What is Dynamic Sequencing Yoga?

“Yoga brings one into the present moment, the solitary position where life truly exists.”This is a very appropriate and undoubtedly a true quote. While today’s generation lives a fast-paced life with no time to relax and relieve the stress, the need to pursue exercises that help regulate the body’s blood flow and relax you is …

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Core power Exercises for Women

9 Best Core power Exercises for Women

Core power exercises for women aren’t just about toning abs; indeed, it’s much more than that. It’s a fusion of workouts that maximize core strength for women and make them feel confident.Sculpting a strong “core” can help women to actively and energetically accomplish their daily tasks. From workout to sitting up on a chair kind …

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Top 6 upper body workouts for women

Upper body training, commonly known as strength training, is an essential part of every fitness regime. It mostly plays a vital role in your upper body workouts. The muscles in your upper body play an important role in keeping you healthy and robust, majorly the muscles of arms, elbows, and wrist.What are the essentials that …

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