9 Best Core power Exercises for Women

Core power exercises for women aren’t just about toning abs; indeed, it’s much more than that. It’s a fusion of workouts that maximize core strength for women and make them feel confident.

Sculpting a strong “core” can help women to actively and energetically accomplish their daily tasks. From workout to sitting up on a chair kind of simple task, it helps women altogether. 

A correct and routine exercise can promise you a beautiful well-toned waistline. It’s an everyday workout that’s easy to do at home. Your own body weight and some workout moves are enough to bring you into the desired shape.

If you’re a woman and in search of simple ways to strengthen your core, maintain posture, and enhance overall body flexibility. Then don’t delay. Try out these simple but effective exercises.

But before, let’s talk about Core Power Exercises.

What are the Core Power Exercises?

Core strength training is unlike an ordinary exercise regimen to enhance body strength. Other exercises for strength focus on overall body muscle building that makes your muscles look larger. These exercises improve your raw strength only.

On the other hand, Core Power Exercises concentrates on strengthening your core muscles and increasing flexibility in them. This exercise focuses explicitly on your lower back, obliques, pelvis, upper and lower abdominals. 

It also strengthens your gluteal muscles (located in the buttocks), ensuring the flexible movement of hips and thighs.

This makes Core power Exercises quite helpful for working women who want to stay more productive while working. A weak core can lead to a sore, stiff, and exhausting life, and more problems associated with aging starts hitting badly to your life if you don’t start focusing on your core muscles.

Core Power Exercises Benefits

Have a look at the incredible benefits of doing core exercises routinely-

Improved body Balance and Stability

Core power exercise perfectly streamline your core muscles, so they start functioning smoothly, which creates a healthy body posture and enhances your body balance.

No Need for Equipment

It’s the best thing about core exercises that you don’t need to use heavy equipment. Only your body weight, dumbbells, few step-by-step workouts, time and place, and you’re ready to go! 

Boost Physical Activities

You get rid of back pain (1) because the exercises for core strength make you feel energized and strong by bringing activeness into your muscles. Similarly, you’ll be handling various life tasks more productively.

Prevent From Injuries

At minimal injury risk; you burn a high amount of calories with a single core exercise. It targets a whole muscle group that provides you a balanced exercising experience.

Best Workout for Core Strength

Side Bend

Begin with the easiest Core Power Exercise that you can do anywhere, without worrying about the place. Even wherever you’re-hotel, workplace, or at home. This exercise is helpful for obliques and deep core muscles. Alongside this, it’s also an easy exercise for your arms and back.  

  • Start with carrying the dumbbells in your hands
  • Stand straight
  • Maintain few inches distances between your right and left fits
  • if it’s your first time, then don’t go too much fast
  • Bent to the right side and try to touch your knees
  • Then, bend to the left side and again try to touch your knees.
  • Initiate the movements again and again without bending frontward
  • Once you’ve done, leave the dumbbells and have some rest. 



Ok, now take the core workout training the next step. This core exercise will strengthen your lower abs, hamstrings, and tone your body (2). Just a few steps and you’re ready for an edgy look.

  • Again, begin with standing straight.
  • Hold both dumbbells and keep both knees and feet closer
  • Slowly-hinge forward with dumbbells as you are touching the ground with dumbbells in your hand
  • Focus on your hips while doing this and maintain a neutral spine 
  • Use booty to get back to the standing position 
  • 21 reps are good enough. Once you start observing the change in your body, go with the next set of heavy dumbbells if your goals are ‘bigger.’

Standing Knee To Elbow Crunch


Leave those dumbbells; they are probably feeling irritating to your hands. Now, we’ll be paying attention to exercising with no equipment, only some simple steps. ‘Standing Knee to Elbow Crunch’ tones your waistline.

  • Start with standing straight
  • Bend your arms next to your chest together
  • Now try to touch your right knee to the left elbow
  • Simultaneously touch the left knee to the right elbow in a crisscross form
  • Complete the 21 reps if possible and again return back into the rest position 



These few minutes are going to be your most challenging minutes if you aren’t used to this one of the hardest exercises, “The Plank.” It strengthens your hamstrings, glutes alongside core muscles. This exercise can bring you into a perfect shape if you follow it dedicatedly (3). 

  • Simply, put your forearms on the workout mat or floor (elbows should be underneath the shoulders)
  • Go up on Toes and extend your legs (make sure that only forearms and toes are touching the ground)
  • Keep your entire body flat, especially the lower back, as much as possible.
  • Keep the neck in a neutral position and eyes down on your hands.
  • Stay in this position as long as your body can and reverse into the rest position.

Butterfly Sit-up

This may sound beautiful, but it’s another toughest exercise that’ll want you to put more effort into. Butterfly sit-ups will strengthen your abdominal muscles and provide you with rid of belly fat.  

  • The first step will be ‘lying down in the rest position.’
  • Now bend your both knees and both palms underneath your head.
  • Now use your core muscles and try to raise your upper body. 
  • No need to push yourself too much; just do as much as you can
  • Go back to the same initial position after some repetitive move. 

This exercise will easily take more time as compared to the other one, but in the end, your target will be achieved.

Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle crunch provides enhanced abs stimulation, and you get a slim fit figure, the same you wished for. It’s a fusion of crunches and sit-ups in a bicycle motion. 

  • Start with the ‘Relax-state’ by lying down on the floor 
  • Now again, follow the “sit-up position” (palms underneath the head) and straight legs
  • Now slowly try to touch your left knee to the right elbow
  • Similarly, right knee to the left elbow – just like you’re on a bicycle
  • Continue with motion as long as you can

High Boat to Low Boat

This exercise is especially recommended to athletes and fitness enthusiasts because it protects and strengthens your lower back, upper abs, lower abs, and enhances core stability.  Initially, it can be a little bit challenging.

  • Again, lie down on the floor
  • Raise your booth legs upwards from the form the floor creating a 45-degree angle
  • While doing this, you’ll be taking ‘sit-up position’ at the same time
  • Your shoulder, elbow, and hands will be on the front sides
  • Both motions will go parallel to each other
  • keep back straight while using your abdominal muscles 
  • Now you’re in a perfect high boat position
  • Repeat the steps, hold breath when you’re in position, release breath when returning to the relaxed position. 

Dead Bug

This exercise will stabilize and strengthen your spine, core, and back muscles. It’ll prevent lower back pain and improve your body posture. 

  • Lie on your back, raise your hands and point towards the ceilings
  • Create a tabletop position using knees at a 90-degree angle
  • The left leg and right arm go out while using core.
  • Similarly, the right leg and left arm will go out.
  • Repeat the steps for a few time and go back to the relaxed form


The last exercise will be quite challenging for you, as it’ll be fully utilizing your core muscles, but you’ll have to stay stabilized at the time of performing it.

  • Lie on your back, stretch your legs and arms 
  • Squeeze thighs and glutes together while pointing alongside pointing the toes 
  • Lift your legs and arms together-like your arms are trying to touch the toes
  • Go back to the relaxed position and repeat the same.

That’s it. Daily perform these exercises, and soon your body will start transforming into your desired shape. Also, try to adjust your diet for instant results.  

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