Bioleptin Review: How does this Supplement help you Lose weight?

In case you are looking to get rid of a bulging waistline or a few additional pounds without prolonging your agony, it would take a lot more than just a rigorous diet plan. Supplementing your food and fitness regime with a potent supplement is the need of the hour, especially if you are reliant on faster weight loss. This is where Bioleptin comes forth as one of the best products in the market, allowing you to lose weight in a safe and healthy manner.

Bioleptin Review Summarized

While most bioleptin reviews talk about the pros, cons, and benefits, our experts have tested the product across diverse parameters and paired inferences with customer reviews and effects on the body.

What is Bioleptin?

In simpler terms, Bioleptin targets the leptin resistance of the body, a condition that emanates out of extensive dieting and other weight loss techniques. Therefore, this supplement, available as pills, can target the leptin-centric anomaly by converting excess lipid into ready-to-use energy. Besides, this product makes it extremely easy for you to lose weight that has been bothering you for quite some time now, courtesy of the highly potent and functional ingredients in play.

Besides facilitating faster, safer, and healthier weight loss, Bioleptin is a dietary product that has the ability to stabilize your blood insulin levels by taking care of the resistance. Therefore, if you have a health condition resulting from diabetes, Bioleptin diet pills are the best options in the market to consider.

In case you are interested to learn more about the traits of this natural and effective dietary pill, it is advisable to first understand how the body reacts to junk proteins and the accumulated visceral and subcutaneous lipid. As Bioleptin supplement is made of natural components, it becomes possible for the same to kick-start the weight loss journey based by activating the hypothalamus.

Once the hypothalamus is activated, it becomes easier to reduce insulin and leptin resistance in the body. Once these restrictive factors are taken care of, the fat loss agents present in the Bioleptin pills target the junk protein in the bloodstream whilst speeding up weight loss. Bioleptin ingredients also speed up the metabolism while showcasing health and psychological benefits to rely on.

Manufactured by the famed Truegenics Pvt Ltd, this Singapore-based dietary product claims guaranteed weight loss, the fastest possible results, and a healthy approach that adheres to the medical regulations.

Bioleptin Ingredients

Before delving deep into the short yet effective ingredient list of  Bioleptin, it is necessary to understand the nature of the inclusions. Each serving of Bioleptin involves two capsules, stacked with natural, effective, blood sugar-regulating, and brain alerting ingredients. These include:

1. Chromium

Each serving of this dietary product contains 1000mcg of chromium, precisely as the usable Chromium Picolinate. Easily one of the best weight loss ingredients in the market, Chromium Picolinate is capable of taking your diet and fat loss goals to a whole new level.

Despite your body requiring the same in trace amounts, the Bioleptin version of chromium Picolinate, better termed as Chromax, stacks up as 3000 percent of the daily requirement, which is extremely potent when fat loss initiatives are concerned.

However, Chromium Picolinate isn’t just an ingredient that would allow you to slim down. Instead, it can also be used as a performance enhancer, especially when athletic activities are concerned. Besides, the overpowering quantities of Chromax in the product also allow you to process glycogen and fats in an energy-releasing manner.

Besides, Chromax is the ingredient that helps the body maintain steady blood sugar levels whilst coming forth as an efficient resource for treating diabetes, precisely Type 2. Not just that, clinical evidence has also showcased brain activity improvements associated with chromax, which is a reason for persisting with the same to treat bipolar disorders and depressions.

2. Irvingia Gabonensis Extract

As termed as African Mango extract, Irvingia Gabonensis or rather 300mg of the same in the Bioleptin is one of the most potent fat emulsifying agents. Irvingia Gabonensis, which is either termed as the African Mango or the IGOB131 in the active form, helps lower the blood cholesterol levels by specifically targeting the LD lipoprotein or the junk proteins in the body. Therefore, Bioleptin doesn’t only function as a weight-loss dietary supplement but also facilitates better cardiovascular health.

While it combats LDL efficiently, it also increases the amount of HDL or rather good cholesterol in the body for keeping the arteries in perfect health. Irvingia Gabonensis or the African mango also helps combat constipation and cleanses the colon rather effectively. This way, it becomes possible to get rid of bodily toxins and lose weight at a quicker pace.

Last but not least, Irvingia Gabonensis also comes forth as a powerful antioxidant that allows you to get rid of 78 percent of free radical build-up. Therefore, the Irvingia Gabonensis extract present in Bioleptin also helps you steer clear of cadmium toxicity. African Mango extract also functions as a pain reliever by dilating the blood vessels and ensuring improved blood flow.

Besides, Bioleptin supplement is also loaded with several anti-parasitic and antibiotic attributes, which play a major role in improving gut health.   

Stacking with Lipozene Provides Best Results?

In case you want to pair this product with yet another weight loss option, precisely to treat the same as a fat-burning consortium of sorts, Lipozene is the perfect addition, courtesy of its gut cleansing characteristics.

While we end up with strict diet plans, a majority of impending weight and fat rests within our gut, something that the Glucomannan present in Lipozene can target.

As it is more of a soluble fibre that can eliminate issues related to constipation and leptin resistance in the body, Lipozene is actually an important dietary supplement that works its magic in case you are trying to lose weight, fast.

Bioleptin Dosage

A detailed Bioleptin review with a focus on the ingredients is expected to work only if you adhere to the right dosage. As per user review and customer feedback, you need to use this fat cutting product as per the serving size of two pills mentioned on the bottle. Therefore, if you do not get the desired results after following the two pill dosage to the letter, only then should you opt for the money-back guarantee, something that the company claims to offer.

Even if you are on a diet, these pills work like magic if you take them before the first big meal of the day. Moreover, as it isn’t a typical fat burner with dollops of stimulants added along, consuming the pills even during the odd hours isn’t expected to interfere with the sleep cycles.

However, you should still consult a physician before even purchasing a bottle of Bioleptin and cross-reference medical conditions, if any.

How does Bioleptin Work?

Bioleptin is a natural nutrient repository that doesn’t overcomplicate proceedings. Instead of packing an entire conglomerate of fat burning agents, it only persists with Chromax and African Mango with highly targeted health benefits.

When it comes to how this product functions, Bioleptin restricts the release of leptin by specifically targeting the hypothalamus. This part of your brain is responsible for releasing leptin, which is a precursor to long-term obesity and abrupt weight gain. Once the specific portion of the brain is activated and the body gains control of the leptin production, the weight gain slows down considerably.

After the leptin resistance is taken care of, the likes of chromax get on the job along with the Mango extracts, whilst cleansing the gut and further assisting with weight loss. However, the ingredients do not only inhibit leptin production but also speed up the overall metabolism without treading on the lines of thermogenesis.

Unlike a conventional fat burner, Bioleptin performs differently by suppressing the appetite via a more traditional gut cleansing approach. As you wouldn’t be tempted to snack, losing weight becomes easier. Then again, this product is a holistic health supplement as prolonged usage can keep the risks of dementia, Alzheimer’s diseases, and Type 2 diabetes at bay.

As experienced by first time customers and people who were previously hooked to Lipozene and other fat-burning substances, extended usage of Bioleptin also helps improve the mood and existing sleep cycles while keeping the energy level up at all times.

Bioleptin Usage: Pros and Cons

This is one of the most anticipated dietary supplements in recent times whose benefits aren’t just restricted to weight loss. While we shall be covering the good points separately in a section, here are the hits and misses associated with Bioleptin usage, as per user reviews and specific findings of people and even our experts.


  • Comes as easy-to-use pills, stacked in monthly supply bottles
  • Suppresses appetite naturally
  • Readily increases energy levels
  • The bottle comes with information about the ingredients
  • Can help with cognitive health
  •  Works brilliantly with a weight loss regime
  • Fast results
  • Minimal side-effects
  • Safe usage
  • Plays an important role in improving heart health


  • The dosage of chromium might be high, and you can consider starting with one pill to avoid side-effects
  • Pricey
  • You can only buy bioleptin from an online store
  • Not recommended for individuals below a certain age threshold

What are the significant benefits of using Bioleptin?

Bioleptin is one of the few supplements that come with several benefits, which consist but aren’t limited to weight loss. These include:

  1. Atypical and non-conventional option to lose the waistline quickly
  2. Can even be used for 365 days at once
  3. Comes in easy-to-use pill formulations
  4. Prolonged usage also helps you get rid of constipation
  5. Works as an antioxidant and helps you get rid of free radicals
  6. Can be used as a heart health solution
  7. Boasts of antibiotic benefits
  8. Would help combat leptin resistance if used extensively
  9. Helps improve gut health as an anti-parasitic product
  10.  Would function as a pain reliever for pre or post-workout usage
  11. Helps prevent Turner’s syndrome, brain degeneration, bipolar disorders

Is Bioleptin Safe?

As a matter of fact, you need to be aware of the supplemental side-effects of every fat burning product before using the same. However, Bioleptin doesn’t showcase any alarming threats towards health as the extent of side-effects is quite underplayed, to say the least. Then again, as you might use the product for the first time, there might be quite a few interactions to account for, including:

  • Minor sleep disturbances at the start
  • Bit of stomach flatulence
  • Diabetics might require some time to adjust as the blood sugar levels often drop down before stabilizing
  • Minor headaches or painful bouts due to the inclusion of Mango extract
  • Almost 1000mcg of chromium might lead to nausea and mood swings
  • Impaired cognitive health and erratic coordination
  • Controlled dizziness

While a majority of these side-effects are underpowered and often ignorable in case you are an active individual, you must always refrain from overdosing. Taking more than the recommended dosage of this product can even lead to liver-centric issues.

User Testimonials

User 1- I have been finding it hard to pursue my weight loss goals despite trying the ketogenic diet for a while. With leptin resistance building up, it became almost impossible to lose the last 20 pounds to my target weight. This was when I came across Bioleptin and the diverse benefits on display. While it could surmount the fat loss barrier with ease, ordering six bottles at once as a part of the six month stack, felt more affordable than my go-to fat burning product.

User 2- I started Bioleptin as an obese individual, weighing more than 200 pounds. However, besides the fat emulsifying benefits, I also discovered the free radical elimination attributes of the associated ingredients, in due course.  While my fat deposits melted away, I could also see a sudden increase in energy levels.

Bioleptin: Price and Best Place to Buy

Purchasing Bioleptin is only possible if you are willing to go online with the process. For starters, you can visit the official website; fill in the name-email and other information bits to initiate the purchase. However, you must know the price points of the monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly supplies before taking the plunge.

As the official website has all rights reserved for the concerned product, you can only use the same after procuring the same from an official source. You must know that the company is pretty strict with the pricing schemes, but you can get your hands on several deals and offers, as per the availability.

In case you want to opt for a monthly supply plan, Bioleptin costs you almost $99.95, followed by $299.95 for the 3-month pack and $599.70 for the six-month, complete fat burning pack. However, the company offers ready discounts of 50 percent, 60 percent, and even 67 percent on the respective plans, provided you purchase the same from the official store or the verified retailers.

What’s a Good Weight Loss Pill that Actually Works?

A good weight loss pill like Bioleptin is the one you should opt for, as it doesn’t stack in tens’ of ingredients to confuse the buyer. Instead, it should have elusive and potent ingredients like Chromium and African Mango extract, which aren’t typical sources to lose fat but also have several health benefits to account for.

The good weight loss pill needn’t be affordable but should comprise an all-natural profile. Besides, there should be every bit of information available online to maximize the benefits and minimize side-effects. 


In case you are easily motivated by the online reviews concerning supplements, it is Bioleptin that requires your utmost attention as the new fat burning kid on the block. This stimulant-free product is one of the most effective options in the market that offers ready to use and updated information regarding fat burning and helps you lose the additional pounds with a different and extremely potent strategy.

Not just that, this product serves you well if you are looking to find a sustainable weight reduction method that is in sync with the medical guidelines. Bioleptin, unlike some of the other products in the market, is safe and can also be considered a brain fuel, according to the set medical parameters.

Bioleptin FAQs

 Q1. How Bioleptin approaches fat burning?

A1. Bioleptin, courtesy of potent ingredients like chromium and the Irvingia Gabonensis seed extract, targets the junk protein in the bloodstream and flushes the same out for a more sustained approach towards losing fat.

Q2. How does the money back claim Function?

A2. This is one of the few companies to offer 365 days money back support to people who aren’t convinced with the product. They can simply return the empty bottle, and the company initiates the refund, sans questions.

Q3. Can we find medical validations supporting the ingredients?

A3. Yes, both the ingredients associated with Bioleptin have medical relevance when antibiotic, anti-parasitic, pain-relieving, and other benefits are concerned. Moreover, you can even find them online to further our willingness towards the same. 

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