Best free weight exercises for women

Free weights exercises are a form of activities which are done by the help of weights which can be held and moved around, for example, dumbbells or kettlebells. Unlike exercises done with machines in which the body is fixed at the same point. Even the movement takes place at the same point in the area. Free weight exercises allow you to exercise in any range of motion of your choice.

Guidelines to achieve the best results by free weight exercises

An achievable goal

A good goal is crucial to reach your aim as everyone has different desires from their body; for example, few may want to build strength while others may need to gain size. Also, for few, the aim can be only to build endurance. So plan your goal and make your regimen as per that.

For the build-up of strength and size of the muscle, you have to stick with more weight and low repetitions along with that you have to take more rest in between the sets. Whereas when you aim to attain endurance, you should do light weights, and more repetitions, and you should have less rest in between every set.

Plan a proper schedule

No matter what your goal is, make sure that you exercise at least four days a week.

It would be best if you did not worry about the duration of your workout. Twenty minutes of a good workout can make you achieve your goal very quickly. What matters is the quality and form of exercises.

Remember not to train the same muscle very hard for 2-3 days in a row. It can lead to muscle fatigue as recovery is equally essential in muscle training.

Order plays keen a role

You should perform the exercises majorly which focus on full-body muscles, for example, squats, jumps, rope jumping etc. After that, move towards the smaller and specific muscles movements, for example, the bicep curls.

The goal will determine your weight

Opt for heavy and grueling weights if you aim to gain strength and size because you gain as much your weight as gyming.

Choose lighter weights to attain good endurance power. Lighter weight plays the best role when you want a lean body.

Correct form is necessary

If the exercises are done in the wrong way, you will also miss out on the best benefits of the workout. As well as in a few cases if you use the wrong pattern or form of exercise, it can lead to severe injury.

Here are few of the best free weight exercises for women

Chest press on the floor

Before adding additional weight to your body, practice this exercise by using only your body weight. Once you can do it with your body weight, begin with one of the routines mentioned below.

Majorly a chest press on the floor is an excellent exercise to teach the bench press exercises to the workout beginners. As while doing this exercise, you feel your shoulder and back are nicely engaged with your upper body and lie flat across the ground.

The primary muscles that play an essential role in the floor press are-

  • pectorals, anterior deltoid muscles and triceps



A lunge is an excellent lower half exercise, in this one leg works at a time. It’s an ideal exercise to encourage your leg strength. It also helps in attaining the right balance. It can also aid as a remedy for gaining strength in discrepancies from side to side.

Lunges are made with the help of your larger muscles such as:

  • Quadriceps, gluteal muscles, hamstrings and calf muscles

Do these movements with just using your body weight to confirm that you’re stable once you’re ready and attain good stability. You can use dumbbells of lighter weight to start.


Start with your right foot placed on an elevated platform and push up by your heel to lift your body up and then place your left foot on any platform. Then step back down with the left foot, and focus on flexing your right knee and hip. Do the same on the other side of the body.

Significant muscles that play a vital role in step-ups are-

  • Quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and your core strength

Dumbbells squat

Start with your feet placed more expansive than your shoulder-width. Then hold a dumbbell by using both hands in front of your chest. Now try to sit into a squat position, then come up and repeat.

Muscles used for doing dumbbells sets are as follows-

  • Quadriceps glutes, abs, calf muscles, arms, and grip strength.

Bench press

It is one of the “Big 3” weightlifting exercises, and the barbell bench press is known as one of the adequate upper body exercises to gain overall strength.

The main muscles that will hit are-

  • Pectoral muscles and triceps

Go with lighter weight unless you have a spotter with you.

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