What is Metabolic damage and how to fix it?

For most gym-goers and people who restrict their diet, one of the biggest challenges that they can face is called metabolic damage. Most people don’t pay much attention to this issue, and it can cause serious health damage. In this article, we will try to know everything about Metabolic damage so that you can fix it.

What is the cause of metabolic damage?

Your body’s response to a calorie deficit and calorie restriction can be the major reason behind the metabolic damage.

This phase is often called the starvation phase. In this phase, your body moves towards a complete preservation phase. Thus, even if you eat more, your body will preserve energy for the future. This occurs when you deprive your body of calories for a long time.

Another reason for metabolic damage can be restriction of calories, losing extra calories due to heavy exercise, or sometimes even the combination of these two steps can lead to metabolic damage. The main reason behind this is that your body goes into calorie preservation mode.

This phase is also known by the name adaptive thermogenesis. As per this, our body has evolved from this phase, as early men had to starve themselves for too long in search of food. This is a natural phenomenon, but it has become a big problem in the present time. Not people are not naturally calories restricted, they go towards dietary restriction to lose extra pounds.

At the present time, even obesity can cause metabolic damage because of excess calories present in our body. Since our body has too many calories, the metabolism equilibrium is not maintained properly. Thus, it causes metabolic damage in the long term.

Obese people try to get rid of obesity by following a highly restrictive diet. They try to limit the consumption of food to such an extent that it causes shock to the natural metabolism process in their body. When the body has starved itself to such an extent that it goes into starvation mode. Thus, if at that point you consume any calories, it will be preserved by your body. Thus, the main purpose of dieting vanishes because of the metabolic damage caused.

How can you fix metabolic damage?

Well, if you are stressed about metabolic damage, you don’t need to worry. We have come up with the best tips that can help you in reversing the damage:

If you are ailing and you feel too weak, you need to visit the doctor. Once you are stable enough, you can follow these processes to get rid of the metabolic damage:

Lift weights

One of the best ways that can help you get rid of metabolic damage is by lifting heavyweights. Following resistance training can be helpful in preventing the starvation mode that is the main reason behind metabolic damage.

Protein diet

Try to include a high amount of protein in your diet to prevent metabolic damage. The calories you receive from protein sources break down differently as compared to carbs intake.

No dieting

If you have been following one or the diet procedure for too long, try to take a break from the diet. This way, the metabolic damage will be reversed.

Don’t over train your body

You need to exercise regularly to stay healthy and fit. But, try not to overdo anything. If you are facing the issue of metabolic damage, try to lower the duration as well as the intensity of your workout.

Healthy diet

Nothing can compensate for the need for a healthy diet. You can’t pay attention to each and every calorie you consume. Thus, try to include a healthy diet that consists of all major nutrients in your diet.

Don’t stress

Stress can be another major reason behind metabolic damage. If you get stressed try to visit a counsellor or maintain a journal to get rid of stress. Sleep is the best medicine that can help you in getting rid of stress.

Maintain gut health

Try to include probiotics in your everyday diet so that you can have a healthy gut. Maintaining the flora in your intestine can be one of the best ways to reverse metabolic damage.

Don’t follow fad diet

People who look for quick-fix solutions for weight loss are more prone to face the problem of metabolic damage. Thus, try not to follow each and every diet plan that you see on the internet.

Drink water

Water is the best solution to every problem. Thus, try to consume at least 8-10 glasses of water every day to flush out toxins from your body.

No processed food

No diet plan will ever work if you consume lots of processed food.

So, if you are facing the problem of metabolic damage, follow all these tips to maintain your health and well-being. Let us know if you need more tips. Or, You can also jump into the Metabolic factor or Metabolic renewal program to get guidance from the world’s best nutritionists. 

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