How To Enhance Core Strength In Men

Most of the time, when we talk about core strengthening, we picture crunches. There is a myth that if you want to work on your abs, crunches are the best. You have to work on different angles to hit the muscle fibers and emphasize your core on every set.

Right below, we have listed the most superior exercises for attaining a bulletproof core. Incorporating these into your regular workout will assist you in using heavier loads. Additionally, you will have the stability of holding a perfect form of deadlifts, squats, and presses. This newfound power will be beneficial for you in protection from injuries, the gym, or life.

This personal training helps have the rock-hard six-packs. Along with this, you should also pay attention and care about your diet as well.

This workout will hit your lower and upper sides with two or three tri-sets.

Land mines

Like the slanting band rotations, the landmines work as the rotational movement. After doing this, you may hit both obliques, with the addition of a great shoulder workout as well.

It will help if you put a barbell into the socket (available in every gym). In case you don’t have the one, have the edge of any unloaded barbell on a weight plate on the ground. The barbell which is facing you comes to the end of that. Begin from your right side; keep it in your hands in a straight position. Take the barbell up by making an arc over the head and lower from the other side. Repeat this technique with the other side too.


The plank is not new or super diverse, but this workout is best for every single thing, such as your back and abs plus your shoulders and legs. Along with these, changes can do justice with your obliques also. You can also check your scale by holding it. If you can keep this plank for more than 90 seconds with forearms, then it’s time to upgrade. To insert the stability component, place your arms on the stability ball.

For doing the plank:

  • Make the push-up position on your toes and keep your hands under the chest.
  • For the forearm plank, bring your arms and elbows lower to the ground at a 90-degree angle.
  • Hold this for 90 seconds by keeping the back linear.

For doing the same on the ball, put the ball under your arms. And for an extra challenge, take the help of your friend, knock and try from directly below from your arms.

Put your feet on cradles. Place your feet 5 to 7 inches above the ground. Let’s make this harsher, pressure your feet away from the strap’s anchor site.

Weighted Decline Sit-Ups

The weighted decline sit-ups obligate your core muscles to master gravity. This pressure makes this technique harder. As we all know that body workouts are superb, the same goes with weighted decline sit-ups. If you add some weight to this exercise, then you can easily build your brute strength.

If there is a glute-ham developer machine, utilize that. Lie from the back and keep your legs anchored. Your upper body should be in declined position and clasp the weight plate with your chest. Now, roll up without hurrying.

Hanging Leg Lift

When you walk, your body uses your muscles. Same as while doing hanging leg lift, your body uses the core, and it stimulates it. Furthermore, your body works against gravity by taking your legs in an upward direction. The legs are the heaviest part of your body, so it stimulates more.

For doing the hanging leg lift, hang with the pull-up bar. Uplift the legs upward and keep them straight. Be certain that you have rolled up your pelvis properly. Now back to the position and repeat again. If the pull-up bar is not there, try to get a captain chair. You can also lessen the range by bending your knees to a 90-degree angle.

Single-Leg Kettlebell Halo

Many athletes say that it impacts your whole body and persists you upright if you pick your one leg up. This activity constructs rotational power through your core and stiffens your shoulders as well.

For doing this activity, clasp the kettlebell with both hands. Its position should be upside down, meaning the bell should face towards the ceiling. Stand linear with your abs engaged. Raise one leg in an upward position slightly and bend the leg on which you are standing. Now, keep the kettlebell touching with your chest and steadily lift and move it around your head spherically. Struggle to keep your body stable when you are making the circle. It shouldn’t wobble.

Pushup to jackknife

This activity needs a TRX strap. You have to buy it. If you don’t have it, then you can substitute it with a stability ball. Use your all fours and lie down, face away from your TRX anchor. Insert your feet into the base of the TRX handles. Thrust yourself up until you get the pushup position on your shoulders, hips, and head linearly. The only thing which is in touch with the floor is your palms. This must be your starting position.

Execute the suspended pushup by dropping your elbow and torso until your chest gets 2 inches off from the floor. Stay your core engagement and try to keep your hips sink. Get back to the starting position again.

Keep your legs straight and instantly drive the hips upward. Now slowly, lower your hips back to the first position.

Ab rollout

People with lower back difficulties or herniated discs should not attempt this activity. It’s like a ‘good hurt’ for them.

Start this activity by placing an ab roller on the floor. Grab it with both your hands. Face the palms away from yourself and kneel on the ground. Slowly, take the roller out and push your body forward. Go down as much as possible for you without getting in touch with the body. Be confident that your core is tight so that your back will not sway. Breathe appropriately during this movement.

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