Modere Trim Reviews: Does it Really Work As It Claims?

Almost everyone these days is struggling with weight loss. And because of this, a large number of weight loss supplements have flooded the market.

Unfortunately, this also means that there is a good chance that most of them are not entirely up to the mark. Modere is one such company, with various supplements such as Modere trim that claim to help customers lose weight.

I am guessing you have read many other Modere trim reviews online. But still not sure? Please read this article to find out more about this supplement and whether or not it works as our experts have done the due research.

Modere Inc is a health and wellness company based in Springville, Utah. Their most popular product is the Modere M3 body system, featuring several weight loss supplements.

But besides the Modere M3 body system, they also provide probiotics, body sculpting systems, inside-out beauty systems, fitness combos, etc.

What is Modere Trim?

Modere Trim is a weight loss supplement by the company that claims to help with fat loss. Modere Trim also claims that this product can improve muscle tone as well as restore younger-looking skin. Modere Trim comes in liquid consistency and contains no sugar.

It comes in 5 flavors:

  • Vanilla Coconut lime
  • Chocolate
  • Lemon meringue
  • Apple crumble

According to the fact sheet provided on their website, Modere trim is an innovative product. It uses a combination that has never been seen before in the market – CLA and Collagen/HA Matrix. CLA helps reduce fat, and Collagen/HA Matrix helps improve muscle tone and skin appearance.

The fact sheet on the website also claims that CLA has been scientifically studied and proven to reduce body fat, inhibit the absorption of the fat in the body, and reduce fat cells’ production. In addition, this process helps one develop a better muscle tone.

Similarly, Modere Trim reviews claim that the Collagen/HA Matrix technology has won awards and is multi-patented, with all rights reserved. Not only does it reduce the appearance of age-related changes on the skin, but it also helps increase the flexibility of joints. Together, these two ingredients aim to provide a full “body transformation experience” that will change the metabolism of your body system to help you lose weight.

If all this sounds too good to be true, scroll down and determine whether these claims and ingredients are backed by science or not, and read a full Modere trim review.

Modere Trim Claims

Before we proceed any further, let’s examine the claims that this supplement makes:

  • Supports fat metabolism
  • Inhibits storage of fat at the cellular level
  • Helps in the reduction of fat cells in the body helps in improving muscle tone of the body
  • Restores the appearance of the skin and reduces age-related changes
  • Supports muscles and joints, improves the health of connective tissues and increases overall fitness
  • Supports growth of healthier hair, gums, eyes, and nails

Additionally, most Modere trim reviews on the web encourage people to follow the Modere diet while using their supplements. You can find out more about this Mediterranean diet on their official website. All these things should be accompanied by healthy lifestyle changes, too. It should be noted that the FDA does not evaluate whether these claims are accurate. 

Now let’s check out the ingredients and see how well Modere Trim fairs against these claims and what thorough reviews of Modere trim say.

Ingredients Analysis

Here is a list of the two major ingredients used in this supplement:

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (from Safflower Seed Oil)
  • Liquid Biocell

Besides these two, the product also contains:

  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Citric acid
  • Xanthan gum
  • Sunflower seed oil
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Mixed tocopherols
  • Rebaudioside A
  • Natural flavor
  • Turmeric for color
  • Purified water

Let’s explore the ingredients and their effects in brief.

1. Conjugated Linoleic Acid

CLA and its effects on weight loss have not been studied extensively yet. There are only a few studies that have been conducted in this regard.

Here they are:

A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that the effect of CLA on fat loss in animals is noticeable, but the same is not consistent in humans. Although CLA resulted in a modest fat loss in humans, the results are not conclusive enough to arrive at a consensus.

On the other hand, according to this study, CLA does seem to have some fat reducing effects on the body. It helps with the breakdown of fats, known as lipolysis, and can also reduce the deposition of fatty acids on adipose tissues, that is fat-containing cells.

However, this study also warns that the mechanism for these processes is not yet known. Moreover, CLA also seems to have a negative effect on glucose metabolism and the lipid profile of a person.

Another study published in Nutrition and Metabolism (1) showed that CLA does not show any promising results as far as its health effects are considered.

  • There was no reduction in body weight.
  • There was no repartitioning of body fat and fat-free mass in humans.

Finally, the European Journal of Nutrition has published several studies (2) related to the effect of CLA on weight loss.

It was found that fat loss with CLA was relatively insignificant when compared with fat loss with placebo. Thus, there is little to no clinical evidence to support the claims and reviews by Modere Trim regarding CLA and its effects.

2. Liquid Biocell

Liquid Biocell is an original product by Modere, according to the website of company

In the fact sheet for the product, Modere states that Liquid Biocell, in Modere Trim, is essentially a hydrolyzed chicken sternal cartilage extract. It is supposed to be rich in hydrolyzed collagen type II peptides, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid.

Here is the summary of the academic literature available on the alleged effects of this ingredient:

1. According to this study (3) published in the Journal of Functional Foods, Biocell has proven to be effective in reducing the signs of photoaging in hairless mice. These signs include an increase in wrinkles and a reduction in moisture in the skin.

However, the study did not provide any clinical evidence related to the effect of Biocell on human skin.

2. This study published in Clinical Interventions (4) in Aging, Biocell (also known as Biocell Collagen or BCC) showed significant changes.

In a trial conducted on 26 women, it was found that taking 1 g BCC for 12 weeks resulted in a reduction of skin dryness, and wrinkles. It also led to increased hemoglobin content and collagen content in the skin after only 6 weeks.

3. This study (5) reproduced similar results. In a group of 113 participants, taking Biocell for 12 weeks resulted in reduced facial lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, and improved skin elasticity by increasing collagen content.

4. This study (6) showed that supplementation of Biocell in patients of Osteoarthritis significantly reduced pain, compared to the group that received placebo treatment. The participants also showed improvement in physical activity level.

5. A study showed (7) that Biocell also has a positive recovery effect on muscle and connective tissues post-exercise. After taking 3 grams of Biocell for 6 weeks, the participants showed better muscle recovery after exercise.

All in all, it seems that Biocell performs as claimed on Modere’s website. This ingredient is often linked to improved skin appearance, and healthy joints, hair, nails, etc.

Does Modere Trim Work?

Having studied the ingredients in Modere trim, and clinical studies related to them in detail, it is hard to answer this question in one word. It entirely depends on what your expectations from Modere trim are.

For instance, if you are expecting to lose weight with the help of Modere trim, you will be a bit disappointed. The active ingredient for enhancing fat loss benefits in Modere trim is CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid.

As we saw above, this ingredient does not have any conclusive benefits for weight loss. Although there is some evidence to support that CLA can help with modest weight loss, the data is entirely inconclusive. Additionally, these benefits can be attributed to a variety of other factors, like lifestyle changes, diet changes, etc.

A large amount of clinical evidence suggests that CLA may not have any impact on human health at all.

On the other hand, Liquid Biocell has shown significant improvement in age-related changes in the skin. Several clinical studies have shown that this ingredient can help in the reduction of wrinkles (9) (10), fine lines, crow’s feet.

And that’s not all, it can even increase the amount of moisture and collagen in the skin, thus improving the elasticity of the skin. Moreover, Liquid Biocell can also improve the flexibility of joints.

Therefore, if you are using Modere Trim for its skin-related and joint-related benefits, you will be quite happy with the results. But as far as weight-loss-related benefits are concerned, Modere trim is not very effective.

But even if you want to start using this product for its skin and joint benefits, you need to check out the side effects it might have on your health. Read on to find out more about the adverse effects of Modere Trim.

Side Effects of Modere Trim

The official Modere website does not offer a list of the possible side effects of Modere Trim. But clinical evidence and Modere Trim reviews have suggested that the ingredients used in Modere trim do have some significant adverse effects.

1. These may include but are not limited to backache, nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, upset stomach, headache, and an increased likelihood of bleeding. In some cases, although rare, CLA has also resulted in liver toxicity.

We have also found that WebMD states that, for the most part, CLA is safe to be taken by mouth if it is in moderate amounts found in food and medicines (8).

As for Biocell, WebMD states that it should be safe to take 2 grams of Biocell daily for adults.

2.  A study for instance, was conducted to test the safety of dietary supplements which contain CLA and aim to treat obesity. Over the course of 13 randomized, controlled trials of short term, it was found that CLA can result in hypertrophy of the lives in mice as well as humans.

Not only that, they also discovered that it can lead to redistribution of fat deposition in the body, which can resemble lipodystrophy, and can even cause insulin resistance. It can also reduce the fat content of human milk.

…which brings us to our next point

3. Modere Trim is not suitable for use by pregnant women and nursing mothers. As discussed in the previous point, CLA can cause a reduction in the fat content of human milk. This can be detrimental to the health of the infant or baby.

There is not enough evidence to comment on the safety of Biocell for pregnant and nursing women. However, one should err on the side of caution and avoid the usage of this ingredient during this time, to avoid any unintended consequences. 

Pros and Cons of Modere Trim

We have studied the Modere probiotic and its ingredients in detail and have written this Modere trim review after a thorough investigation.

The truth is that no product is completely foolproof. Despite big claims, most supplements have some benefits and some side effects. To know whether or not it is the right one for you, you need to evaluate these benefits and side effects carefully, keeping in mind your own unique needs and expectations from the product.

After a detailed Modere trim review, we have developed this list of pros and cons. Check it out and decide for yourself whether or not this weight loss supplement is the right supplement for you or not:


  • Biocell has also proven to improve joint flexibility and nail, eye, and connective tissue health
  • There are little to no side effects related to Biocell usage
  • One bottle of Modere Trim is good enough to last an entire month
  • Good customer service
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee


There are no proven weight loss benefits of this product yet the scientific community is not yet certain about the effect of CLA on body metabolism. It is possible that it may cause liver toxicity, insulin resistance, diarrhea, upset stomach, etc. Modern trim is really expensive. It costs nearly $100 for two ingredients, and one of them is not even proven to be effective yet. Vegetarians and vegans cannot use Modere trim, as it is extracted from a chicken.

Alternatives to Modere Trim – Our Recommendations

As a company, Modere seems to be working hard to bring about beneficial products for its customers. However, the clinical data do not support the claims by Modere Trim.

If you want to lose weight, the best option in the market right now is Beyond body weight loss program. Not only does it help with weight loss in the long term, but it also prevents further weight gain. 

Evidence-based trials back all the ingredients used in Beyond body are safe, and the product is also priced quite reasonably. In addition, PhenQ comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and ensures that you have a healthy digestive system while you are losing weight.

For an all-rounded, healthy approach to weight loss, choose Beyond body. 


All in all – it seems that Modere Trim is not efficient as a weight loss supplement, although it does seem to enhance the appearance of the skin. The information on the company site states that when it is paired with a Mediterranean diet and lifestyle changes, it can aid weight loss, but this does not seem to be true. 

We do not recommend Modere Trim. Phenq is a better alternative to this supplement. Enjoy a slimmer body while also improving your lifestyle in the long run with PhenQ. 

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