Dianabol Side effects (Reveals the legal and safe Dbol Alternative)

Every bodybuilder must have a dream to possess a lean and muscular body (with firm and well-defined muscles).

Isn’t it?

That’s why most of them rely on illegal anabolic steroids (like Dbol) to gain quicker results.

Needless to mention, D bol or Dianabol is widely used to rapidly and significantly increase an aspiring bodybuilder’s muscle mass. The product can simultaneously boost muscle production & fat reduction.

However, this steroid can cause loads of side effects to your body. Starting from gynecomastia (1) to acne, Dianabol comes with a bunch of dangerous and harmful side effects.

Hence, before purchasing this oral steroid Dianabol (more commonly known as Dbol pills) in order to increase your muscle mass, you are highly recommended to go through the Dbol side effects (as briefly described below).

Reveal the Top 10 Dbol Side Effects

1. Gynecomastia: 

This is nothing but a medical condition that causes fat cells to be deposited on and around the pectoral muscles of men. Next, it will result in a feminine-looking chest (or a condition that’s commonly termed man boobs). Research studies have proved that long-term usage of Dianabol leads to a higher production of estrogen (a feminine hormone) and causes Gynecomastia.

2. Hypertension: 

Another harmful side effect of Dianabol is high blood pressure and hypertension. With continuous usage of Dbol, your blood will automatically retain more sodium and cause elevated blood pressure.

And, as you probably know that high blood pressure may cause a multitude of severe medical conditions, such as stroke, fatigue, heart attack, irregular heartbeats, chest pain, and death (the worst-case scenario).

So, if you already have problems with hypertension and high blood pressure, it’s advised not to use this steroid.

3. Water Retention: 

Dbol is typically used to gain a lean muscle mass. Unfortunately, Dianabol usage will result in a weight gain of intracellular fluid or water weight that eventually makes you look fatty with a puffy face.

So, if you are looking for a slim, slender, and attractive physique, then Dianabol can’t be your ideal choice.

4. Affects Your Liver: 

Like other counterfeit steroids, long-term usage of Dianabol can cause a severe negative effect on your liver. Note, Dbol is a hepatotoxic steroid and it belongs to the C17-AA group of chemicals.

Your liver may not be able to break down such hepatotoxic steroids. Thus, prolonged and excessive use of Dianabol can impact your liver functions and even cause some forms of liver cancer.

5. Acne: 

Bodybuilders, athletes, and individual aspirants who’ve used Dbol tend to have disgustingly oily skin. And, if your skin is sensitive to acne and pimples, this steroid can produce some seriously nasty results.

6. It Affects Your Mood: 

Dianabol causes athletes and bodybuilders to feel more excited and energized. Although, this can be a good thing for intense workout sessions. But, it can cause negative effects on your mood.

Sometimes, you may feel sudden shifts of mood (mood swings) and more agitated (due to the usage of this steroid).

7. Impedes Hair Growth: 

Dbol causes your body to produce more testosterone. This excess testosterone will be broken down into estrogen and cause man boobs. Apart from that, the breakdown process of testosterone can produce another chemical i.e. dihydrotestosterone.

Note, that dihydrotestosterone affects the growth of hair on your scalp, body, and face. Additionally, prolonged use of Dbol can cause baldness.

8. Increased Level of LDL:

Usage of Dbol can lead to increased production of LDL. Please note, that LDL is responsible for stroke and heart attack.

9. It Weakens Your Heart:

This is another dangerous side effect of Dianabol. Dbol can rapidly increase your body weight. This rapid increase in body weight may put more stress on your cardiovascular system.

In the previous section, you have already revealed that Dbol increases cholesterol in your circulatory system which can further strain the cardiovascular system.

10. Infertility:

Usage of Dbol can be even linked to infertility that can cause testicle shrinkage & a relatively lower count of sperm cells.

Is there any Safe Dianabol Alternative

With this, you have revealed ten side effects of using Dianabol.

Note, that most of the health issues occur due to the frequent and contiguous usage of this steroid.

In order to avoid these side effects, you are recommended to use a safe and legal Dianabol alternative i.e. D-Bal. 

The powerful formula of this product mimics the excellent bulking effects of Methandrostenolone. In fact, it is an absolutely safe and legal substitute. The formula of D-Bal will certainly help you gain more muscle mass (with little-to-no side effects).

This Dbol alternative will stimulate the volume of nitrogen that your muscle tissue can hold. Obviously, nitrogen is the primary building block of protein. That means — the more amount of nitrogen the muscles can carry, your cells will subsequently build more protein. The product works on the principle of protein synthesis.

By boosting nitrogen retention, D-Bal will help build your muscles fast. The best part is — it is completely safe to use. The product features 100% natural yet powerful ingredients (such as, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine, etc) which mimic the essential performance-enhancing effects of steroids.

D-Bal Ingredients

1. L-Valine:

It is an essential amino acid that fosters effective muscle growth. This ingredient can provide you great stamina and speed that can allow you to practice workouts and exercises for longer periods of time.

2. L-Isoleucine:

This is another amino acid that allows increased endurance level during your workouts and promotes recovery after your heavy and intensive workouts.

This is an extremely important ingredient in this supplement because it’s one of the amino acids which your body can’t produce on its own. Plus, it can be a powerful contributor to your muscle growth.

3. L-Leucine: 

This ingredient plays an important role by ensuring that the nitrogen is properly retained in your muscle tissues.

It even speeds up the protein synthesis process. This component can even help you with better motivation and focus levels.

D-Bal Results:

In general, D-Bal users will preferably notice the following effects/results within 4 – 6 weeks of its usage, such as significant muscle growth, faster recovery after workouts, rapid weight gain, better concentration level, higher sex drive, etc.

Pros of Using D-Bal

I) Promotes muscle gain

II) Works pretty quickly

III) Maximizes nitrogen retention

IV) Improves your stamina and endurance

V) 100% natural ingredients

VI) It is legal and safe to use

VII) No side effects (as such)


I) Can cause some issues if the recommended dosage is exceeded

II) A premium-priced product

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