Metabolic Renewal Review + Best Alternative (2022 Updated after Used)

In this article, I am reviewing a hyped weight-loss program called Metabolic Renewal with relevant information regarding the process,  phases, associated workouts, relevant diet plans, and aligned fat-reduction capabilities.

Everything I will say is based on my personal experience with this product.

I bought the program with the DVD just to put it to the test.

metabolic renewal

If you have stumbled upon this page finding for a genuine review then look no further. I am sure after reading this, you will make your decision whether you want it or not.

metabolic renewal book
the Back of the DVD

Like every woman, I too wanted to look good and feel better.

You might be like me…

But with age comes different types of stress, worries, poor lifestyle, and poor eating habits. All of these lead to poor metabolism and poor functioning of the body.

But, if you want to look good, feel better, manage your weight, and manage your hormones, Metabolic Renewal might NOT BE your best solution.

In a hurry? My quick review:  1.8/5 score. Metabolic renewal did not helped me at all. Many of the Metabolic Renewal Reviews you will find out there are fake reviews that only generate income for the owners of the blogs through affiliate marketing. The program is pretty easy to follow, you just have to consistently follow the diet and workout plan but the results are the same if you would go to the gym. I lost only 1.5 lbs in 9 weeks, and I followed the program word by word. Metabolic Renewal, unfortunately it is not the game changer you are looking for. Another drawback is the effort I had to put into make the meals

After buying the Metabolic renewal program, and using it for nearly 11 weeks now, I am going to answer you the following questions:

  • Is metabolic renewal a comprehensive guide that will help you get rid of all health-related issues surrounding you?
  • No matter if you are worried about weight gain, belly fat, mood swings, intense cravings, or overall fitness of your body, Will metabolic renewal take care of everything?

So stick with me to the end.

What to Expect from the Metabolic Renewal?

In this article, I am going to tell you all features and “benefits” (what they claim to be benefits) offered by this awful product.

According to my own observation and the associated information, this will make you feel fit, energetic, and hormonally balanced, but nothing more than if you would follow any free guide you might find on Youtube.

Thus, using this diet program will let you see the same version of yourself even after you use it for months.

What Is Metabolic Renewal?

results of the metabolic renewal product

The metabolic renewal is a 12-week program specially designed for females.

The program was designed by “Dr.” Jade Teta.

The program is entirely dependent on the research data collected by the same “Dr.” Jade Teta (you will find info on him only on some blogs that anyone can run).

He claims to have worked extensively on understanding women, their hormonal issues and their effects on weight loss, and the cause and effect attached to the hormonal changes.

But his researches don’t pay attention to the hormones, complexities, and issues that surround females every month.

Before menstrual days and after the menstrual days, they go through lots of changes in their bodies, leading to mood swings and other difficult situations, primarily affecting their metabolism, and the famous “Dr.” Teta does not take into consideration any of these aspects.

The hormonal changes every month make it pretty difficult for them to go through regular workouts and exercises. Thus, Dr. Jade Teta came up with a program that does not take into account hormonal changes and does not offers any easy-to-understand perspective regarding the influx of hormones, pre, and post-menstruation.

Metabolic renewal is just a product like any mediocre product, claiming to provide the best results to women all around the world, but unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Dr. Jade Teta has designed this program based on his 4M Framework. We will discuss the 4M Framework later in the article, to analyze the program designed in complete detail. 

Features of the Metabolic Renewable Program

metabolic renewal review

The program by Dr.  Jade Teta consists of some elements needed for healthy living and good health. The framework of the program is based on 4M, which is known as:

  • Movement
  • Mindset
  • Meals
  • Metabolism

Let’s discuss all these parts of “M” one by one.

1. Movement

Metabolism is a magical feature of your body. The metabolism of your body is directly proportional to the movement you make each day. Non-exercise-associated Thermogenesis is often ignored by doctors and health experts. And, Dr.  Jade Teta does not focus on this important aspect of health. 

All the activities you do every day like sitting, standing, food digestion, and even breathing are a part of the movement.

All these movements affect the metabolism of your body. 

Thus, the more you move each day, the more chances you will have fat loss.

The Metabolic Renewal program comes up with different activities that are nothing more than workout exercises you may find for free on Youtube.

As per Dr. Teta, movement leads to 200% more calorie consumption as compared to exercise. Some of the neat exercises under the program include:

  • Using stairs instead of the elevator
  • Walking to work
  • Walking around the office
  • Cooking
  • Standing instead of sitting.

In conclusion, nothing more than regular exercises you can make by yourself.

Then, why pay for it?

2. Meals

metabolic renewal

One of the most important approaches towards improving metabolism and getting good health is improving meal quality.

You can’t expect to get good health magically without paying attention to the food you eat. 

As per the Metabolic Renewal chapters, every one of us is different, and our dietary needs are different.

Gone are the days of one size fits all.

Thus the program offers you a 12-week customized fat-protein efficient meal plan.

Many recipes pertaining to the meal plan are included in the program that will keep your metabolism humming.

And you know what? You can again find them for free on the internet without the need of making rich the famous Dr. Teta.

Some of the features included under the meal plan:

  • Recipes: It is important to cook yourself if you want to get the best health. The program brings us with delicious, mouth-watering meals and recipes. WOW! 😂
  • Weekly meal plan: The program will also offer you a weekly meal plan that you can customize as per your needs. 😂
  • Shopping list: You can only eat well once you shop well. Thus, the program comes up with a detailed list of everything that you need for cooking. So amazing isn’t it? 😂
  • Customization: The program can be customized as per your taste and your geographical locations.

3. Mindset

Your mind is your servant, so it’s important that you don’t become a slave of your mind. Most people are unable to achieve their health goals because they don’t have the best mindset.

Many studies have shown that high levels of stress are responsible for an increase in weight. 

Thus, the program is built such that you will combat all stressful situations. How? I have no idea cause I found it nowhere.

The mindset changes will help you to stay happy and healthy.

My advice? Better buy The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook (A New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook) by Ph.D. Martha Davis.

4. Metabolism

Dr. Jade Teta has stressed emphasis on the importance of metabolism, but we all know that right?

While Dr. Teta believes that metabolism can be improved by exercise, he has a totally different plan when it comes to exercises for women.

Dr. Jade Teta comes up with a 4-step body sculpting process, pretending to be weight loss at the fore to “help” you get the body shape you deserve.

Phase 1: Harmony

In this phase, the exercises are used to restore your brain’s command and control center. This phase basically awakens your body, and your body gets the ability to look for new changes.

Phase 2: Inspire

At this phase, the body becomes ready to burn extra fuel. Few sets of an exercise are provided that allows the mitochondria in the cell of your body to turn fat into energy pretty quick.

Phase 3: enhance

In this phase, your body will gear itself for more intense movements and exercises. Thus, your body will have a more fat-burning capability.

Phase 4: Symphony

At this stage, Your body will have the intensity to improve the weight loss capability. At this stage, your body will have boosted metabolism. 

How the Metabolic Renewal Weight Loss Plan actually Works?

The short answer is: No!

And if you do your diligent research, you will find out that many of the leading online resources are skeptical regarding metabolic renewal as the go-to weight loss program. After all, it is necessary to understand the exact nature of work and how the same can be implemented to lose weight as a short plan for 3 weeks or an extensive, 12 week, hormone-balancing plan by yourself.

These are some important factors that play huge roles in a good weight-loss program and Metabolic Renewal product claims to have them:

  • Better termed as an integrated fitness program that allows you to target specific segments of your lifestyle, as per the much needed changes to the hormonal balance, determination of the hormone type that requires balancing, and the order in which the changes are to be implemented. 
  • Once your metabolism impacting hormone type is analyzed, courtesy of extensive tests, you are suggested metabolic meals according to the same.
  • Besides the meals, you are also asked to indulge in quite a few 15 minute workouts for making the most of this plan to lose weight quickly and effectively.

Put simply, this 12-week plan aims at preparing “relevant” metabolic meals for the females, according to the hormone type, pre-existing bottlenecks, and other roadblocks associated with fat burning but is nothing more than a normal weight-loss guide you can find for free on Youtube.

The perfect combination of diet plans and workouts to lose weight requires strict adherence to the requisite information, the right fitness regime, and the hormone-centric plan, listed out on a per-week basis. 

Even if you follow every week of the Metabolic Renewal fat burning plan, diet strategy, work module, and hormone-balancing procedure you won’t achieve any considerable results.

And I am telling you this from my own experience.

With time, the plan claims to lay out the workout schedule, food habits to control specific hormones, and the highly targeted modifications but nothing of this is true.

You will never strike the perfect balance of hormones, the plan sets out to restrict certain food choices while promoting a few as per the “physical benefits”. 

Despite this being a 12-week strict fat-burning technique, it doesn’t specifically help you burn anything more than a regular workout.

However, considering the mixed reviews, people need to buy the same from credible online stores.  

Female Transformation tracker

When you are following any kind of fitness or health regime, it is very important to track your progress. The only good part about Metabolic Renewal is that it comes up with a transformation tracker.

With the help of this transformation, you can track the following features related to your health:

  • Metabolic score: this helps you to know how well you are responding to the program and if the metabolism rate of your body is improving or not.
  • Vitality score: This score shows how optimised your health is. This score helps you to know about the health of your digestive system, skin, hair, brain, heart, and lung function.
  • PMS score: This is one of the most important aspects included in the bonus package. Under this score, measures are provided to get rid of premenstrual mood swings and irritation.
  • Menopause score: this score measures the severity of different menopausal symptoms like sudden flashes and night sweats.
  • Body shape and weight: The female tracker also helps you to track the fat loss, weight loss, and inches lost after using the program.

Body sculpting burnout

As per Doctor Teta, working out for 15 minutes at least three days a week can help you get the perfect body you want.

You got it…

The perfect, magic formula.

The body sculpting burnout is an addition to the package, that claims to help you as follows:

  • The program can be used for maximum advantage if you have to attend a wedding, any special function, or get together with family and friends. All you need to do is a workout for 15-minutes, and you will see the difference in weight and body fat.
  • The 15-minute workout helps you to sweat and provide you with an intensity that can help you achieve the perfect body you need later on.
  • The 15 minute workout works best because you don’t have to push yourself too hard. These exercises do not put you at risk of thyroid issues and other injuries.

You got it, bul***it.

Female flat-belly formula

Everyone searches for these kinds of programs.

Nowadays, every woman is in search of a magical program that can help them get the flat belly they always wanted.

But the sad reality is that Metabolic Renewal is not your best solution.

Protruding bellies not only look ugly, but they can also be a great reason for heart disease and type-II diabetes in later parts of your life.

With the use of the female flat-belly formula, you can get rid of the round and protruding belly forever.

Under this program, Dr. Teta has provided a 5-magical formula that can be used to get rid of the round belly you have.

You might already know that Magical Formulas does not exist.

Pros and Cons of Metabolic Renewal

Like all other programs and processes, Metabolic Renewal also comes up with few advantages and disadvantages:

Here are the Pros worth mentioning:

1. Transformation tracker

This is probably the only pro I can mention about this “product”.

2. Customer support

The program also comes up with good customer support benefits.

Thus, once you get membership in the program, you will become an active follower of the groups and communities of the program.

In addition to this, you will be an active member of the fitness community, and you can get lots of advice and tips about fitness and health from fellow members.


The program is full of cons and I think I might gave you an idea in this honest (not paid) Metabolic Renewal Review.

The Role of Dr. Jade Teta is Designing the Program

Dr. Jade Teta is the primary reason why the metabolic renewal review is gathering much-deserved popularity. Dr. Jade claims to enhance fat loss in females, especially by taking the influx of hormones into account.

Dr. Teta hasn’t conceptualised an easy-to-follow metabolic renewal plan. He just segregated as phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, and phase 4 and has defined a working module that concerns meal recipes, fitness information, and a holistic fat-burning blue-print that you can find for free everywhere. 

In the form of the metabolic renewal hormonal program, he claims to promote a sense of overall well-being that is in order and allows females to find the best fat burning style as per their physical and mental stead. 

Does Metabolic Renewal work?


Short answer: No!

Different testimonials show that the program works for most women if it is followed religiously, but most of the testimonials are fake, to receive a commission from each sale.

When you join this program, you are also added to a Facebook group (an abandoned one).

Many websites show that those who stick to the program for a longer duration achieve great results, but that is the power of Affiliate Marketing… (The are paid for every sale that happens through their websites).

The metabolism improves in a better way if you use TeaBurn as an alternative.

You will also face difficulty following this program.

As per Dr. Jade, everything depends on your mindset. Thus, if you are unable to do one exercise, you will get better with each passing day.

Who can benefit from the Metabolic Renewal program?

The program claims to be recommended for women of all ages, body sizes, and body shapes. Since the program is specially designed for women and hormone types of women, the sad truth is that the program will not benefit anyone.

The program is “designed” for women who are at a fertile age, as well as menopausal women. Thus women aged 16 to 70 can easily use the program to get maximum benefits. The program is best for those who are looking to lose some weight and tone their bodies.

You might got it that want everyone to buy it even if they it doesn’t help at all.

The 15-minute short exercises tho, are perfect for those women who don’t have enough time to look for a complete workout regime.

In fact, the 15-minute exercise plan is also good for those women who avoid long-duration exercise and who don’t like to exercise a lot.

The program recommends walking for 5000 to 20,000 steps a day. Like every workout app on App Store.

Thus, if you are physically fit, and can walk these steps, you will get maximum benefits from just walking instead of buying it.

Thus, people who don’t have gym access or who don’t have enough equipment for exercise at home can just walk or run and they will have the same results.

The course can also be used by older ones as it can be customized according to their age and strength. If you are already on a strict diet, it’s recommended not to go for this program.

This way, you may have to stay hungry for too long. Thus, follow this program if you have tried and tested all kinds of diets and workouts, and you haven’t got the best results.

Best Metabolic Renewal Alternative

teaburn alternative to metabolic renewal

The exercise program is not available in stores near you. Thus, you have to purchase the program from online platforms.

The worst part? You can only get access to the program as soon as you pay the subscription fee.

As we have already mentioned it the best metabolic renewal alternative is TeaBurn.

But before you make any purchase you may want to read our In-deep TeaBurn Review.

Other Customer’s Metabolic renewal Reviews

Here are some of the Metabolic renewal reviews, I found on the internet.

Those who stuck to the program for at least 6 weeks, seem to get the benefits out of Metabolic renewal.

“Being a menopausal woman can be challenging. But with the amazing program by Dr. Jade, I have maintained my menopause phase pretty better. Although I faced some amount of mood swings and flashes, it was too little when compared to what my friends faced. I am in perfect shape, and I still enjoy the 15-minute workout session included in the program.”


“Before using this program, I used to layer up my body with different clothes to hide my belly fat. But, after using this program for almost three months now, my belly fat has vanished. I feel much more energetic and healthy nowadays. Everyone calls me beautiful and asks me for the secret to my beautiful body and health. All thanks to Dr. Jade. I will always be thankful for the program. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to get the best health.”

Suzanne mark

“Metabolic renewal has not only taught me different exercises and recipes, but It has also taught me how to take care of my body. After my first pregnancy, I faced fatigue, tiredness, and loss of hope every day. But, Metabolic Renewal has acted as a savior to me. I take care of my life and well-being, just like I take care of my family. I am healthier now, I look good, and I got rid of the difficult mood swings that I used to get every now and then. All thanks to Dr. Jade. Highly recommended program for women of all ages and body sizes.”


” People don’t trust me when I say I exercise just for 15-minutes every day to get the body I have. But, the truth is, the 15-minute exercise regime has helped me a lot. Trust me, guys, and this is the only program that understands women and their health goals. I highly recommend this program to all women who face unlimited cravings and who don’t like to exercise.” –Tuscany

Many of these are paid reviews.


Women’s bodies are pretty complicated.

A woman has to face different hormonal changes every month.

These hormonal changes take a toll on women’s health, and thus, it is very important to follow a program that is made to suit the needs of women.

This product created by Dr. Jade does not help women of all ages to take care of their health as they pretend to do.

The program is focused on diet, lifestyle changes, and mindset changes, as well as an exercise routine that is no more than some information you might already know.

It doesn’t expect a woman to spend two hours in the gym, and pretends to offer enough options that can be suitable for all kinds of women.

This program is 100% online (another point to be skeptical about), so you don’t have to visit any trainer or an expert.

Everything that you need to achieve the best health, you won’t definitely find in this program.

The basic aim of the program is to boost the metabolism of the body. In addition to this, the diet plan and easy workout aim to decrease weight and to provide the best body shape to women.

A program like Metabolic Renewal can be found… literally everywhere… for free!!

And, it cannot absolutely be called a revolutionary step by Dr.Jade to come up with a program that is entirely made for women and dedicated to women.

If you have been facing any kind of increase in weight, mood swings, hormonal imbalance of poor eating habits, get TeaBurn as the best alternative.

Before you purchase the program, remind that my review was an honest one based on my personal experience.

14 thoughts on “Metabolic Renewal Review + Best Alternative (2022 Updated after Used)”

  1. Is this program actually safe to use? I really want to give this a try but am skeptical as I am a diabetic and worried about my insulin levels dropping?

    • Firstly, I would like to assure you that it is as safe as a program can get. But still, I would like you to consult a physician first and declare medications before starting out with the plan. Also, if you are allowed to pursue any form of workout, Metabolic Renewal shouldn’t be a problem as this program allows you to modulate the intensity level, depending on how your body responds. Unless you are fit enough and sure about upping the intensity, you need not proceed to the next level.

  2. I am overweight by 15kgs and have a wedding to attend in 6 months. Can I expect to see the results within months and if not, how fast can I expect them to show?

    • It is important to follow the program to the T to see the best possible results. However, if you are already at a commendable fitness level, you can expect this program to start showing results in a matter of days. As per your physical state and considering the lifestyle to be moderately sedentary, I would say that it might take you 7 days to see decent results, even if you follow the basic levels of this program.

  3. As I am always on the move, do I need to carry some specialized form of equipment to keep up with this program?

    • The good news here is that metabolic renewal isn’t equipment intensive and doesn’t need you to set up a home or office gym of sorts. Instead, it is precisely curated keeping the globetrotting individuals in mind and you only need to carry resistance bands, adjustable weights, and a mat to follow the bodyweight regime.

    • Well, the program is anything but coercive in nature. This means it doesn’t force you to give up on every delicacy there is. Moreover, the meals that can be prepared upon following this program are in no way bland and are exceptionally tempting and fulfilling. Also, a cheat meal every once in a while is allowed to keep the feel-good hormones flowing.

    • Firstly, you should stop stressing yourself over the bulging waistline. It will get better in time. Coming to the question, 15 minutes might seem less but when it comes to the MR program, it is more than sufficient as it plans on keeping bad advice and infomercials out of the way. Plus, the workouts are ordered perfectly, which means that the stress levels are distributed evenly to have the desired effects, without investing a lot of time.

  4. I am currently using the Type-5 program but considering the fact that hormonal influx changes in time, will I be able to follow the exercise regime and diet plan pertaining to any other Type?

    • Yes, you can access any program depending on the type you are eligible for at the given time. You should understand that the quiz is more of a baseline assessment and doesn’t need to be taken by the word. The program access is flexible and regardless of the type you have enlisted for in the first place.

  5. Can I still follow my regular workout routine while using the program as I have recently paid out a yearly gym membership plan in advance?

    • I certainly wouldn’t want you to lose the hard-earned money, and this is why this program has been designed keeping every probability in mind. You can still follow the existing fitness regime whilst following the program. However, if you are nursing any other condition, you must consult a physician before enrolling for both the programs i.e., metabolic renewal and gym routine, concurrently.


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