7 Deadly Sins of Fat Loss

In this fasted growing world, it’s really hard to know what contributes exactly in the weight loss process. You can get easily perplexed by different fade diets, Weight loss pills, low-fat food, and exhausting workout plans. You can’t easily figure out what to eat, how and when to eat. These confusions and fallacies usually derail our weight loss efforts. Let make it simpler for you; remember if you don’t indulge yourself in “seven deadly sins of fats loss,” you can win the weight loss journey.

Following are the seven deadly sins of fats loss

  • Sugar Consumption

Sugar severely affects your fats loss process because it contains extra calories.  Another problem is that sugar consumption is just like addiction. You can’t get rid of this quickly once you get addicted, and you carve for more. Sugar activates a system in the brain and releases serotonin and endorphins, which apparently make you feel calm and happy. You lose fat when you burn calories or cut back your calories, but when you eat food items loaded with sugar, you can’t achieve your goals. It’s imperative to create a sugar-cut strategy when you are trying to lose weight.

  • Increased Salt Intake

Maybe your one of those folks who believe that salt has no link with weight gain. Actually, increased salt consumption makes you bloat. It is good to stay hydrated, but when you increase your sodium intake, your body starts to retain extra water. During your weight loss journey, avoid extra salty food, and food items that have sodium to increase their shelf life.

  • Soda or Fizzy Drinks

You maybe consider it a simple glass of flavored water with few bubbles, but it is not that simple. A glass of fizzy drink contains almost 20 spoons of sugar. Can you afford to take twenty spoons of sugar during your fat loss journey?  You avoid sugar in your coffee or tea but gulp a glass of soda, does it make any sense?

  • Junk Food

Eating junk food is a sin when you are a weight loss aspirant. It is loaded with refined carbs, extra fat, and healthy dressings, etc. pizza, burgers, and any other junk must be avoided. Make healthy choices like eat fruit or salad when you crave junk food.

  • Late-Night Snaking

 We all love munching chips, biscuit, and nay thing late night working or enjoying a movie. Late-night snaking contributes a lot to put extra layers of fat. at night our body and metabolism is in resting state so snacking late night means you are taking more calories to layer up fats

  • Oily Food Items

Oily foods items, which are prepared in large amounts of fat, such as French fries, potato chips, crunchy fried donuts, can cause you weight gain. These food items are high in calorie count, salt, and saturated fats. It needs a lot of time and works out to burn out calories that you gain from oily foods.

  • Crash Diets

We can understand your weight loss struggle, but you can’t defend unhealthy crash or detox diets. You started a diet because it is famous on the internet or your celebrity is doing this. Crash diets always leave you with disappointment with no results. These diets can increase your stress level and make your health vulnerable. in my opinion, following a crash diet is a sin when you have long-term weight loss goals

Final Words 

When you are on weight loss journey, you must know the food that are bad for your health. There are some foods that you need to avoid as much as you can do. If you avoid these foods, you will see visible and measurable weight loss results. Here I talk about the biggest myths of weight loss, you should definitely give it a read. 

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