15 Minute exercise routine for a fit body and mind

We all know the benefits of exercise. It is known to be great for a healthy body, keeping our muscles and heart fit. Not only this, any form of physical activity and/or exercise also helps one be mentally fit. In fact, exercise has been shown to help with depression, anxiety, and mood disorders.

Now, when it comes to exercising, most think that one needs to exercise vigorously or for at least an hour. But here in this article, we’d like to show you how even a simple 15 minutes exercise can benefit you and keep your body and mind fit.

We will be talking about some basic Pilates workout, which gives you a complete body and mind workup. It not only helps you with your muscles but also helps to optimize metabolism to relax your mind and body. So, we will be looking into the following postures.

The very first move would be to understand the right kind of breathing technique. 

What you need to do is breathe through your nose and breathe out through the mouth. Rather than involve your chest, it needs to be through the stomach. That way, you get to relax and get more control of your body and reflexes.

Cat-Cow posture 

Now, you can move onto all fours. While inhaling, push your tummy downwards, while your chest and neck are expanded outwards with your head looking upwards. Then exhaling, you need to push your back outwards while your chest, neck, and head are contracted. 

Active child’s pose 

Once you are done with this, you can move into a child’s pose, wherein you sit on your heels with legs slightly parted. Place your palms on the floor in front of you and apply slight pressure on your spine. Maintain this pose for a few minutes.

C-spine stretch 

Then sit up with your knees bent. While inhaling, hold yourself around your knees and taking the support contract your abs while bending your spine/back. Then come back to the original position while exhaling and repeat.

The hundred 

Lay down on the mat, take your legs into the tabletop position, wherein you fold your knees, and your legs are parallel to the mat. Lift your upper torso without straining your neck. You need to feel this movement in your abs. Stretch out your arms parallel to the floor and bounce your palms. Inhale for five bounces and exhale for five bounces. This is to be repeated 100 times.

Roll up 

Lay down on the mat, bend your knees, put up your arms at 90 degrees angle. Inhaling slowly get up, then exhale and sit up further, inhale and come closer to your knees and so on. It would be like an alternate inhale and exhale posture while sitting up slowly. The reverse would be done to go back onto the floor.

Single leg pulls 

Laying back on the floor, bring your knees to the tabletop position. While inhaling, bring your upper torso up and bring one knee closer to your chest. Meanwhile, you stretch the other leg out. Exhale and change the legs.

Double leg pulls 

Beginners could avoid this. Once you get used to the previous exercises and get confident, you can start with this. It is pretty much like the single-leg pull but with both your legs. You bring your upper torso towards both your knees while inhaling. And then exhale and go back onto the floor while extending your legs.


Here, instead of taking the tabletop position for your legs, they need to be perpendicular to the floor. Then just as above, inhale and bring your upper torso towards your knee while extending the other. Alternate with your legs like a scissor movement.


Bringing your legs to the tabletop position, keep your palms under your head, elbows out straight. Then bring your upper torso diagonally while bringing in your one knee. It would be like you are trying to touch your left elbow with your right knee.


Lay down on your stomach, palms down, and slowly while inhaling bring your upper torso upwards without straining your neck. Exhale and come back down.

All these exercises need to be done without straining your neck, and rather you need to be felt in your core or your abs. They need to be done with patience, slowly, and with proper breathing techniques. If you continue these exercises with the right spirit, these will surely help you keep a fit body and mind.

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