Metabolic Factor Quiz – What is it and what to expect

Metabolic Factor quiz is a set of questions that instantly tells the participants their metabolic type and fat burning mechanism and also suggests a customized Metabolic factor diet plan. 

Do you want to burn the fat that is accumulated in different parts of the body? Then, you have to follow a stringent diet and put a close watch on the calories you are taking every day. By reducing the number of calories you take and following a well-balanced diet will help you stay young and lean. 

People who have determined or made a New Year resolution to lose weight must first take the online survey, which has a few questions to attend to. The Metabolic Factor quiz will help to learn about the individual’s unique fat-burning type and the right metabolic factor blueprint required for a person.

The Metabolic factor is the result-oriented diet that will directly work on the body’s hormones and will help people who have given multiple attempts to lose weight, but nothing has worked for them. The process starts with taking a quiz that would let you learn about the fat burning type of your body. If you would like to go for this diet, you would be inquisitive to learn about the quiz, the duration it takes to complete the quiz and what is the next plan of action you have to take.

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Procedure to take the Metabolic Factor quiz

Do not panic! The quiz has simple questions related to your body. It just takes the time you spend on sipping a coffee. You just have to answer about the age, gender, food habits, activities you do in a day and how briskly you want to attain the desired weight. This even asks you about the areas where you want to burn the fat such as the lower body (legs, hips, thighs, and butt) and the midsection (such as, belly and waist). You also have to let the application understand how motivated you are to lose the desired weight within three months of time.

After taking the Metabolic factor quiz, the application will take all your answers to design a customized weight loss plan that puts your body in the fat-burning mode. You also will be suggested with the right metabolic factor diet.

Different types of fat burning

The diets that many suggest would be like a cookie-cutter. These diets will have some food items that you must consume and exercises you have to do regularly. These diets will work effectively on a few body types. Though the diet will work, the results may not be effective. The fat in the body of people will be processed in different ways. This depends totally on the metabolism rate.

The metabolic factor will work directly on the metabolic active tissues or MAT. These are the tissues with which the body is made up to five percent, but this plays a critical role when you are planning to lose weight. The working of the MAT will determine the type of fat burning. This type even determines the metabolic factor path.

There are fat burning processes of four different types.

Level 1

At this level, people will have very less metabolism rate. These people will depend on the carbs and sugar to stay active throughout the day. The body will not burn the fat just to supply the energy required for the body. However, the body would need energy to function so it makes use of sugar and carbohydrates. These are what will supply the energy. This is available for the body.

The carbs that are not burned will not be deposited in the body, but will be burnt later. This will be stored as fat. These carbs will go to the thighs, butt and belly. You have to perform rigorous exercises to lose the fat. The problem arises due to the slowness of the metabolism rate. This won’t let the fat burn quickly. People who are in this level 1 would crave for carbohydrates and store the fat deposits. Energy will be a problem in this stage. You would feel less energetic.

Level 2

In this phase, you would have an improvement in the metabolism rate compared to level 2. However, it is a big problem for people to lose weight. The calories that are burnt around 20 percent would be of fat calories and the remaining would be sugars and carbs. You would crave to have a lot of carbs after doing vigorous exercises. When the fuel in the body is going to reach E level, you would want to have something to increase the energy levels. These carbs would get turned into fats. Many people who have followed a diet have not achieved the output since exercises are not helping them burn the fat. The 80% of energy would be coming from sugar.

Level 3

In this level, the metabolism rate would be average. The body would receive around 40% of the energy from the fat. In this phase, people will find it easy to lose weight with a few challenges.

Level 4

When people reach this level, they would lose weight with ease and can consume whatever they want to and would not gain the weight again. The metabolism rate would be higher. The body would receive 90% of the energy from the fat. However, there are a few people who still have plus weight. This weight is simple to lose compared to the weight that is in the level 1, 2 and 3.

What you have to do next?

When you give the quiz, it will let you know the phase in which you are clearly. You will get to learn the process to lose fat. However, this little amount of information will not help you lose the desired weight. This gives you a better understanding about the working of metabolism rate. So, you would be wondering what the point in taking the quiz is. The post quiz video will help you learn the metabolic factor blueprint. There is a customized diet that is suggested to you, which you can follow to burn the fat.

Is it worth the efforts you put in?

Yes, it is worth taking the Metabolic Factor quiz for a couple of minutes to answer the queries. If you would like to take the metabolic factor route, you have to take this quiz, which will give you a customized plan that you must follow rigorously. You would get something out of it even if you are not going to sign up to get the customized diet. If you are not comfortable in answering any of the queries, you can skip.

There are no personal questions that are asked and these are all related to your present diet and exercise planning. This will help you determine the fat burning type.

At the end, you would be asked to provide the email address to get the customized plan. This gives you a lot of information about the metabolic factor. If you want to go in the metabolic factor path, it is good to take this program.

Bottom line – Is it worth taking the Metabolic Factor Quiz

It is quick to take this metabolic factor quiz. It is simple, easy and you do not have to spend a penny from your pockets for this quiz. The best thing is that you get to learn about your metabolism rate and body. This helps you to attain your weight loss goal without doing much and spending much. You do not have to provide any personal information. There would be questions related to your lifestyle, weight loss goals and the diet you are following every day.

Just spare two minutes of your time to take the Metabolic factor quiz! It is worth it.

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