Colon Broom Reviews: Is it Worth the Hype in 2022?

Colon Broom sounds funnily optimistic, right? Well, like it or not, the term has been floating all across the internet for the past few weeks, and I couldn’t help but notice the love it has been getting.

In an age where gut issues are prevalent, common, and still deplorable, there are many who believe that Colon Broom can be a product to bring change in their overall health.

At a glance: Short review of Colon Broom

Colon Broom

But then, your digestive system isn’t easily coaxed into adopting subpar products. Also, gut health is a relative and subjective issue with different sets of individuals having disparate requirements concerning the same.

And that is exactly why a discussion relevant to Colon Broom becomes all the more necessary.

You need to understand that you cannot broom a colon unless there is the perfect product to rely on. And no, I am not talking laxatives or gut cleansers here

All you need is a dietary supplement that agrees with your stomach, helps regulate bowel movements, can relieve constipation, and also offers a wide range of health benefits.

And that is exactly what Colon Broom brings to the table. All I can say is that I have been using this product for the past two weeks, and the results have frankly surprised me. Well, in a good way.

Colon Broom

It seems you are in a hurry. Well, you can skip the pleasantries and detailed sections and take a quick look at what Colon Broom has to offer.

While this section offers quick insights into the product, it isn’t even close to a detailed Colon Broom Review. Read on to know more about Colon Broom, bit by bit:

What is Colon Broom? 

Colon Broom

If I were to simplify, ColonBroom is a reliable dietary supplement with an organic consistency. The product comes across as a natural powder, capable of facilitating a cleaner gut, improved bowel movements, and even weight loss.

And while I shall cover the ingredients separately, you can rest assured that Colon Broom can ramp up your daily dietary fiber requirement like never before. Also, as it doesn’t cause an allergic reaction of any kind, it can be consumed with any beverage of choice, preferably a glass of water. 

But that’s not all there is about ColonBroom. The concept behind ColonBroom is to manage and fix irregular bowel movements (1). Also, as a US-specific dietary supplement, it even aims to counter obesity in the most unconventional manner. 

Info Graphic

Surprised! Well, it is still not an out-and-out weight loss supplement, but as it deals in prebiotics and targets the microbiome population of the gut, toxin removal comes across as one of the highlights. And you should know that toxins and waste comprise a major portion of the accruing weight. 

As most Colon broom reviews would suggest, it is not just a laxative. Instead, it is one of the few products with zero side effects. Also, it targets the large intestine and colon, allowing the body ample time to absorb water and electrolytes before everything else turns to waste. 

Despite the body waste having a natural outlet, poor dietary choices, lack of sleep, higher stress levels, and obesity can hinder the flow. And that is exactly when Colon Broom jumps right into the mix. 

To sum it up, Colon Broom cleanses the body in the most convenient manner while helping you with the secondary and tertiary causes of a misbehaving gut.

How does Colon Broom work?

How does it work

Just to reiterate, Colon Broom is a powerful ‘Colon Cleanser’ that makes it easier for you to expel waste. And even though it is more like a new kid on the block, it manages to accelerate constipated bowel movements better. 

How it works

As far as the modus operandi is concerned, ColonBroom has an extensive ingredient profile to flaunt, which relies extensively on prebiotics, probiotics, and fiber. 

This product ramps up the dietary fiber content and ensures that the body expels water and other forms of waste, thereby getting rid of bloating and even chronic constipation. 

Once the fiber-like substance is ingested, it develops into a bulk-forming laxative, thereby taking out the disturbing entities. However, for it to work well, you must supplement with at least 4 to 6 litres of water as the dietary fiber absorbs water from food and the gut to make expulsions easier.

But before you can actually deploy this dietary supplement, you must clear a Colon Broom Quiz, something that will be discussed later.

Colon Broom Ingredients

And I am finally at the fun part. Despite the speculations, rage, and curiosity around the product, it eventually boils down to what Colon Broom contains. As a dietary supplement, which is not just a laxative, ColonBroom has a lot of surprises to throw, including the presence of the following ingredients:

1. Psyllium Husk

Well, someone from the fiber family was expected in a colon cleanser. However, Colon Broom didn’t just include any member. Instead, the product contains the ultimate source of dietary fiber, in powder psyllium husk (2). 

Derived from the seed shells of Plantago Otava, psyllium husk powder boasts ultimate solubility. It eventually builds up into a bulk-forming laxative to help you win over irregular bowel movements (5).

Psyllium husk powder doesn’t take part in Small Intestine activities. This feature means that it enters and leaves the body as it is, unabsorbed. Therefore, psyllium husk powder has the capability of regulating cholesterol, triglycerides, and even blood sugar by getting rid of excrements (3).

2. Sea Salt

And while psyllium husk is quite an effective colon cleanser, Colon Broom ensures that it has assistance in Sea Salt. And it is the presence of this organic compound that makes it way more than just a laxative. 

Sea salt comes equipped with exceptional colon cleansing abilities and even boasts other health benefits like maintaining electrolytic balance within the body and reducing bloating. 

3. Citric Acid

Yes, citric acid builds immunity. And it is the underlying ingredient found in oranges, lemons, etc. But the question is, how Citric Acid is even important when gut health is concerned? Well, Colon Broom is a lot more than just a colon cleanser, and the presence of citric acid clearly validates the same.

Firstly, it gives a decent aroma to the product, as the psyllium husk might come across as a tad offsetting on its own. Secondly, Citric Acid helps treat issues relevant to the digestive system (4), including standard gastrointestinal disturbances and metabolic acidosis. 

And lastly, the benefits of this ingredient in realigning the immune system of the body are no secret to anyone. 

4. Crystallized Lemon

Unlike the previously mentioned ingredient, Lemon is more of a tried-and-tested home hack for relieving constipation. Paired with psyllium husk, crystallized lemon amplifies the benefits of Colon Broom by making it a one-stop solution for regular bowel movements. 

Also, as a dietary supplement, lemon juice or the crystallized form of lemon helps flush out toxins to perfectly cleanse your body. 

5. Silicon Dioxide

Last but not least, Colon Broom’s accommodative stance towards silicon Dioxide makes it all the more powerful. This ingredient works hand in hand with husk powder, psyllium husk to be exact. 

And it helps the body get rid of impending issues like constipation and bloating. 

Colon Broom Quiz: Is it Important?

Colon Broom

Well, you need not stress over the Colon Broom quiz a lot. If you are constipated, unsure about your bowel movements, or looking to embark on a less demanding weight loss journey, this is the right product for you.

However, the company still has a quiz in place to know you better before suggesting the product, frequency, and dosage. Also, if you take the quiz, you might be able to make the most of this product.

What is your current health state

If you are looking for the quiz details, the exercise needs you to keep a few details handy, including the bowel movement frequency, allergies if any, preexisting medical conditions, weight loss expectations, body type, nature of the diet, and even the time you spend excreting.

Once you furnish the details, the company displays some results or rather estimates suggesting the timeline of the expected bodily changes. And while for a first-timer, the quiz can be an eye-opener and exciting enough, you can refrain from taking it up if you plan on using Colon Broom any way. 

Main Benefits

Now that you have looked at the ingredients and the controversial Colon Broom quiz, it is important for me to talk at length about the benefits to expect. And trust me when I say these benefits are completely self-experienced and not endorsed, ever remotely. 

Common IBS Symptoms

1. Improved Gut

And with improved, I mean magical. Even though it isn’t a laxative, Colon Broom, courtesy of psyllium husk removes constipation from the equation, almost permanently (6). 

Psyllium husk is a great way to build on gut microbiota. This development means that, if used as a dietary supplement, psyllium husk has the ability to counter constipation as healthy gut bacteria speed up bowel movements.

But it’s not only about regular bowel movements here. Instead, psyllium husk helps strengthen the intestinal walls and even ramps up the production of immunity-boosting fatty acids. 

Yes, some people still prefer wheat barn, but a study reveals that psyllium husk is at least 300% more powerful than the former. When you take Colon Broom, you ingest 3.6g of psyllium husk, out of which 2g is soluble. 

And while I have already laid bare the benefits, the husk even helps reduce bloating and handle chronic issues like idiopathic constipation. 

2. Improved Digestive Health

Psyllium is a plant that has been used for centuries to improve digestive health. The plant is available in the form of powder, flakes, and husks.

Psyllium husks are the most commonly used type of psyllium in the Western world. Psyllium husks are made from the outer coating of psyllium seeds and have many benefits for people with digestive issues because they help to form a gel-like substance in the intestines.

The colon broom is a natural and effective way to cleanse the colon. It has been used for centuries, with many people claiming that it has helped them to get rid of digestive problems.

The best thing about this product is that it does not require any special preparation or diet. It can be used by anyone who wants to improve their digestive health and make sure they are not having any side effects from what they are eating.

3. Better Mood

Well, a healthy gut is often analogous to a good mood. And the postulates aren’t random here as a higher intake of fiber can actually work positively on the Gut-Brain-Axis, by helping the body combat depression (7).

If you are into specifics, regular intake of Colon broom ensures that you can even reduce overall inflammation and bump up the neurotransmitter production for staying happy, generally.

Fiber, especially psyllium, is known to relieve constipation. This attribute leads to gut lightness and a positive effect on the ‘Vagus’ nerve. 

And once the vagus nerve is excited, it triggers ‘Vasovagal Syncope,’ a tendency that follows constipation. While severe triggers can cause one to faint, mild reactions make you feel blissful. 

And that is why regular consumption of Colon broom can help you achieve better moods for most parts of the day. 

4. Passive Weight Loss

Here comes the interesting part. Did you know that psyllium has the ability to facilitate weight loss? Well, not directly, but it manages to get rid of excess water and even the hunger pangs. 

Fiber intake makes you feel full, which can directly impact your eating habits. And while no direct results are available, customer reviews across other platforms have hailed Colon Broom’s ability to help them lose weight. 

5. Healthy Bowel Movements

A healthy gut is often the precursor to a healthier metabolism (8). And that is exactly what Colonbroom aims to achieve with psyllium playing a major role in keeping glucose levels in control. As Colon broom mitigates the risk of developing diabetes and keeps blood sugar levels under control, you can even expect it to amplify the overall energy levels.

And this provenance is also known to be a mood lifter. Also, this dietary supplement helps regulate blood pressure levels. 

Just to reiterate, I personally experienced several benefits while using Colon Broom as my go-to colon cleanser as my Blood pressure levels were under control throughout. And although I didn’t consider it as a resource to lose weight, I wasn’t disappointed either as my abs started showing up way cleaner than before.

Also, this dietary supplement ensured that my blood sugar levels were always under control, which I measured right after waking up in the morning. And yes, Colon Broom did relieve constipation issues, which I actually purchased it for. 

How to Take it?

Well, before you can even consider consuming Colon broom, either with water or any standard beverage of choice, do make sure that you have purchased the genuine variant. Also, you can be rest assured that it is just powder, and there are no pills that need popping.

This dietary supplement can be mixed with plain water and consumed. And yes, I would recommend getting in an additional glass of water to maximize the effects of this product. 

Coming to the usage pattern, Colonbroom needs to be consumed two times a day to facilitate excellent bowel movement and even weight loss. 

Is there an Alternative to ColonBroom?

While I would certainly recommend Colonbroom for its comprehensive effect and a better set of ingredients, Metamucil is also a reliable product to look at. 

However, it doesn’t exactly offer the same set of benefits as Metamucil is primarily made of husk powder, and you might very well end up consuming psyllium husk instead, as it’s way cheaper than Metamucil.

However, I would recommend you to stick to Colon broom if you want something to cleanse your body or lose weight in the long run. Also, Metamucil or any other product may cause an allergic aftereffect, as the ingredients aren’t always declared to the letter.

Colon Broom Reviews: Candid Customers

Well, I ended up recommending it to many people, including a few friends, and two of them responded. 


“I have been using Colon Broom for the past 3 weeks, and the results have exceeded expectations. I was a tad sceptical, to begin with, but the bowel regulation promised is way better than standard husk or fiber-based products. And what can I say about the cleansing capabilities? I saw an instant reduction in bloating as, if used properly, ColonBroom can cleanse your body of the excrements with sheer perfection. This product leaves me impressed. “


“As a fitness athlete, it is important for me to stay in shape throughout the year. Also, there are times when I seriously need to cut down on carbs, which eventually hits my fiber uptake. And this is why I relied on ColonBroom to see me through the tough days. However, the product did way more. It assisted in water weight loss and helped me cut down on the last layer that hindered the separation in my abs. 

I could lose weight, the water one, easily, and the gut and metabolic health got better. Now, with Colon Broom by my side, I can go on any low-carb diet without second thoughts. “

Pros and Cons

Even though I love ColonBroom, here are the Pros and Cons to help you choose better:


  • A great resource to cleanse your body 
  • Can cause enhanced yet safe weight loss 
  • Helps manage sugar levels all right 
  • Great for overall detoxification
  • Helps with glowing skin
  • No allergic reaction in people


  • Some users experienced minor stomach issues.
  • The colon broom quiz is ineffectual.

Where to Buy it from?

And you can easily head over to the official website and grab a bottle of ColonBroom for all your metabolic and digestive needs. 

And hey, I am not urging you to head over to the website just for the sake of it. Instead, there are quite a few fake products around from Max Nutrition LLC, which promise the same results but come with side effects.

The official Colon Broom platform cuts out those threats and ensures that you get your hands on the best and original product. 

Single-time Purchase:

  • 1-month supply: $68.99
  • 3-month supply: $134.97 ($44.99/bottle)
  • 6-month supply: $209.94 ($34.99/bottle)

If you choose to subscribe to Colon Broom, here are the discounted rates of the product:

  • 1-month supply: $54.99
  • 3-month supply: $107.97 ($35.99/bottle)
  • 6-month supply: $167.94 ($27.99/bottle)


It is the concept behind Colon Broom that makes it special. Even though there are several products in the market, laden with Fiber and other fancy stuff, Colon Broom makes an impression by targeting the key aspects of health, like pressure, sugar levels, and the feel-good factor. 

And if you are still skeptical, do check the formulation once, try out a bottle or two, and write down your honest opinion.

I would love to hear more. 


Q1. Is ColonBroom Safe?

A1. The ingredient list suggests that Colon broom, as a dietary supplement is purely organic. And that is exactly what makes it safe. Also, I personally used it for a few weeks and realized that it’s light on the stomach, which adds to the brownie points.

Q2. Is Colon Broom bad for you?

A2. No, Colon Broom is in no way bad for any of us as the core ingredient is still the tried and tested psyllium. But then, if you also have issues related to diarrhea, I wouldn’t exactly recommend the same.

Q3. How long does it take for ColonBroom to work?

A3. The gut-related results can be seen within a day or two. However, if you want to see regulated sugar and pressure levels, I would recommend using it for close to a month or so. 

Q4. What are the side effects of Colon Broom?

A4. Colon Broom is probably the safest way to cleanse the gut. However, if you have a runny stomach or persisting gastrointestinal issues, I would recommend consulting a physician before proceeding, or else you might end up facing minor stomach issues. 

Q5. Does Colon Broom come with a return policy?

A5. Yes, Colon Broom comes with a return policy but only if you purchase the same from the official Colon broom website. 

Q6. How have you tested Colon Broom to come out with such an extensive review?

A6. It isn’t only about the product that impressed me the most. While I did check it for quality, I was more than happy with the seamless transaction process that the website offers. 

However, it is the ingredient list that came out as the best as not many gut cleansers offer lemon extracts and other elusive components at this price to make you healthier. 

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