How to Lose 34 Pounds

Weight loss is one of the biggest problems worldwide. In this busy era, the chances of gaining weight have been increased due to our diet and routines. There are diverse ways of losing weight, which helps in weight loss in no time. But such plans work for very little time as quick weight loss, in turn, gives quick weight gain in the future. As the saying goes, “Slow and steady wins the race.”

Let’s have a brief discussion on tips to lose 34 pounds. 

Follow a Strict Diet 

To lose 34 pounds is a big target to achieve. So, the essential step to start weight loss is to adopt a strict diet plan.

  • Fewer Calories

Say no to calories. Avoid processed food, bakery items, potatoes chips, cookies, etc. as they are rich in calories. The calorie intake should be limited, not banned, because zero calories are also not good for our body. So get ready and fill up your kitchen with low calories items like grains, vegetables, fruits, etc.

  • Add Protein

This is the best way to lose your weight as having a protein-enriched breakfast helps in reducing your cravings for foods. It gives you a feeling of a full stomach. Eggs, dairy, fish, meat, and poultry are some vital protein-enriched items you need to add to your diet plan.

  • Fiber Intake

Fiber is another essential constituent to add to your diet plan chart. Fiber slows down the process of digestion, which in turn makes you feel full for a long time. Thus your food intake can be reduced. Nuts, seeds, banana, bread, and grains are some essential fiber-enriched items.

  • Water Intake

Just make it a habit to drink a lot of water daily. Plenty of water intake helps to boost your metabolism, which leads to weight loss. It’s scientifically studied that having water before every mealtime can help in taking low calories.

A Regular Workout/Exercises

Along with the diet plans, some physical activities should also be in your routine to lose 34 pounds. The exercises which involve whole-body effort serves as the best exercises to lose weight as your targets are high, so adopting the tough exercise is necessary. Following are some workouts you should start to reach your desired weight.

  • Cardio three to five times in a week
  • Aerobics (jogging, swimming, cycling, etc.)
  • Resistance training (planks, burpees, crunches, weight lifting, etc.)
  • High-intensity training (push-ups, jumping ropes, etc.)


To cut 34 pounds of weight is a very big challenge to fulfill. But it can be achieved by following a simple and scheduled routine. There should be fewer calories with more protein, fiber, and water intake—whole-body exercises like jogging, planks, swimming, and push-ups. Cardio exercises are the good options to get your targeted weight, and it should be in your routine three to five-time in a week. Last but not least, your intentions are the most important thing. If you really want to lose weight, you will. Then these 34 pounds will not be a big thing to do. So just keep your bars high and start following your weight loss routine.

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