Top 5 Diet And Exercise Excuses – How to overcome them

We all are aware of the well-documented benefits of exercise. Yet very few of us do it consistently. We may start with the firm determination, including a healthy diet and daily gym, but end up with binge eating. It is easy to find reasons for not exercising.

There are following five excuses for not exercising and the ways how to beat these excuses.

1) I do not have time

This is the common excuse for not having a fitness routine. We are so busy because of the work, kids, and other responsibilities of life that we cannot make an hour for ourselves. Exercise becomes a low priority in our already crammed schedules.

Beat the excuse

Try to take some time to exercise. Some activity is better than nothing. If you are busy and cannot exercise for an hour, then a short workout for just 10 minutes is still worth it. If you are watching your favorite show, then walk on the treadmill. 

While watching TV, use resistance bands for strength training. Do body-weight exercises during the commercial breaks (jumping jacks, push-ups, lunges). If you have kids, then start the exercise with your kids. You can go for cycling, swimming and running.

2) I am too tired for exercise

Exercise is a paradox. It will make your muscles physically tired, but eventually, you will be energetic. Exercise increases your blood flow, that means your heart is giving more oxygen to your brain and muscles. It will also increase the secretion of neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphin that will make you feel better and energetic.

  • Beat the excuse

When you are too tired to work out, then that is the best time to exercise. Start with the low to moderate intensity workout. Try walking, cycling, or yoga. Start exercise when you are fresh and energetic, and if you are not a morning person, then start workout during any time of the day.

3) I cannot afford a gym

Gym membership and fancy workout clothes are a little expansive. However, you do not need to focus on the gym, consider the other effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. For example, it can cause heart diseases, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, and kidney and liver diseases. Any of these diseases will hit your bank account hard, along with the medical expenses.

  •  Beat the excuse 

Instead of spending money on a gym membership, try to find affordable solutions like having a home workout or taking a 30 minutes brisk walk. You can also check YouTube free or accessible home exercises. In this way, you do not need to spend money on exercise.

4) I need some motivation for exercise

If losing weight or having a healthy lifestyle is not enough reasons to keep you motivated, then you need extra incentives. Try to find the ways that will keep you motivated.

  • Beat the excuse

If you have reached your fitness goal, then reward yourself—a reward or a treat that you want. If you love going to restaurants, then visit a restaurant at the end of a month to keep yourself motivated for a healthy lifestyle. You can also find an exercise partner that will inspire you to meet your goals.

5) Exercise is no fun 

Most people say that they find exercise boring and annoying. You need to find an exercise program that caters for your fitness level and is very interesting.

  • Beat the excuse

Find the exercises that you enjoy. Try cycling, swimming, skipping, or sign up for Zumba class. You can also dance with your friends. Moreover, try different new exercises as this will kill boredom.


Conclusively, these excuses will be a hindrance to your healthy lifestyle. Research has shown that different people with chronic diseases can be benefited from regular exercise. So, you need to do workout for a balanced life and overcome such excuses. Read my blog daily to get fitness tips and motivation.

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