Full Body Workouts For Both Men And Women

Do you want to achieve the best physique to get an amazing summer body? Well, it’s time to start a full body workout. Strength training is the perfect way to get the best physique in less time.

Even if you have an amazing physique, a proper strength training will help you in keeping your body and physique in proper shape. One of the best ways to get fruitful results through strength training is to focus on reps, sets, and weight. You also need to add new muscle growth in the process. No matter if you are just thinking about regular workout to remain in shape, or you want to lose extra pounds, all these workouts will help you achieve your goal.

All exercises included in this article, are suitable for men as well as women. You don’t need lots of equipment to do all these exercises. Keep in mind to include a healthy diet and cardio-training with these workouts to get the best result within three months.

1. Core workout with Plank

Well, most people must have told you that plank is the toughest exercise ever. But, don’t worry, once you will start doing planks everyday, it will become your favorite exercise. There are different types of planks that you can try to keep things interesting as well as challenging

How to do plank:

  • Lie down in a basic push up position. Your elbows should be on the ground.
  • Try to engage your core as well as glutes when you are doing plank
  • Keep your back straight and aligned
  • Hold tight for at least 30-seconds. Try to increase the duration as you progress.

2. Pushup for Upper-body workout

If you feel your upper body needs proper strengthening and training, nothing can be better than doing pushups. The best part about doing push ups is that you can do it anytime anywhere.

How to do a pushup?

  • Lay your hand flat on the ground
  • Your legs should be extended behind you
  • The elbows needs to be tucked to your side
  • Engage your core
  • Lower yourself towards the ground, but make sure to keep the back straight.
  • Pause at the top as well as bottom
  • Repeat the process at least 20-times. Increase reps with each passing week.

3. Bench dip for triceps

Most men want beautifully-sculpted triceps. Bench press is one of the best workouts that can help you in getting well-structured triceps.

How to do bench dip

  • Get a bench or a chair
  • Place your hand behind your back on the bench
  • Make sure that your knees are bent and the feet is out
  • Keep your head and torso upright
  • Engage your core
  • The elbow should be tucked to your side
  • Back down towards the ground
  • The arm should be parallel to the ground
  • Pull back yourself by using the triceps muscles
  • Pause at the bottom and repeat the process at least 15-times

4. Glute bridge to get perfect posterior chain

Most men and women neglect glute exercises. Well, this can be harmful as you get old. Glute bridge is one of the best exercises that will help you get healthy glutes without any overcomplicated equipment and tools.

How to do a glute bridge

  • Lay flat on your back and keep your knees slightly bent
  • Engage your core
  • Keep the weight on your heels and try to drive your hips into the air
  • Squeeze your glutes and hamstrings at the top
  • Try to lower your hip down and repeat the process for at least 20-times.

If you have a compact home gym then this workout can be done easily. 

5. Deadlift for entire body

One of the most important exercises that should be part of the workout routine for men as well as women is deadlift. The best part about this exercise is that it hits almost every muscle in your body.

How to do a deadlift by using a barbell?

  • Get a loaded barbell to do this exercise
  • Stand your feet and keep your feet shoulder-width apart
  • The ties should be pointed outward
  • Engage your core, drop down, and keep the barbell at shoulder width
  • Try to keep your back straight as much as possible
  • Push your hips back and pull the weight by engaging your Lats, Hamstrings, and Glutes.
  • Pause at the top and repeat the process for at least 15-times.

6. Squat for lower body workout

Squat is one of the best and beneficial workouts for the human body. When you are doing squats, your entire body is involved in the process. Your body is engaged from head to toe. If you can’t start with a barbell squat, no worries. Just start with the basic squats.

How to do a squat?

  1. Start with your feet shoulder width apart
  2. Fold your hands and position it in front of your chest
  3. Sit down like you would sit on a chair.
  4. Engage your core in the process and keep your hips and butt back
  5. Prevent your knees from folding outward.

Try to repeat the process at least 20-times.

7. Shoulder workout with overhead press

Shoulder workouts play a critical role in getting upper body physique.

To do an overhead press, follow these simple steps:

  1. Stand straight and rest a barbell across your shoulder.
  2. The barbell should be in front of you with your hands slightly outside the shoulder width.
  3. Engage your core while doing this exercise.
  4. Press the weight up over your overhead and pause at the top
  5. Slowly lower the weight and repeat the process.
  6. Try to do this exercise at least 20-times everyday to get a visible result.

8. Work your core with leg raises

Well, no other exercise is as good for your abs as the leg raises. Doing leg raises 100-times can give visible differences to your abs within 15-days.

How to do leg raises?

  1. Hang up from a pull up bar and make sure that your arms are extended
  2. Keep your shoulders slightly back
  3. Engage your core and Lats in the process
  4. Lift your legs/knees towards your chest
  5. You may feel pain in your lower abs after doing this exercise
  6. Try to fight momentum when lowering your knees/legs down.

All these exercises will help you in getting perfect shape in no time. Let us know which one of these exercises are your favorite.

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