Fat Protein Efficient Meal Plan to Achieve your Fitness Goals

Did you ever face a situation where even after slogging it out during your workout sessions; you never seem to achieve the fitness goal that you aspire to have? While there are people who do it comfortably and in less time, for some, it is an uphill task. 

What is a Fat Protein efficient diet?

Every individual has a different body type. While some are obese and are looking for ways to reduce weight, some want to gain weight and discard their slim body structure. For every change in the body, type people fall back on a diet plan as per recommendation. The diet works for certain individuals while it does not work for others. So what goes wrong for those individuals where the prescribed diet does not work?

The problem lies not in the diet but in the metabolism of the person. To design a fat protein efficient diet or a carbohydrate efficient diet, one would have to know how the metabolism works in the body.

First Understand What Is Metabolism

The process of breaking down biomolecular substances like fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to provide energy to the body is termed as metabolism. A body type that oxidizes the food fast also releases energy fast. They are called fast oxidizers. When the body disintegrates the food slowly, the energy releases slowly and is called slow oxidizers. For some, the rate of metabolism is normal and hence is called normal oxidizer.

Every person has a different rate of metabolism and hence should have a different metabolic type diet.

Metabolic Type:

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Every metabolic type classification is done based on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and oxidizing rate. There are three primary metabolic types.

1. Fast Oxidizers or Fat Protein efficient body

These are the types of people with high metabolic rates. The sympathetic nervous system is more developed in these bodies since they have to display flight and fight responses. The people with this kind of body type do a lot of physical work and are hence fat protein-efficient body-wise. They feel hungrier since they draw more energy.

2. Slow Oxidizers or Carbohydrate efficient body

The people with these body types usually do sitting work, and their fight and flight responses are hence not active to a great extent. This is the reason the parasympathetic nervous system is more developed in these body types. With low metabolic rates, the carbohydrate efficient body feels significantly less hungry.

3. Normal Oxidizer

Since the metabolism rate is standard in these body types, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are well developed. They do all kinds of activities and have a fat protein and carbohydrate efficient body.

Now that we know the different bodies based on the metabolism rate let us understand the effective meal plan for a fat protein efficient body, which would also help in your fitness goals.

Fat Protein Efficient Meal Plan

This meal plan is for those people who have a high rate of metabolism or are fast oxidizers. As per medical logic, the first bio-molecule that breaks down in the body is carbohydrates, and it starts providing energy almost immediately. Since the food is oxidized fast in the body, this category of people feels hungry very soon. A fat-protein efficient meal works perfectly here. It should be high on fat and protein.

The meal composition should be45 to 50 percent proteins,20 percent of natural fats and oils30 to 35 percent whole carbohydrates.

The benefit of this fat protein-rich meal plan is that it takes more time to metabolize than carbohydrate-rich meals, thus making you feel hungrier and overeating.

When it comes to meal recipes, it is recommended that you have all kinds of food enriched in fats and proteins without picking and choosing.

  • Eat more meat: Intake high protein meat like mutton, beef, chicken, salmon fish in quantities more than you usually take. These foods will help to cover the protein demands of the body.
  • Go for all kinds of dairy products: Milk and other products like yogurt and cheese. These foods are rich in protein. A hundred grams of Greek yogurt contains more than 15 grams of protein.
  • Have plenty of eggs: An egg is a significant source of protein. If you are into a workout to build your body, consuming eggs is very much recommended. One egg contains 6 grams of protein. Egg yolk contains fats and other nutrients as well.
  • Lentils and grains are also protein-rich. Include them in your diet. Having lentils and peas with rice takes care of the demand for carbohydrates and is hence very beneficial.
  • Intake more fats in your body; however, refrain from taking more than 10 percent saturated fats as these fats are harmful.

When the aim is to achieve the fitness goal through proper fat protein-enriched foods, you should also look into the merits and demerits of excessive consumption. These will help you to have a balanced approach while thinking about giving it a try.


  • Fat protein enriched foods help to check overeating by managing the energy level and hunger.
  • These meals are helpful for people to lose weight. It also helps to break down stored fats and carbohydrates.
  • This meal plan is beneficial for building muscles as it improves the body’s overall protein content. This kind of meal plan can be used for metabolic renewal
  • Since this diet plan is an individual meal plan based on your metabolism, you can always try out other diets that have not worked before.

The carbohydrate intake mentioned in this meal plan is healthy carbs with fibers. They help the human body by preventing them from being converted to fats.

DemeritsThere is no calorie count in these diet plans. Many individuals prefer calorie count in their diet to maintain the body; however, the diet plan does not help in this context. You would have to calculate the calorie count manually.The diet also contains saturated fats, which are not good fats. Saturated fats intake should be less than 10 percent. So one would have to keep that in mind while going for this meal plan. This is an imbalanced diet and would have lots of protein and fats concentration.

These meal plans are based on the metabolic body type; hence an individual would have to know what his/her body’s metabolic type is before opting for this meal plan.

Final Words

Fat protein efficient meal plan is a specialized and individualistic diet plan. One must be very sure of the metabolic type of his/her body. You can always judge it yourself, but it is always recommended that a doctor is consulted before trying out the plan.

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