10 minutes easy daily workout routines

Just as a healthy diet is essential for maintaining a healthy body and a healthy heart, exercises are vital to keeping your body and spirit active. Exercising regularly is a must to maintain that desired weight and remain fit. It also helps in boosting your immunity.

However, a detailed exercise session is not always a feasible option for many. With a few minutes spared for exercises every day out of your hectic schedule can not only be your lifesaver, but it can also help you remain sane. All that would be required is your ten minutes of your time for easy daily workout routines.

Workouts have a host of benefits. It helps you have a healthy body, makes you stress-free, and helps you sleep better at night apart from boosting your body functions. A ten-minute session is amazingly effective at getting your muscles working and heart pumping without drawing much sweat.

We all know how exercising is essential, but with endless options and limitless information available around us, we sometimes get overwhelmed with what needs to be done. What are the best regular exercises that would work for us, and so on? Keeping this in mind let us discuss an easy workout routine that would help you with a lot of health benefits. Luckily, workouts need not be extended, and you can do it at your place and get a positive impact. The NHS has suggested two and a half hours of exercise per week. Doing a ten-minute workout three times a day for five days a week in moderate-intensity would help you reach the health goal, and also, the routine would fit around your busy day.

The ten minutes easy daily workout routine from home or on the go:

warm up

The Warm-Up:

This is a beginner's activity and can be done for full ten minutes. It involves complete body movements.

  • You can begin with marching on the spot for a minute and rolling your shoulders back as you march.
  • Next, lift your knees alternately and touch the knee with the opposite hand while slightly rotating your body. Do this exercise alternately for one minute, and remember to keep your posture straight.
  • Now curl your legs back alternately and touch your heel with your hands. Please do it again for a minute.
  • In the next one minute, extend your one leg backward with your heel on the ground while bending the other leg on the front. Now lift the heel of your extended leg with your toe still touching the ground and your back tall. Feel the stretching of your extended leg. Do it fifteen times for each leg.
  • Finally, stretch one arm up towards the ceiling as much as you can. Focus on feeling your sides from ribs to the hips. Change sides and repeat. Do this exercise for a minute.

Repeat the exercise for one more time and every time, try to stretch more. You can also try other moderate activities like swimming, jogging, or slow stairs climbing.


To keep your body balance is an integral part of any well-rounded exercise routine. Lunges help you do just that by allowing functional movement while increasing your legs and glutes' strength. Lunges should be done for both the legs alternatively, and an ideal workout would be of ten reps for three sets.


Push Ups

This form of exercise is the most basic but effective body movement that can be performed every day without much hassle. The best part of the pushup workout is that several muscles are used in performing the exercise. The workout should be of three sets with as many reps possible.


The squats increase the core and lower body strength and bring flexibility to the lower back and hip muscles. Since they involve some of the largest muscles in the body, they also help in burning a lot of calories. While performing this exercise, ensure that your back is always straight. You should go for three sets of 20 squats during the workout session.


This is one exercise regime that looks easy on paper but needs a lot of strength. It is one exercise everyone loves to hate; however burpees are a real effective whole-body movement that is excellent for cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. As a beginner, this workout should be done for three sets of ten reps each.

Side Planks:

Every healthy body requires a strong foundation. Core specific movements like side planks are important for body foundation. Always concentrate on the mind-muscle connection and controlled movement for the effective completion of the workout. The exercise should be of 10-15 reps on each side and for three sets.


It would help if you did planks for your abdominal muscles and also for the whole body. Planking helps to stabilize your core muscles without straining your back as crunches or sit-ups might. A minimum of two to three sets of 30 seconds each is ideal to start with. You can add on to the seconds as you become comfortable with the workout regime.

Glute Bridge:

The Glute Bridge works very well for the posterior part of the body. Who wouldn't want to have that well defined back? This workout is of 10-15 reps for three sets.

All the exercises, as mentioned above, are exercises without any instruments, thus making it a workout that can be accommodated at any time during the day as per your schedule. You would not have to visit the gym for these kinds of exercises. You can also perform these workouts while you are watching television. So, the next time you are feeling worn-out and restless, try the ten-minute workout. Try any of the exercises discussed above. Take a break and stay ahead with your ten minutes workout regime.

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