Instant Constipation Relievers at Home

Do You Have Trouble… Going?

Constipation tends to visit us once in a while. It’s a common, not very pleasant, little nuisance that occurs even to those who work out and follow special diets.

Most of the time, people brush off the bloated-belly feeling or the fact that they have less than 3 bathroom visits a week. A couple of days went by with straining and cramping, so what?

Unfortunately, if not treated properly or in time, constipation can evolve into a legit “rectal exorcism” or worse. Hemorrhoids, IBS-C, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain, fatigue… just… no.

Feeling Clogged? Thanks, Brain!

You’ve mostly heard that the brain and gut work together like Bonnie and Clyde. Trick or treat with them never goes wrong: if you feel emotionally drained, sad, tired, sleep-deprived, or just had a crappy day – you can be sure that the snowball effect will roll upon your digestive work.

Cravings, bloating, gut stress, irregular bowel movements, lumpy or hard stool – the synergy is immaculate, accurate yet easily treatable.

Any Prevention Tips, Please?

Change your lifestyle.

Easy to say, hard to do.

Constipation is not just about what you eat, it’s all about your lifestyle as well. Getting daily exercise and focusing on stress management can ease constipation symptoms. Something as simple as taking a daily walk can make a huge difference.

Also, you can re-check and evaluate your daily menu or food agenda: if there are tons of bread, meat, processed foods, or dairy products, maybe you can cut down on them a little?

“Who has time to prep all that when you run a business while being a full-time student and helping your family.” 🤦

That’s why we’re cracking the nuts one by one. Consistency is key, and there are many alternatives for fast-pacers and layabouts who enjoy their idle little bubble!

But What if I’m Already Stuck?

If you are constipated or feel the symptoms of constipation (stomach ache, feeling nauseous), the world doesn’t end there. Let’s dish the scoop on the poop and walk you through these simple steps on how to “break free.”

Eat enough fiber

The answer to all prayers. Fix your dietary fiber intake! Though, if you’re looking for a quick fix while you sort out your intake, get a bag of psyllium husk, mix a serving into a glass of water, and drink it once a day. Blammo, pipes cleaned. Thoroughly.

Psyllium husk is the main active ingredient in ColonBroom, a dietary fiber supplement, which boosts your gut immune system, revs up metabolism, and, overall, keeps you regular. This fiber supp works as an instant bloating, constipation reliever and as a detox gut cleanser to keep you toxin- and waste-free.

Most fiber supplements come in tacky, gritty, iron-taste forms, which makes it difficult to swallow or enjoy. On the contrary, ColonBroom has this light, delicious strawberry flavor – you just have to try it! Check it here.

Water up

If you’re dehydrated, your poop is dehydrated, which means it’s harder and more difficult to move through the colon and get out of your system. Make sure you’re getting enough water because it helps break down food faster.

Bottom Line

There’s no need to struggle in silence. Constipation is a normal part of our lives. And a perfect indicator of whether the gut needs some help, detox, massage, or just a boost of fibre.

Next time, you will know what to do when you experience blockage, same with preventing constipation. Now off to confronting adult responsibilities and investing in gut health!

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