The ‘Metabolic Factor’ Review – Is it the best program among all?

A well-maintained balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are a few important things that are recommended to reduce fat. But according to Dr Jonny Bowden, your body needs much more than that to transform into a fat-burning machine.  

Dr Bowden is the founder of the Metabolic factor program in which he shares his mind-blowing opinions and proven strategies for weight loss beyond dieting and exercising. 

If you’ve just commenced your journey of transformation’ from fat to fit,’ then this program has lots of unique information explaining ‘the insider story of your body’ related to hormones and Metabolism and how it leads to a powerful fat burning solution.

Does it sound a bit confusing? Yes, it is. But it’s also a leading reason that forces people to end up buying this product. Let’s check out more in this detailed review.

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Visit directly to the official website, and have insight into ‘why this Program is so special.’ Have a glimpse of what this program brings for you. Go through a short quiz and answer about your exercise and eating habits and get a free customized weight loss plan.

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Things that “You” should know before buying the Metabolic Factor

Before we start exploring it, you need some of the important terms coming next in this detailed review.

You’ll get to see the term IGF-1 hormone, which is a growth factor. It is somewhat kind of insulin because it also has an insulin-like molecular structure, also pointed out as a somatomedin C.

For body development, especially during childhood, this hormone is a vital growth-contributing substance. At the same time, this hormone leads to anabolic effects in adults.

IGF-1 hormone is produced in skeletal muscles and liver and observed at its peak during puberty. Similarly, as you grow older, the level of the IGF-1 level starts declining.

Simultaneously, if we talk about the rest of the Metabolic Factor Review, then it mainly focuses on a person’s Metabolism, because slow Metabolism contributes to increased fat rate in the body. That’s why this product revolved around how to boost metabolism.

By going through this Metabolic factor review, you’ll uncover some of the eye-opening details that also lead to the success of this ‘amazing weight loss product.’ 

What is the Metabolic Factor?

In short and simple words, the Metabolic factor is a 22-day weight loss product designed by certified nutrition specialist Dr Jonny Bowden, in which you create a new eating plan for yourself, including some cheat meals and avoiding carbs in your diet.

For dieters, these cheat meals will make things easier, ultimately without any problem, you’ll be able to complete the program.

You can also call it a carb-cycling program; you’ll be required to follow each rule and guidelines to see the desired results.

In this solution, you get two plans to choose from: the first one is basic, and the second is Advanced. You may find both programs somewhat similar, but the second step is slightly tough.

In the context of the second step, “The Advanced” one, we can only say that it is the another-level thing that will make you lose weight.

If you want to lose a few pounds within a short time, this advanced plan will 100% work for you. On the other hand, people who want to reduce some more inches, should definitely go with a basic plan and follow cheat meals. 

It deeply focuses on Metabolism and Hormones, how you can optimize them to burn fatter; you gain insight into all these things through this program.

Both men and women can join this program because it only enhances the body’s potential to burn fat and transform it into energy.

Every weight loss product has some hidden pros and cons behind it, so let’s shed light on Metabolic factor to illuminate various points that claim where this product is good and where it is wrong.


  • The product is wholly transparent at every step. Just download the entire details regarding the program in your device and begin.
  • An easy to understand program with easy to follow steps
  • You might experience improved cognitive functions, better-looking skin, stronger hair, and boosted energy levels alongside reducing weight.
  • The program is backed by extensive research because this product  is designed by that person who’s an expert nutrition specialist; that’s why it’s 100% reliable.
  • You’ll lose weight while enjoying delicious foods, and nothing can be better than this.
  • Also offers you bonus packages


  • You’ll have to eliminate some of your most favorite food completely, but to lose weight, it shouldn’t be a big deal.
  • If you’re a pure vegetarian, then this product might not be a favorable option for you because, in the diet plan, you’ll have to include meat.
  • It’s pretty hard to believe what the product commits, but people who’ve experienced Metabolic Factor, in reality, claim that it works.

What are the features and benefits?

The Metabolic factor quick start provides you with plenty of life-changing content in both digital/physical formats. It’s up to you whether you want a customized step-by-step tutorial or a written format. Don’t worry, both are the same and provide similar information.

But, you should go with digital format because it’s easy to access and can be begun right after purchasing; on the other hand, Physical format is a book version that you can also choose.

Once you’ve made the payment, you can start with the program. In the program, you get access to special guides, tools, and supports. What does it consist of? How you’ll follow it? Let’s check this out.

1. The Metabolic Factor Blueprint

You’ll have to constantly follow this guide for 22 days because during these days, you’ll recognize various methods to kill cravings, alongside you’ll learn more about how to lower stress and boost sleep.

You will get to know what are the best movements you should exercise during the diet and how to properly detox your organism. You’ll get an idea concerning various things. After getting insight into the following methods, you burn fat quickly and boost Metabolism ever than before. At each step, Dr Bowden guides you thoroughly.

2. The 10 Minutes Meals Material

When it comes to healthy meal preparation, nobody can spend hours in the kitchen, especially when the food isn’t delicious. But it’s the special thing about Metabolic Factor that healthy food is made delicious.

The entire product ensures family demands. That’s why the product has been kept simple; even children can also follow. You can prepare these healthy meals with basic ingredients within 10 minutes. From desserts to carb feast recipes that keep your Metabolism high, everything has been considered extremely well. 

3. The Progress tracker

If you love to keep a track record of your weight loss journey, then you must continue with this product. In this product, you get a tracker in the form of a calendar which encourages you to monitor yourself.

Measure fat loss and set target from where you wish to get rid of excessive fat. The progress tracker keeps you active and focused on achieving your goal. 

4. Quick start guide

To kick-start the real program, this guide is very helpful. In a nutshell, it’s a descriptive image of the entire diet plan and a useful thing for all those who follow a busy life schedule. Therefore, don’t worry; if you’re short of time or patience, just take a glimpse of the ‘Quick start guide’ and start your journey to becoming fat to fit.

5. Metabolic Motivational Emails

Dr Bowden always wants to keep you active and focused on your goal, that’s why from the very first day, the program sends you email messages and continues sending till the last date. It always encourages you and gives you tips, and guides you in a short-descriptive format, so you don’t miss even a single step.  

6. Weekly Coaching Classes

With the help of weekly coaching classes, you can personally interact with Dr Jonny Bowden and learn about various amazing approaches that’ll help you begin a new chapter of living a healthy and fit life. 

Bonuses of the Metabolic Factor

Bonuses are the best giving by Dr Bowden, adding an additional layer of benefits and features that makes it a successful program. It’ll make your weight loss journey quite easy, and you’ll be enjoying your life better than before. Let’s check out the bonuses associated with Metabolic Factor.

1. 50 Foods That Trigger IGF-1

As explained above, IGF-1 is an essential hormone (22) that directly impacts your Metabolism. IGF-1 ensures the weight management of your body and keeps the Metabolism functional. Similarly, in this bonus, you raise your familiarity with various foods that spike the IGF-1 hormone level. How should you consume it when you should consume it? Find it all in this list of free bonuses.

2. Five Mistakes To Avoid Metabolism Damage

The reason behind the damaged Metabolism can result from the unnecessary workout that negatively impacts your IGF-1 hormone. That’s why in this bonus, plenty of things related to exercise, what things to avoid, and what’s the best order of exercising that boosts metabolism, are included.

3. Seven Powerful Foods That Boost IGHF-1 Hormone Level

Yes, there are certain types of foods that work as an IGF-1 hormone level booster. They genuinely increase the Hormone level in your body. These hormone level boosters are actually some natural ingredients that scientists also claim are helpful for Metabolism.

4. The Super Bonus Material

The individual who joins the program every weekend gets a chance to connect with the Doctor personally. Dr Bowden will personally provide their subscribers with coaching sessions that maximize the value of this program.

Benefits of Metabolic Factor

There’re tons of benefits associated with this product, and you can take advantage of each by going through the simple step-by-step process to lose weight within 22 days.

Control Hunger

In the metabolic factor blueprint, you also get a comprehensive guide on a list of foods to control hunger, ensuring you not only reduce belly fat, but your body feels more energetic. From natural supplements to herbs, you get insight into various powerful foods that ‘raise the energy level of your body’ and ‘stimulate Metabolism.’

Some Delicious Healthy Recipes

It may sound an impossible thing, but this product genuinely helps you create a well-customized meal plan ensuring you achieve successful results. Alongside nutritious recipes, you’ll find them more delicious, and you’ll be forced to add them to your daily diet plan because these are also easy to prepare.

Boost Metabolism

The entire program mainly revolves around boosting Metabolism, and that’s also the key to keep your body fit and healthy. Your body starts observing a significant drop in the fat count, feels energetic, and feels younger like you used to be ever before.

Weak Metabolism is a leading reason behind weight gain. That’s why the founder of this program has kept this important thing in mind, and that’s how you obtain desired results within the committed time.  

Boost IGF-1 hormone formation

The program is also successful because it doesn’t want you to spend an extensive amount on purchasing premium equipment, pills, and never ask you to create a rigorous diet schedule. But the program guides you with one basic ingredient that boosts the IGF-1 hormone level in your body that prevents you from diseases; in addition, alongside weight reduction, it also enhances your cognitive abilities.

The working process of Metabolic Factor

It’s one of the successful weight-loss Programs that deliver desired results within 22 days. As said, the program helps you to burn fat, boost Metabolism, and create a healthy lifestyle. However, just as you do in every program, ensure that you follow every information thoroughly provided in this 22 days program. 

  • If you want to accomplish your fitness goals, carefully pay attention to every basic step. Even though the program is easy and simple to follow, still the founder recommends you not to skip even a single guideline; otherwise, you’ll only be compromising with the results.
  • However, Dr Bowden mentions this as an important thing because users can expect successful results on one condition if they are following the sequential flow of information.
  • After all, this program is based on stimulating hormonal reactions in your body. The entire ingredients, foods, and movements suggested in the guide make Metabolism more robust.

Although, if you can’t add a non-veg diet in your cheat meal plan, then you can also follow a vegan diet plan according to your eating habits.

Before you start using the program, you’ll have to go through a quiz, which is helpful in assessing your fat-burning type. Take The Metabolic Factor Quiz

Based on your answers to the quiz questions, you receive a personalized video that guides you about the challenges you can encounter during the program. Once you complete a section, you jump to the next module.

What Real Users Say

You may have this question, Does Metabolic factor work? It’s undoubtedly a successful weight-loss program because more than 100,000 people witnessed the effectiveness of the Metabolic Factor. There’re tons of people who’ve shared their real-life experiences while using this program.

In addition to this, you can read more testimonials of the program after going to the official page of Metabolic Factor.

Few people claimed that they had lost ten pounds over the course, and few claimed that this program has also sorted out their various life issues related to health. After all, the program provides solutions to your sleepless nights, which is a leading issue in today’s hectic busy life schedules. 

The program is also considered best to lose weight, and also promises safe and effective results on time. People are also losing four pounds in a few days right after the preliminary stages, and social media evidences it.

Simply follow the recipes and stay focused on your goal; you achieve results within the committed time.

However, few people also share negative opinions about this program, but they are nothing than just hoax messages keeping you away from using this world’s popular weight loss program.

Metabolic Factor Alternatives

You will also find some ‘Metabolic factor Alternatives’ having their own strategies and diet plan in the market. These programs assist you in how to reduce weight within a few weeks. Each program follows unique approaches and puts light on various dynamics.

Let’s take a quick look at what these Alternatives are carrying to provide you?

Metabolic Renewal

It’s a women-focused weight loss program with different plans and unique hormonal profile. This alternative Program, before recommending you their ‘designed diet plan,’ provides you quiz experience so you can follow the further steps without any problem.

The metabolic factor is a 22 days program, but renewal is a 12 weeks program. Rest of the things revolve around exercises, dieting plan, and lifestyle changes, same as you do in Metabolic factor.

Dr Jade Teta is the founder of this Metabolic Renewal program, but as compared to Metabolic Factor, it’s slightly an expensive program.

Metabolic Prime

Here comes another fat burning program that focuses on ways that boost your Metabolism, just like Metabolic factor. With a set of videos that you can opt to download directly in your system through the digital medium; otherwise, the program is also shipped physically (in DVD form) at your home.

This program focuses on intense exercises, but under a sequential flow that makes sure, a 60-year-old could easily attempt every exercise devoid of any issue. 

However, the founder Dr Jade Teta ( who’s also the founder of Metabolic renewal), mentions in clear words that only 35+ people can use this program. 

Metabolic Prime Program is more recommended for people with busy life schedules. If we talk about the ‘duration of this course,’ then it easily takes your 12 weeks to deliver visible results. 

Metabolic Balance

It’s one of the most expensive programs on this list that makes Metabolic balance out of people’s budgets.

It’s also a 12-week program in which you reset your hormone levels and boost Metabolism. Similarly, it supports a healthy weight balance in your body.

Although other programs are first to ask you some questions, this program is unique. For instance, you’ll first have to go through some blood tests, which helps the program to assess what foods will suit you best.

According to your current body conditions, a health plan will then be created especially for you. Within the committed time, you start observing results.

It’s a reliable weight loss program designed by Food scientists – Silvia Burkle and Dr Wolf Funfack, the founder of Metabolic Balance.

The program follows the 4 phase approach that starts with preparation and ends up with the Maintenance phase that provides the client with a new vision towards living a new & healthy lifestyle.

Final words: Is the Metabolic Factor a reliable program?

After the successful launch of Metabolic Factor, Dr Jonny Bowden has also been featured in various articles, books, and T.V shows. You might have also seen him as a special appearance in talk shows and seminars, which is enough to justify the popularity of his program.

However, another ‘reason behind the popularity of Dr Jonny’s program’ is that as compared to other programs, it’s a big cheaper life-changing thing for people fed up with their excessive weight.

Also, the program promises you results within 22 days, while other programs take more time.

Like we’ve discussed in this metabolic factor review above, you also don’t require to restrict your favorite food fully, nor do you have any need to eat those things you’ve never liked. All the recipes are instant and easy to follow, and the best thing is, each recipe is so delicious that you’ll love to include it in your daily diet plant. 

Overall, the program is good; still, in the end, if you don’t see any results, then don’t lose hope. Keep continuing because your body takes more time than expectations in most instances, or you’re missing any crucial step. If you bear all the essential things stated by Dr Bowden in the guidelines, results aren’t so far.

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