What Are Burpees & How to do it the Right Way?

When it comes to equipment-free exercise, burpees are pretty awesome. If you in a HITT class, you are probably going to hear about burpees a lot. Well, the first thing is to understand what burpees are and how to do this exercise the right way.

Whether you are a pro fitness lover or a beginner in the fitness world, adding burpees to your exercise routine is always going to be an effective choice.

What are Burpees?

Burpees are part of the full-body exercise, and you must know that burpees might be challenging at the start if you have not done before. If you want to know how to do burpees the right way, start from the very basics. As your body starts getting comfortable with the challenging exercises, you can modify burpees according to your requirements. Like any other workout routine, you should start burpees from the basic stage, and you can keep trying different variations to increase the intensity.

How to do Burpees the right way?

Any physical exercise must be done in the proper way; otherwise, you may end up damaging your muscles or causing any other medical issue. Here are simple steps that you need to follow if you want to get the best results out of burpees:

Step 1

Stand straight, and your feet must be shoulder-width apart. Keep the knees straight while holding your arms straight at the sides. Try to tighten your abs and make sure that your back is flat. At the start, you can use a mirror to check your standing position.

Step 2

Bend your body at knees and hips to make a squatting position. While squatting, hold your arms close to your body and back must be straight.

Step 3

Now, place both of your hands directly on the floor. The distance between your hands must be minimal, so they are precisely under the shoulders. Arms should be tight at that moment, but try not to lock the elbows.

Step 4

Put your body in the plank position by kicking your feet back. Your hands must be firm while holding this position, and feet should be shoulder-width apart.

Step 5

Drop your whole body to the surface of the floor. Once you have successfully maintained the plank position, start lowering your chest in such a way that your elbows are in the air and hands on the floor.

Step 6

This step is critical as you need to pump forward your feet while keeping your hands firmly on the ground. Move your feet forward to the chest, and this movement is called the frog jump.

Step 7

As soon as your feet are under your chest, jump in the straight upward position and raise your hands above your head and land on the floor in the straight standing position. If you want better results out of burpees, try to jump as high as you can.

In general, 15 repetitions of this exercise are recommended to finish one set of burpees. With the passage of time, you can keep increasing the intensity of the exercise.

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