Does improved metabolic rate helps in weight loss?

Weight loss is a highly debated topic with tons of bogus information and claims. Several sources advertise a weight loss diet without considering the potential repercussions on some people. The reason for the popularity of the weight loss community is that you are not what you eat.

You must have seen people who claim to gain weight despite eating less, and people who do not know where their calories go. Their bodies process calories differently. Your weight and overall health are predetermined, in part, by your genetic makeup. However, it is not all, because this is how metabolic rate affects your weight.

What is the metabolic rate, and how is it significant?

Improved metabolic rate

In simple terms, it is the speed at which your body expends calories or energy in a resting state. People with a high metabolic rate spend more calories in their idle state, and they need to consume more calories to maintain their weight. It is different for everyone and usually slows down with age. It is affected by changes in diet, mood and overall health.

However, for the most part, your metabolic rate is out of your control. So, improving your metabolic rate will help you lose weight faster, but it is not easy to do so. You are better off eating low-calorie food that makes you feel full. The key to losing weight with a slow metabolism is to balance the number of calories your take in with the ones you burn.

How do you improve the metabolic rate?

Mindful eating is one of the ways to combat a slow metabolism. Ensure that your eating schedule has balanced all the nutritional components in it.

Ginger, green tea and lemon are all linked to spikes in metabolism, so make sure to include them in your diet.

Focus on building muscle mass, because it has a higher metabolic rate than fat, resistance training is ideal for building muscle.

Drink a healthy amount of water, because it will help you maintain the optimal metabolic rate. Hydration certainly will not decrease your metabolism.

Perhaps the most crucial step is to eliminate stress. Metabolism reacts differently to stress in everyone. For people who already have a slow metabolic rate, stress slows it down even more.

Lastly, getting a night of good sleep is a must for maintaining a healthy level of metabolism.

Note that all these methods can improve your metabolism, but only to a small extent. It is advisable not to take these tips to the extreme. Reduce your calorie intake gradually and get rid of unhealthy eatables simultaneously. Several high-intensity workouts can boost your metabolic rate for 24 hours.

The last word

Your metabolic rate will not change in a fortnight, because it takes time for your body to adjust. Even if you have a slow metabolism, it does not mean that you cannot lose weight fast. Consistency is the key to reaching your weight goals. So make a diet and workout plan, and keep up with it.

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