Five killer ways to boost your metabolism even after the age of 40

Are you having a really hard time losing or shedding off a few pounds after you have turned 40? If you have hit the milestone of 40 and still eating like in your 20s, you might have to change a few habits just to maintain your normal weight. On average, an individual’s metabolism rate decreases at 5% rate every ten years. Thus, by the age of 40, your metabolism power might have shrunk to a significant extent. Worry not. There are countless examples of individuals who are the epitome of fitness even after their 40s.

We will decipher a few tips and tricks that will help you revamp up your metabolism rate even after 40!

What is Metabolism?

Some people do not have the complete and correct information regarding metabolism. Thus, we will start with the basics clear before jumping onto the tips and tricks.

Whatever you eat or drink is converted to provide you energy for your daily chores. What do you think is responsible for this? Your metabolism!

This biochemical process is actually responsible for either use up all the calories to fuel up your energy levels or might store a bit of them in the form of fat, specifically in various body tissues like the liver, muscles, or just body fat.

Even though numerous factors are held accountable for your metabolism rate, yet age stands out to be most crucial in all of them.

But with a healthy lifestyle, you can indeed have a fit and a good body even after you hit 40. Let’s check out how.

How do I boost my metabolism after 40?

Now when we have all the basics clear, let’s jump on to the tips and tricks that need to be implemented on your daily schedule. These will be efficient in losing weight or maintain your ideal weight even after the age of 40!

Load up your fruits and veggies

Fruits and veggies, in general, have a pretty lower calorie count. Therefore, they are an excellent option to binge on since they are loaded with the essential healthy vitamins, nutrients, and fiber.

This will help you to maintain optimum gut health.

Also, the best part? You can see an overall glow in your skin as well. This is because a bowl full of fruits and veggies are loaded with ingredients that will keep your skin healthy and radiant!

Bonus tip: Try filling half of your plate with fruits and veggies every time you sit with your meal. This will help you with your portion control since that is an integral part of your weight management journey. Furthermore, it will keep you full for a longer period of time. It will help you avoid overeating or binge eating junk food since the fiber in fruits and veggies takes time to digest if compared to other junk foods.

Eat More Protein

Protein forms an integral part of your diet since that is responsible for building your muscle mass in general. It has a larger number of calories if compared to your regular carbs. You should incorporate at least 20 grams of protein in your meal each day. One of the most common and readily available sources of protein is lentils, eggs, or meat.

It will help you burn more amount of fat while digesting and significantly help you in your weight loss journey!

Change your workout routine

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain your current weight. Daily exercise is a mandatory part of a healthy lifestyle. You should incorporate cardio routines almost every day since cardio is an integral part of burning that extra fat and keeping your heart healthy at an optimum level. Your metabolism levels get a good boost during the cardio sessions.

You should also incorporate strength training in your workouts since strength or resistance training is an excellent method to increase muscle.

At least thirty minutes of strength training twice a week can cause tiny tears in the muscle tissue. In the next 2-3 days, while you recover, your calorie burn count will increase to a significant extent. This is because this rebuilding process requires more energy.

In short: The more muscle you build over time, the more calories you burn.

Reduce Stress

With the increase in responsibilities, stress comes parallel with it. Starting from family to work issues, everything leads to stress. This is quite a significant reason that slows down your metabolic rate. The more you stress, the higher are your cortisol levels. This will signal your body to store the fat rather than burning it.

Therefore, try incorporating breathing exercises and meditation to help with your stress and anxiety. Even if you spend hours in your workout session and eat right, stress can slow down your progress to a great extent.

Stay hydrated

This advice is really common but is ignored by many individuals. Never underestimate the power of water since they can literally make or break your body.

Aim for at least eight water glasses every day since when your body is hydrated, you burn more calories in general. You can also include green tea, fruit juices if you want a better taste, but there is surely no alternative to normal water.

Wrap Up

These tips are pretty common but will surely help you boost your metabolic rate significantly even after the age of 40.

Changes in the body after 40 like body composition, hormones, metabolic rate, etc. are inevitable but you are certainly not doomed for that. With the right choices and a good lifestyle, you can undoubtedly age like fine wine!

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