where the subject stuck to a clean diet with a weekly cheat meal. Surprisingly, even after ending the 9-month Phengold cycle, she didn’t put on a lot of weight and could finally get rid of obesity.

Starting weight 190 pounds Current Weight 152 Pounds

Kathy: “Our second subject is a fitness enthusiast who resorted to this supplement for packing some muscle and revealing his defined cuts. While he only lost 12 pounds of subcutaneous and visceral fat during the course of four months, he was particularly pleased by the energy bouts received during the workout.”

Starting weight 178 pounds Current weight 166 pounds

Best Buying Options

Purchasing Phengold can be tricky if you aren’t aware of the best online platform. A good place to start is by logging onto the purchasing platform where you can procure a 30-day, 60-day, or even 90-day supply at highly discounted rates. Moreover, buying Phengold tubs from the official website also allows you to make complete use of the free single month supply, available with the 60-day pack and complimentary 2 month supply, pertaining to the 90-day stock.


Phengold is by far the most potent fat burners that can easily tap into the most inaccessible zones to help you chisel out a slimmer and more defined physique sans performance, focus, and health compromises. However, to make the most of the same, you must purchase the same from the official website.

Phengold FAQs

Q1. How long does one tub of Phengold last?

A1. As 3 Phengold capsules make one serving, one tub is expected to last for 30 days.

Q2. Which is the most potent ingredient in this supplement?

A1. In case you are only interested in the fat burning capabilities, the Cayenne Pepper clubbed with Caffeine Anhydrous is the most potent ingredient to consider

Q3. What is Phengold’s USP?

A3. The all-natural ingredient profile sets Phengold apart from other health supplements.

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