Diet meal plan for Fast Metabolism

Imagine eating whatever you want, not having to drag yourself to gyms and still staying lean and healthy. While there are different types like Ectomorph (fast metabolism), Mesomorph (Adequate metabolism), Endomorph (slow metabolism), everyone aims to be in the Ectomorph zone and attain Faster metabolism. Sounds like a dream? Not really. Having a fast metabolism is a boon that we all secretly wish for, and it is possible with the right diet plan. If something can fix your health and keep you slim and sane, wouldn’t you want it? If yes, without any further due, let’s dig deeper and know about it.

Importance of a Diet Plan

Maintaining a diet plan is never wrong. Understandably, we all crave junk, but that’s why it is given that name. Once in a while, a cheat day is not bad, but the everyday diet should be planned and processed, especially in this changing environment of polluted and affected lifestyle. That’s why we need to look after what goes inside our stomach and how well it helps to stay healthy. In that way, we’re here to discuss Diet plans for fast metabolism to attain a flexible functioning body and lifestyle.

Breakfast Meals for faster metabolism:

Breakfast is known to be the best and most important meal of a day. And it’s crucial to keep an eye on it:

Add more protein to your breakfast. Add Beans, sprouts, spinach, Asparagus, artichokes, broccoli, mushrooms, and eggs to your first meal.

If you don’t like to have too much for breakfast, you can simply make a green smoothie out of spinach, kale, bananas, some protein powder, and have it on the go.

One more best option would be eggs. Boiled, scrambled, poached, fried, shirred, or any other types, adding eggs to your breakfast can be a filling yet tasty start.

Lunch Meals for faster metabolism:

After a hectic first hour at work, we all crave for something good and stomach satisfying food. But people who want to turn to Ectomorph should keep their meals in mind and plan it well. Here are some of the lunch plan for a faster metabolism:

Salmon with blueberry or raspberry varnish is an excellent idea for lunch with lemon, ginger, and light spices.

If you’re a salad person, you can have plenty of options. Berries salad with boiled chicken, Kale and Quinoa salad with nuts, Green salad with Spinach, Kale, microgreens, and many more opportunities than you can experiment with.

Mixed bowls are one of the famous sales these days. You can mix a variety of foods in one bowl and enjoy the taste while gaining health. For ex: Chipotle Quinoa burrito bowl, Chilli lime veg bowl, Taco lettuce bowl, etc.

Dinner Meals for Fast Metabolism:

People say that we need to keep dinner as lite as possible and that’s true. Keeping dinner simple can help the body function better while you’re asleep or minimal physical active time:

Soups are the best option for dinner, as they’re digestive, lite, and healthy. Black beans soup, Spinach soup, celery soup, lentil, and butternut soup, chickpea and cauliflower soup, chicken broth soup, and many more healthy options to count on can fill your tummy and give you a good night sleep.

Wait, you don’t have to compromise on variety in your journey to boost metabolism. Creamy avocado white bean wraps, Asparagus and radish tacos, Barbeque portobello quesadillas, Black bean soups, Peanut noodles with chicken and vegetables, Sesame chicken cucumber noodle salad, Turkey and bean burrito, lentil salad with eggplant and lot more option to save your taste buds while keeping your body healthy.

You can also keep it simple and eat a small bowl of different fruits like apples, berries, plum, peaches, etc., or boiled vegetables with some pepper and salt to taste.

Even when you’re on a diet plan, you don’t have to tie your mouth. Adding healthy ingredients to your dishes and avoiding calorie in-take while keeping an eye on the protein can be a suitable option. But as much as you keep the diet, it’s important to perform physical activity to let the food work properly and produce the results you deserve.


Many of us doubt that how long this will work?

How long do we need to opt for only healthy food?

Can we convert to junk once we get into shape?

Yes. You still have to follow the diet even if you see the results. The results of fast metabolism can be short-term with diet control. But what’s wrong with eating healthy and staying healthy? So turn to healthy yet tasty options for long-lasting results. Well, instead of getting in a circle of healthy and unhealthy meals, it’s wise to choose health over cravings without any compromise on taste. You can try this Metabolic Renewal Program to make it even more effective. 

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